Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 497

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Chapter 497: Chapter 497 - A Little Cold

Zhou Wen knew that he was only a cat and had lost his strength . He definitely couldn’t handle the present situation . Thankfully, he still had the ability to text . Previously, he had contacted An Sheng when he saw Gu Dian’s phone left where he fed the cats . He told him to rush over as soon as possible .

This matter wasn’t something that could be resolved by force . Even killing Lu Kaide was useless . Otherwise, Gu Dian would have settled it himself and wouldn’t have been threatened by Lu Kaide .

When Lu Kaide saw An Sheng, he immediately turned around and wanted to run . He hadn’t managed to take a few steps before An Sheng placed a dagger by his neck .

“What are you doing? I’m a student at the college,” Lu Kaide calmed down and asked .

An Sheng said indifferently, “I don’t need to know who you are, but you’re dead . ”

“Gu Dian, why aren’t you saving me?” Lu Kaide shouted in Gu Dian’s direction .

An Sheng said to Gu Dian unhurriedly, “Zhou Wen asked me to come . He has already told me about your matter . He wants me to pass on the message to believe him . Leave everything to me . ”

“Gu Dian, you know what will happen if I die . ” Lu Kaide knew that Gu Dian was his straw to clutch at .

He had heard of An Sheng’s name before . Having come to Luoyang to carry out a mission, how could he not know the famous An Sheng?

Gu Dian hugged Zhou Wen and pondered for a moment before nodding slightly at An Sheng .

The corners of An Sheng’s mouth curled up as he revealed a smile . The dagger in his hand had already pressed into Lu Kaide’s skin .

“Just answer whatever I ask . I don’t want to hear any nonsense,” An Sheng said .

Lu Kaide opened his mouth to say something, but An Sheng continued, “If you waste my time, I don’t mind using the Memory Stripping Spell to directly obtain the information I want from your brain . ”

Lu Kaide’s expression changed drastically, as if he was hesitating about something .

“Don’t try to commit suicide . If I don’t let you die, even the King of Hell can’t take your life,” An Sheng said indifferently .

“If I tell you everything, can you give me a way out?” Lu Kaide said through gritted teeth .

“Yes,” An Sheng replied .

“Swear on it . ” Lu Kaide had no other choice . He was already a piece of meat on the chopping block . He could only take a gamble . He did not want to die .

An Sheng’s expression didn’t change . He swore that if he went against his word, he would die a horrible death . Then, he asked Lu Kaide about Gu Dian .

Due to Gu Dian’s presence, Lu Kaide didn’t seem to lie . He explained everything clearly .

He had a voice recording of Gu Dian . It was a conversation with Gu Dian . Back then, Gu Dian had treated him as his only good friend, so he had told him everything .

Lu Kaide had not given this recording to anyone . He had only registered a few accounts online and scheduled an automatic release . If no one changed the release time, the recording and the article he had written would be released .

An Sheng didn’t listen to the recording . He just deleted everything .

“Where are the backups? Don’t tell me there aren’t any . ” After An Sheng deleted it, he looked at Lu Kaide and asked .

“In an ancient Greek book on my dorm mate’s bookshelf . No one will read it,” Lu Kaide answered .

Following that, An Sheng asked about Lu Kaide’s origins . He admitted that he was a field agent nurtured by the Special Inspector Bureau . He had entered Sunset College to monitor the An family and Sunset College’s chancellor and tutors . He had recently received a mission to think of a way to bring Zhou Wen back to the headquarters, which was why he had used Gu Dian .

After a long while, Lu Kaide said, “I’ve said everything . Can you let me go now?”

“You have said everything, but how do I know if what you said is the truth?” An Sheng looked at Lu Kaide calmly .

“I’m telling the truth . At this stage, there’s no need for me to lie to you,” Lu Kaide said .

“That might not be the case . It’s a very important matter . I have to verify it myself,” An Sheng said as a black flame arose from his body . The flames floated towards Lu Kaide like ghosts and drilled into his brain .

“Ah… You swore to let me live… Otherwise, you will die a horrible death…” Lu Kaide exclaimed in horror . He had roughly guessed that An Sheng was trying to strip his souls and memories from him . Despite struggling desperately, he was unable to move his body .

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“Before you came to Luoyang, you should have known that I have the nickname of Devil’s Adjutant, right? Is there a devil who abides by an agreement?” An Sheng said to Lu Kaide with a smile .

“You… You can’t do this to me… You can’t…” Lu Kaide was shocked and furious, his eyes filled with despair, anger, and indignation .

The pain that went straight into his soul seemed to slice his brain bit by bit . It made him want to scream in pain, but he could not make a sound despite his open mouth .

An Sheng only looked at him coldly as the black flames on his body seeped into his brain . Lu Kaide’s eyes gradually lost focus .

When the demonic-like flames drilled out of Lu Kaide’s brain and returned to An Sheng, Lu Kaide had already become a cold corpse . Even in death, his face was contorted with pain .

An Sheng opened the foldable cloth bag he had brought and stored Lu Kaide’s corpse inside . After he slung it over his shoulder, he said to Gu Dian, “In the future, other than Zhou Wen and me, no one will know about your matters . Unfortunately, there’s no way to silence me and Zhou Wen . You can leave it at that . ”

“Thank… Thanks…” Gu Dian said those two words somewhat awkwardly . He had never said it before .

“Don’t say those words . You don’t need to thank anyone because that person is your friend . ” After An Sheng said that, he left with Lu Kaide’s corpse .

“Friend?” Gu Dian’s expression turned odd .

In the past, he might have believed that there were friends . At that time, he was moved by Lu Kaide and treated him as a real friend . In the end, all he got was a betrayal . Ever since then, he preferred to be with cats than humans . He no longer believed in humans or friends .

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Although he still did not believe it, there was a slight change in his heart .

At the very least, Gu Dian believed that once this matter was resolved, he no longer needed to be threatened and do things he didn’t wish to do .

“I… am finally free…” Gu Dian snapped to his senses and raised the cat in his arms . He smiled .

In his opinion, this little cat had given him luck, allowing him to finally be himself .

Gu Dian held the cat up in the air as he revealed a smile that came from the bottom of his heart . Although he was still as ferocious as before, it made it difficult for people to not smile with him . The tabby cat also revealed a smile .

At that moment, Gu Dian suddenly felt the cat in his hand become heavier . Its body also changed . In a blink of an eye, the cat that Gu Dian was raising had transformed into a living man .

Their eyes met and the air seemed to freeze at that instant . The smile on Gu Dian and Zhou Wen’s faces gradually vanished .

A gentle breeze blew past Zhou Wen, making him feel a little cold .

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