Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: Chapter 503 - Sei Gasakai

Honn Shinsakura was not convinced to begin with . After hearing his teacher’s evaluation, he became even more indignant . However, his teacher had already stood up . As a disciple, he had to maintain his etiquette . He could only step aside and sulk .

“I’m Sei Gasakai . May I know your name?” the middle-aged man asked Zhou Wen .

“There’s no need to be this polite with me . My name is Zhou Wen,” Zhou Wen said as he put down his phone .

As Zhou Wen had never heard of the name Sei Gasakai, he didn’t think much of it . However, this name was famous in another region and even the entire Federation .

Speaking of the Sword Hero Sei Gasakai, many people who practiced the way of the sword knew that he used to be a first-rate sword master who practiced Niten Ichi-ryū ten years ago, and he was also famous locally for his good looks .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t know any of this .

Seeing his teacher, Sei Gasakai, solemnly mention his name, while Zhou Wen only sat there silently, Honn Shinsakura could not help but snort coldly . He felt that Zhou Wen didn’t respect his teacher, Sei Gasakai .

Sei Gasakai didn’t mind as he said with a smile, “Zhou Wen, are you familiar with Chancellor Leng Zongzheng in your studies at Sunset College?”

“It’s very rare to see Chancellor Leng . He’s no longer teaching,” Zhou Wen answered truthfully .

“Isn’t your mentor Leng Zongzheng? Then who is your mentor?” Sei Gasakai was slightly surprised .

Zhou Wen was so young, yet he had such a cultivation realm . He believed that Zhou Wen was Leng Zongzheng’s student . His visit to Luoyang was to challenge Leng Zongzheng .

“Wang Fei,” Zhou Wen answered subconsciously .

After Wang Fei left, many things happened to Zhou Wen . He seldom interacted with the new tutor, and he still thought of Wang Fei as his tutor . Furthermore, Wang Fei and Wang Mingyuan were both members of Luoyang’s Wang family . Zhou Wen subconsciously wanted to acknowledge Wang Fei as his tutor .

Sei Gasakai thought for a moment . He had never heard of this name before . In fact, Sei Gasakai didn’t like the other teachers of Sunset College . He believed that the only one worthy to fight him at Sunset College was the chancellor, Leng Zongzheng . Therefore, he didn’t know much about the other teachers . He only knew a few of the more famous tutors .

Even though the mentors were rather famous in the Federation, Sei Gasakai did not think of them as opponents .

Although Zhou Wen wasn’t a student taught by Leng Zongzheng, since he was a student of Sunset College and had such accomplishments at such a young age, Sei Gasakai wanted to know of Zhou Wen’s accomplishments .

Sei Gasakai originally could only tell that Zhou Wen’s cultivation level wasn’t bad . He remained unperturbed despite being in front of them . This made him find the young student pretty good .

It was only later, when Honn Shinsakura probed Zhou Wen, hoping to force him to take action, did Sei Gasakai realize that Zhou Wen wasn’t ordinary . His martial realm wasn’t low, but it wasn’t obvious how high it was .

“If there’s nothing else, I wish to continue gaming . ” Zhou Wen lowered his head and continued gaming .

Sei Gasakai didn’t make any remarks as he looked at the peony flower outside the stone pavilion . A gust of wind blew past, and a withered petal fell, blowing into the stone pavilion . He extended his slender fingers and clamped the petal between his fingers .

“Little friend, take a look at this petal . Do you see anything different about it?” With that said, Sei Gasakai extended his index finger and middle finger towards Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen immediately felt his body tremble as he couldn’t help but look up at Sei Gasakai .

Sei Gasakai’s finger wasn’t fast, but when it landed in Zhou Wen’s eyes, the scenery was completely different .

The life force in the peony garden seemed to have followed Sei Gasakai’s finger . It was as if he was the lord of the peony garden, and the peony garden moved under his power .

Zhou Wen felt that he wasn’t facing Sei Gasakai, but the billions of flowers in the peony garden . The power gathered on the petals was like a boundless sea . He immediately felt immense pressure .

Zhou Wen wore a solemn expression as he sat on the bench . His fingers were like swords as he extended them towards the petal delivered by Sei Gasakai, clamping the other side of the petal .

At that instant, Zhou Wen felt a strange force rush over .

Flowers bloomed and fell . The sun rose and set . From life to death, Zhou Wen felt his body rapidly aging as time flew by .

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A strange glint flashed across Sei Gasakai’s eyes . In the past, he had cultivated Niten Ichi-ryū . The so-called Niten Ichi-ryū meant that the sky had the sun and the moon, and humans were divided into Yin and Yang . The Niten Ichi-ryū was also about complementing Yin and Yang .

Niten Ichi-ryū warriors usually held a tachi in their right hand and a small tachi in their left hand . This Yin and Yang produced endless changes .

Sei Gasakai was extremely talented . After being repeatedly honed by dimensional zones and gaining insights, not only did he reach the pinnacle of Niten Ichi-ryū, but he had also basically created a lineage using the Niten Ichi-ryū as a foundation, allowing his strength to improve greatly .

This lineage not only focused on Yin and Yang, the incorporeal and corporeal, but it also had a great relationship with time and life . Sei Gasakai had yet to name this lineage . This time, he had come to Luoyang to challenge Leng Zongzheng . If he could defeat him, he planned to name the lineage he created .

As Zhou Wen was a student of Sunset College, Sei Gasakai had originally planned on using his newly created technique to test his cultivation level and realm . He didn’t really want to fight him .

However, when he used the Will Renewal concept in his saber art, he realized that Zhou Wen wasn’t affected at all . With that, he gradually strengthened his will in the sword .

Zhou Wen felt as though countless flowers had bloomed before waning as time seemed to pass rapidly . It was as though the entire peony garden had turned into a flower graveyard . He had also gone from young to old as though he was about to die .

When Sei Gasakai saw that Zhou Wen remained unmoved, he couldn’t help but be astonished . He had already thought highly of Zhou Wen to begin with, but he never expected the youth in front of him to be even stronger than he had imagined . He couldn’t help but strengthen his sword will as it changed from the Will Renewal to life and death .

Honn Shinsakura watched from the side, but he didn’t sense anything . All he saw was Zhou Wen and Sei Gasakai each holding a petal . One of them was standing while the other was sitting, motionless .

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Honn Shinsakura was somewhat puzzled . He did not know what his teacher Sei Gasakai was doing, but he did not dare disturb him . He could only wait patiently by the side .

But as he watched, Honn Shinsakura’s eyes widened .

His teacher, Sei Gasakai, had his hair band snap and his long black hair flowed down . His long black hair was gradually turning white . In just moments, his long black hair had turned snow-white .

“Teacher, what’s wrong?” Honn Shinsakura was alarmed as he hurriedly stood up . He wanted to rush over and push Zhou Wen away .


However, just as he took a few steps towards Zhou Wen, he felt a terrifying force slam into him . His body involuntarily flew out and landed outside the stone pavilion . Blood oozed out of his mouth and a few of his bones were broken . He looked at Zhou Wen in the stone pavilion in horror and struggled several times but failed to get up .

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