Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 501

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Chapter 501: Chapter 501 - Peony Garden

In the huge Music Temple, only one Sun Beast would spawn every time . This made it much more difficult for Zhou Wen to obtain a Sun Beast Companion Egg . He had no choice but to sacrifice his blood to grind for one .

Thankfully, other than the Sun Beast, Zhou Wen could also farm rare dimensional creatures such as the baby tiger, the Elegant Emperor’s Avatar Puppet, the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior, the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, Mutated Overlord Snake, and so on .

Some Companion Beasts’ levels weren’t high, but their skills or Life Providences were very useful . If he farmed a few more, he might be able to use them when they were fused in the future .

While grinding for pets, Zhou Wen found a good place .

The place Zhou Wen found wasn’t in Sunset College, but a dimensional zone in Luoyang . It wasn’t very famous, and ordinary people seldom went there because there weren’t many dimensional creatures there . Furthermore, the drop rate was low, making it a chore .

Most people weren’t willing to go, but Zhou Wen felt that it was a good place . The dimensional zone that he had specially applied to go to was Peony Garden .

There was a legend in the region that the first empress of the East District had once ordered a hundred flowers to bloom after she got drunk in Chang’an to cheer her up .

The blooming season was different for a hundred flowers . However, due to the empress’s might, they had no choice but to bloom at the same time . The empress was elated to see this . However, she realized that amongst the hundred flowers, there was a flower that had yet to bloom . It was still standing amidst the hundred flowers with withered leaves . It was a peony .

The empress was furious and demoted the peony to Luoyang . However, who knew that the moment the peony reached Luoyang, it immediately bloomed with a beautiful rosy red color .

The empress got even more furious when she heard of this . She ordered for the peonies to be burnt . To everyone’s surprise, the peonies became even more beautiful amidst the flames .

It was said that this peony garden was the place where the empress demoted the peony .

Of course, that was only a legend . No matter how powerful the empress of the human world was, she couldn’t dictate the blooming of flowers . Therefore, it was still a mystery why Peony Garden could become a dimensional zone .

The peony flowers in the peony garden were dimensional creatures . In the past, there were people who wantonly reaped them . Unfortunately, peony flowers didn’t drop dimensional crystals or Companion Eggs . Eventually, no one came here to cut peonies .

There were two types of dimensional creatures that could be killed in the Peony Garden . One of them was a bee-type dimensional creature, while the other was a butterfly-type . However, there weren’t many of them, so it was rather troublesome to find them . They were all poisonous and didn’t drop any good items . Therefore, Peony Garden gradually lost its importance .

The reason Zhou Wen came to peony garden wasn’t to kill the bees and butterflies . It was because there were very few people here . Furthermore, it was said that there was an immortal root in Peony Garden that was the closest to nature .

Zhou Wen only wanted to come here to game . While gaming, he could also sense the flora and fauna . It could be considered a form of intimacy with nature . Perhaps he could gain a deeper understanding of the Dao Body and condense a Life Soul .

Condensing a Life Soul and advancing a Life Soul weren’t simple tasks . Not only did he need a lot of practice, but having perception and opportunities was also very important . He was temporarily stuck at advancing Slaughterer, the Inverse Ancient Sovereign, and Lost Country . All Zhou Wen could do was study the Dao Art and Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

He arrived at the peony garden and indeed, he saw a bunch of flowers . At a glance, there was a stretch of colorful flowers that extended for hundreds of kilometers . They were like a breathtakingly beautiful sea of flowers .

The beauty of peony gave people a sense of oppression . Some people felt that it was too beautiful, while others felt that it was a glorious beauty . Some even said that peony was the queen of flowers .

Zhou Wen didn’t know much about flowers . He only felt that the peony flowers were indeed beautiful . As they had transformed into dimensional creatures, the beauty of peony was even more shocking .

Zhou Wen walked into the garden and found a stone pavilion in the sea of flowers . As he sat in the stone pavilion, he gamed while taking in the flora and fauna .

The peony garden was indeed different from other dimensional zones . It was quiet and tranquil, and the fragrance of flowers was refreshing . Apart from the stunning beauty of the peony flowers, it was indeed a good quiet place .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t have any special insights . As he circulated the Dao Art, he gamed . He didn’t make any progress with the Dao Art, so he focused on gaming and didn’t think too much about it .

After playing for a few hours, he heard footsteps .

Zhou Wen originally didn’t plan on paying attention to them, but the footsteps approached his stone pavilion . He used Truth Listener’s ability to listen .

Two people came . One was a middle-aged man and the other was a twelve-year-old youth . The two of them were dressed in odd plain clothes . A robe was worn outside, and they did not look like locals .

The middle-aged man walked in front . The young man held a sheathed saber in his hand and followed behind the middle-aged man .

The two of them walked all the way to the stone pavilion . They didn’t walk very fast, as if they were taking a stroll and enjoying the scenery of Peony Garden .

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To be honest, the peony was indeed beautiful, but there was a limit to being able to appreciate it . This was also why many people always found the grass greener on the other side .

It wasn’t because the things weren’t good, but because people were prone to change . They believed that what is rare is dear, and they didn’t know how to cherish all that they had seen .

The middle-aged man kept observing the peony flowers, but he still seemed to be in high spirits . He studied the peony flowers closely .

The youth’s temperament was clearly not as staid as the middle-aged man’s . After watching for a while, he found it boring, but he still followed behind the middle-aged man obediently . He did not cross the line and looked like he had a good upbringing .

“Teacher, there’s already someone inside this pavilion,” the youth said in disappointment when they arrived in front of the stone pavilion .

However, the middle-aged man did not mind . He stood outside the pavilion and asked, “Young friend, can you let us rest for a while?”

“Of course . The stone pavilion is a common facility . You can use it as long as you want,” Zhou Wen said .

After thanking him, the middle-aged man walked into the stone pavilion with the young man .

The youth carried a large box on his back . He put the box down and opened it before taking out a cloth and laying it on the ground . Then, he took out a small wooden table and some random items . It looked like a picnic, but the tools on the table looked like they were used for brewing tea .

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The middle-aged man and the young man sat down at the small wooden table . The young man could make tea with those complicated tea sets .

“It’s fate that we meet . Young friend, if you don’t mind, why don’t you try our hometown tea?” the middle-aged man said to Zhou Wen .

“Thank you for your kindness . I’m not thirsty . ” After saying that, Zhou Wen continued gaming .

The middle-aged man didn’t mind either . As he drank his tea, he enjoyed the flowers . He looked rather pleased .

“Teacher, there are so many famous dimensional zones in Luoyang . Why do we have to come to peony garden? Even dimensional creatures are rare here . Is there anything special about this place?” The youth brewed a cup of tea and sat opposite him, asking the middle-aged man .

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