Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 500

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Chapter 500: Chapter 500 - Golden Harp

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was actually unable to gain the upper hand despite clashing with sound waves head-on . It was forced back by the sound waves again and again, unable to charge forward .

However, those sound waves were unable to harm the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . They could only temporarily hold it back .

Every time the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon launched an attack, a portion of the Musical Note Sprites would be quaked to death . As the number of Musical Note Sprites decreased, the sound wave also weakened .

It was only a matter of time before the harp and the Musical Note Sprites were defeated .

Zhou Wen didn’t think the Golden Harp was useless because of this . After all, the Musical Note Sprites that it had gathered were only at the Legendary stage . If a large number of Epic-level Musical Note Sprites could enter its ranks, the sound waves produced wouldn’t be that simple . As long as sufficiently strong ones were included, it might be possible to defeat a Mythical creature .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to wait for the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to defeat it . He secretly summoned Demonic Neonate and she found an opportunity to secretly release her flying sword .

The flying sword flew through the air during the gap in the sound waves, slicing the Golden Harp in half . After all, it was only at the Epic stage . Without the resonance power of the musical notes, it was unable to block Demonic Neonate’s flying sword .

‘Killed Epic creature, Golden Harp . Discovered Companion Egg . ’

Zhou Wen was delighted . He never expected his luck to be so good today . A Companion Egg dropped in his first try .

After losing the conformity provided by the Golden Harp, the hundreds of thousands of Musical Note Sprites were reduced to a leaderless mob . They were no longer able to fight the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon charged forward and killed large numbers of Musical Note Sprites amid the raging demonic flames . Many crystals and Companion Eggs dropped .

Due to the massive numbers killed, even if the drop rate wasn’t high, many Companion Eggs would drop .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar and picked up the Companion Eggs of the Golden Harp and the ordinary Musical Note Sprites, choosing to hatch them .

In a short while, Zhou Wen hatched more than a hundred Musical Note Sprites . Seven tiny musical symbols appeared on his left arm . Each of the music symbols had a saturated color .

The same Companion Beast would have a tattoo in the same spot . It would overlap, and the more there were, the more saturated the color of the tattoo .

The stats of the Musical Note Sprites were mostly the same . All of them only had sound wave techniques, so there wasn’t much of a difference . Therefore, Zhou Wen didn’t look at them carefully and focused on the stats of the Golden Harp .

Golden Harp: Epic

Life Providence: Symphony of Fate

Life Soul: Spirit of Music

Strength: 32

Speed: 39

Constitution: 31

Essence Energy: 40

Talent Skill: First Movement of the Symphony of Fate .

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Companion Form: None

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be delighted when he read the various information regarding the Golden Harp . Its ability wasn’t as simple as just coordinating the Musical Note Sprites . As long as it was a music-type power, it could add it to the fray .

If Zhou Wen could obtain a large number of high-level music-type creatures, Epic or even Mythical creatures, in the future, and then combine them with the power of the Golden Harp, the amount of power he could unleash was unimaginable .

From this point of view, although the Golden Harp was only at the Epic stage, its value was probably higher than some Mythical creatures .

Of course, the premise was that Zhou Wen had enough music-type Companion Beasts to work with the Golden Harp . Otherwise, its strength alone was considered at the bottom of the Epic creatures . After all, the Golden Harp’s attack wasn’t strong . It could even be said to be very weak .

After obtaining the Golden Harp, Zhou Wen was in a good mood . He got the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to continue killing the Musical Note Sprites . Now, he wasn’t in a hurry to find the Sun Beast . Hundreds of thousands of Musical Note Sprites on the square were wantonly killed by the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . Zhou Wen followed behind to pick up the spoils .

After the musical fountain square was cleared, Zhou Wen obtained a total of more than two hundred Musical Note Sprites . The pitiful baby tiger had been killed when the Golden Harp unleashed its might . Otherwise, there would have been more .

There’s no hurry . There’s plenty of time to grind in the future . Sooner or later, I’ll be able to form an army . Without discovering the Sun Beast, Zhou Wen led the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon forward and entered the temple behind the square .

The moment he entered the temple, he saw a blob of light appear in the innermost hall . When the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and the blood-colored avatar were seen, the blob of light that resembled a miniature sun immediately shot out a beam of light .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon didn’t hesitate to spit out a mouthful of demonic flames . When the light met the demonic flames, it didn’t shatter . Instead, it was reflected away by the demonic flames . Rays of light shone on the walls and pillars of the palace, causing green smoke to appear from the spot that was illuminated .

The demonic flames parted the beam and burned the Sun Beast’s body . Zhou Wen didn’t even see what the Sun Beast looked like before it was killed .

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‘Killed Epic creature, Sun Beast . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

Zhou Wen looked over and realized that it was only a 34-valued Strength Crystal . It was completely useless .

There were no other Sun Beasts or dimensional creatures in the temple . Zhou Wen circled around and left the temple before heading to the other buildings near musical fountain square .

On the other hand, he had found some other Musical Note Sprites and an Epic-ranked musical frog . It was able to emit sound waves and was extremely fast, but it was still easily dispatched by the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon .

After circling the buildings, apart from the Music Holy Temple which he hadn’t dared enter, Zhou Wen had nearly cleared the entire Music Temple . He didn’t find the Golden Harp or Sun Beast again .

Helpless, Zhou Wen had no choice but to leave the Music Temple dungeon and head to the Metalwork Temple to grind . He was rather lucky to obtain a Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior Companion Egg which he immediately hatched .

Now, Zhou Wen was still thinking of a way to obtain an armor-type Companion Beast .

The Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior and the Golden Warrior had a compatibility score of more than 70 . The success rate was very high, so Zhou Wen wasn’t that unlucky the second time he fused them .

With the Legendary Golden Warrior as the main pet and the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior as supplementary, he combined it into an Epic Golden Warrior .

Golden Warrior: Epic

Life Providence: Golden Evasion

Life Soul: Blessed Combat Runes

Zhou Wen was overjoyed when he saw the Life Providence and Life Soul . It was perfect—exactly what he wanted .

However, after looking at his stats, Zhou Wen frowned again . The stats of the Epic Golden Warrior were too low—27, 32, 29, 34 . Its skills weren’t ideal either . It only had the Golden Bell and the Fist of War .

What should I use to fuse it again? Zhou Wen thought . The best fusion solution was naturally to obtain the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s Invulnerable Golden Body skill . This way, it could increase his stats and also possess a good skill .

With the Golden Bell and Invulnerable Golden Body, its defense could be improved .

The only problem was that the drop rate of the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior Companion Egg was similarly low .

Zhou Wen had been grinding dungeons recently . Every time he entered Music Temple, he would only encounter one Sun Beast . He also grinded the Metalwork Temple for Three-Eyed Golden Warriors .

As for the Golden Harp, he had not seen it since the first time .

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