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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 496

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:32 AM

Chapter 496: Chapter 496 - Why Not?

“This has nothing to do with you,” Gu Dian said with his head lowered .

“Why doesn’t it have anything to do with me? After all, we’re good friends, aren’t we?” The boy smiled and patted Gu Dian’s shoulder . He continued, “Have you forgotten our friendship? I’ve always remembered it . ”

Gu Dian’s pupils constricted, but he remained silent .

“Think about it carefully . The current Zhou Wen is the second me in the future . ” The boy narrowed his eyes and said, ” Birds of a feather flock together . Your birth has already determined that you won’t have any true human friends . Other than people like me, humans won’t accept a monster like you . If you don’t touch Zhou Wen now, when he learns your true identity in the future, he will no longer hesitate to draw a line with you or even kill you . ”

After a pause, the boy said, “Don’t tell me you don’t know what happened to his teacher? Do you think he’ll still admit that he’s Wang Mingyuan’s student? If Wang Mingyuan appears again, he might even kill him…”

“That has nothing to do with me,” Gu Dian said expressionlessly .

“It has nothing to do with you? In that case, even if everyone knows how your mother gave birth to you, will there not be a problem?” The boy narrowed his eyes and stared at Gu Dian .

Gu Dian’s expression changed drastically as he suddenly looked up and glared at the boy . “Lu Kaide, if you dare say a word, I’ll definitely kill you . ”

“I’m just saying . How can it be leaked? We’re friends . I’ll definitely keep your matter a secret for you . I won’t let anyone know about it . However, you have to help me settle Zhou Wen’s matter . Otherwise, I won’t be able to live . Some things are hard to say… Ah…”

As Lu Kaide was speaking, he suddenly saw a cat leap up . Its claws scratched his face ruthlessly, leaving a few bloody marks on his face .

After listening for a long time, Zhou Wen nearly exploded in anger . Although he didn’t hear the complete story, he could roughly guess what had happened .

Gu Dian wasn’t a normal human, and it wasn’t his fault . It stemmed from the previous generation .

He did not know what method Lu Kaide had used to become Gu Dian’s friend . Furthermore, he knew of his secret, so he ended up using it to threaten Gu Dian .

Zhou Wen could understand why Gu Dian didn’t counterattack . He was the same as Gu Dian . He didn’t wish to bring anyone trouble, especially his family .

If it was only a matter of his identity, he believed that Gu Dian wouldn’t be threatened by him . He would have beaten him to the point of his mother not even being capable of recognizing him .

However, this involved Gu Dian’s mother’s reputation . Therefore, even though Gu Dian was extremely furious, he didn’t dare make a move on Lu Kaide .

Without a doubt, Lu Kaide wasn’t a fool . He definitely had some evidence in hand . Furthermore, even if he died, the evidence would still be spread . Only then could he threaten Gu Dian .

The more he understood Gu Dian, the more upset Zhou Wen felt . When he saw Lu Kaide’s wretched face, he couldn’t help but swipe his claw at him .

Now, Zhou Wen only hated himself for losing his strength . If not, he would definitely have smacked Lu Kaide’s face until it bled .

“Damn cat, Gu Dian, you bastard . Look at what you raise…” Lu Kaide was enraged as he attempted to grab Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen ran and jumped onto Gu Dian’s back .

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“Stop . ” Gu Dian blocked Lu Kaide .

“Get out of the way . I’m going to kill this bastard,” Lu Kaide said as he attempted to grab Zhou Wen . Zhou Wen leaned on Gu Dian’s shoulder and looked at him with a faint smile as though he was mocking him .

Gu Dian didn’t make way . Instead, he reached out to stop Lu Kaide .

Lu Kaide was extremely furious, but he was stopped by Gu Dian and couldn’t capture Zhou Wen . He didn’t give up because of this . He took two steps back and suddenly summoned a Companion Beast .

The Companion Beast was a strange throwing dagger . After flying out, it circled around Gu Dian and stabbed at Zhou Wen’s back . It was as fast as lightning .

Zhou Wen was alarmed as he cursed inwardly . He was only a cat, so it was probably difficult for him to dodge such a fast throwing dagger .

A huge hand suddenly grabbed the throwing dagger’s blade . The throwing dagger trembled incessantly in Gu Dian’s hand, but failed to escape his grip .

“Gu Dian, release it,” Lu Kaide bellowed angrily .

“He’s just a cat . ” Gu Dian held the throwing dagger without letting go . Blood dripped from between his fingers .

“I’ll say it one last time . Let go . Otherwise, everything about you will spread throughout Luoyang tomorrow,” Lu Kaide said angrily as he glared at Gu Dian .

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Gu Dian held the throwing dagger and refused to let go . He didn’t say a word and only looked at Lu Kaide .

Lu Kaide was even more infuriated as he summoned another saber and slashed at Gu Dian . He shouted, “Get out of the way, do you hear me?”

Gu Dian didn’t move . He was struck on the shoulder by Lu Kaide, causing blood to spray out . However, Gu Dian’s body was indeed resilient . The strike only lacerated him . It failed to reach his bones .

Lu Kaide refused to give up . He slashed at Gu Dian’s body again and again, leaving bloody marks on Gu Dian’s body . Even his face was lacerated .

It had to be said that Gu Dian’s body was truly resilient . Despite such strikes, he only suffered superficial injuries . When the blade struck his bones, it produced the humming sounds of metal clashing .

The reason Lu Kaide was so furious wasn’t entirely because Zhou Wen had scratched his face . Instead, it was because Gu Dian had repeatedly disobeyed his orders . He wanted to teach him a lesson, so Zhou Wen scratching his face was just an excuse .

Beat him up… Zhou Wen was anxious when he saw Gu Dian stand motionless, allowing Lu Kaide to slash him .

“Do you think of yourself as one of these beasts? Do you think they are more important than your life? Monsters are monsters…” Lu Kaide cursed as he slashed .

When Zhou Wen saw Gu Dian motionless, he couldn’t stand it any longer . He took a chance and darted out from his shoulder . His claws flailed as he clawed at Lu Kaide’s eyes .

“Ah!” Lu Kaide never expected a cat to pass through his series of blade attacks . At the close distance, Zhou Wen’s claw had injured his left eye . With one hand covering his eyes, blood immediately seeped out from the gaps between his fingers .

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“I’m going to kill you!” Lu Kaide covered his eye in rage as the saber in his hand transformed into a saber beam that slashed at Zhou Wen .

This fellow’s strength wasn’t bad . Zhou Wen had never heard his name, so it was obvious that he wasn’t famous in school . However, he had top Legendary strength . Clearly, he had been hiding his strength . From this point, it was obvious that he wasn’t an ordinary person . He definitely had ulterior motives .

Gu Dian’s eyes widened when he saw that Zhou Wen was about to be hit by the saber beam . He suddenly unleashed his strength as his powerful body charged into the saber beams . He grabbed Zhou Wen with one hand and struck out with the other .

With an explosive sound, the sky was filled with saber beams . The long saber in Lu Kaide’s hand shattered inch by inch . His body was also sent flying by the force and he fell seven to eight meters away . The hand which had held the saber was trembling and bleeding .

“Gu Dian, you dare attack me?” Lu Kaide widened his eyes as he stared at Gu Dian with gritted teeth as though he wanted to bite someone .

“Why wouldn’t he dare?” A voice sounded from the corner of the building . Lu Kaide and Gu Dian trembled as they couldn’t help but turn their heads . They saw a young officer in a military uniform and white gloves walking over . He looked gentle and mild .

He’s finally here . Zhou Wen heaved a long sigh of relief .

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