Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 499

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:27 AM

Chapter 499: Chapter 499 - Musical Fountain Square

Zhou Wen picked up his phone and started the Music Temple dungeon .

He had come once before, but because the first part of the journey was only filled with Legendary-level Musical Note Sprites, Zhou Wen felt that it was meaningless to continue grinding .

He never expected there to be such a good item like a Sun Beast in the Music Temple . Now, he was in urgent need of a mirror-type Companion Beasts, so he rushed in without any hesitation to grind the Sun Beast .

According to the online information, Zhou Wen knew that a dimensional creature like a Sun Beast was actually very rare in Music Temple . Only one would occasionally appear . Basically, very few people saw two or more Sun Beasts appear in the Music Temple at the same time .

Moreover, the Sun Beast was not the real boss of Music Temple . It was said that in the deepest part of the music hall, there was a lyre . Anyone who had seen the lyre would die .

Zhou Wen found it very contradictory . Since the people who had seen lyre were all dead, how could anyone know that there was a lyre?

Therefore, sometimes, legends were just legends . They couldn’t be taken at face value .

Zhou Wen didn’t plan on finding the lyre . After entering Music Temple with his pets, he ran towards the area mentioned online . He wanted to see if there were any Sun Beasts in-game .

Legend had it that the Sun Beast’s body was glowing like a small sun . One could see it from afar and it would usually appear at the musical fountain square in Music Temple .

Zhou Wen ran all the way to the musical fountain square . With the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and Fire Furnace Queen leading the way, Zhou Wen killed many of the Musical Note Sprites and had many crystals and Companion Eggs drop .

Zhou Wen realized that there were a total of seven types of Musical Note Sprites . Furthermore, each of them only had one Essence Energy Skill which were all different .

Although they were different, the effects were similar . They were all sound blasts . They didn’t seem too different to Zhou Wen .

In the beginning, Zhou Wen didn’t mind, but as he killed them, he found it interesting .

These sound wave attacks formed a blast through the vibrations of the medium and superimposed waves . The seven different sound waves formed different shock waves . This intrigued Zhou Wen as he hatched some Musical Note Sprites . As he rode on Six Wing’s back and constantly advanced, he was studying the sound wave attacks of the Musical Note Sprites .

After killing countless Musical Note Sprites, he finally arrived at the musical fountain square .

In the huge square, there were seven fountains . The fountains did not continuously spray water pillars, but seemed to follow the music . They were rhythmic jets that shot to varying heights, not even shooting upwards at times . It looked very interesting .

And in the musical fountain square, there were Musical Note Sprites floating everywhere . They were colorful and had wings as they danced in the air . They were similar to the colorful paper used at Chinese weddings, but there were more of them .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon roared as demonic flames erupted from its body . Instantly, a large number of Musical Note Sprites were killed . However, the musical fountain square was quite large and there were Musical Note Sprites everywhere . Very quickly, new ones rushed over .

As he got his Companion Beast to kill the Musical Note Sprites, Zhou Wen looked around to find the Sun Beast .

However, after scanning the entire square, he didn’t see the legendary Sun Beast that resembled a miniature sun . Instead, a strange dimensional creature attracted Zhou Wen’s attention .

Ever since he entered Music Temple, the dimensional creatures he saw were all kinds of Musical Note Sprites . There were probably seven types .

However, the dimensional creature he saw this time wasn’t a Musical Note Sprite . It was a Golden Harp, but it didn’t look like metal . Instead, it was carved out of wood . There were gorgeous, exquisite patterns on it .

The last time Zhou Wen went to the Peninsula of Gods, he had learned about the various musical instruments . He had seen huge harps .

However, the harp in front of him was very small . It was about the same size as a violin . Furthermore, it had a pair of wings like the other Musical Note Sprites . It also had a pair of resplendent golden wings .

Sensing Zhou Wen’s Companion Beasts wreaking havoc on the musical fountain square, the strings on the harp moved automatically, producing melodious sounds .

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Although its music was beautiful, it sounded a little monotonous . Zhou Wen didn’t notice any offensive sound waves . In other words, it wasn’t attacking him .

However, in the next second, Zhou Wen discovered a strange scene .

With the sound of the harp, countless Musical Note Sprites started to arrange themselves in a regular pattern on the square . They also produced sounds that seemed to respond to the playing harp .


The countless Musical Note Sprites in the music square seemed to form a resonance as they emitted a massive sound wave . The power of the sound wave was able to instantly kill a powerful Epic creature like the Fire Furnace Queen and White Shadow of Poison . Their bodies were instantly obliterated by the sound wave .

Even the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon retreated a few steps back under the impact of the sound waves . The demonic flames on its body flickered continuously .

Roar! The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon flew into a rage and let out a furious roar . The demonic flames on its back rose and turned into four wings, making it enter the six-winged state . It spat out poisonous breath that transformed into a terrifying tidal wave in a bid to eliminate all the Musical Note Sprites .

The strings of the harp kept sounding, and the entire musical fountain square’s Musical Note Sprites resonated with it, sending out terrifying sound waves to resist the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s Poison Breath .

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The mighty Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was actually held back by the sound wave attack . Under the vibrations of the sound waves, Poison Breath was torn apart . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s body seemed to be moving in the opposite direction, unable to move forward .

As for the blood-colored avatar, it had already retreated out of the musical fountain square under Zhou Wen’s control and transformed into the Demon Dragon True Body . Only then could he withstand the sound wave’s attack .

Zhou Wen wasn’t alarmed but delighted because he saw a possibility .

There were the most Legendary dimensional creatures, so their Companion Eggs dropped the most . However, no matter how many Legendary Companion Eggs there were, even if they could form an army, their actual combat strength wasn’t high .

This was because the suppression from absolute strength was redoubtable . Even if there were thousands of Skeleton Soldiers, they wouldn’t be able to kill an Epic human .

Therefore, low-level Companion Beast legions were basically useless against powerful dimensional creatures .

However, the Golden Harp and the Musical Note Sprites were actually able to combine their powers to fight against the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . This was rather impressive .

There are so many Musical Note Sprites in Music Temple . The chances of Companion Eggs dropping aren’t low either . If I have the ability of the Golden Harp, would I be able to form an army of Musical Note Sprites? Zhou Wen thought .

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