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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 506

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:06 AM

Chapter 506: Chapter 506 - Fusion Armor

506 Fusion Armor

Zhou Wen had killed plenty of Sun Beasts, but this was the first time he had seen one clearly .

As the Sun Beast’s glare was so strong, it usually looked like a small sun . However, in reality, the Sun Beast was just a small crystal-like beast . It wasn’t too big and emitted an intense light .

Sun Beast: Epic

Life Providence: Son of the Sun .

Life Soul: Solar Radiance

Strength: 39

Speed: 38

Constitution: 39

Essence Energy: 39

Talent Skill: Sun Arc .

Companion Form: Crystal Mirror .

Zhou Wen summoned the Sun Beast and transformed it into a companion form . An intrinsic, sundial-like mirror appeared in his hand . The mirror clearly reflected Zhou Wen’s shadow . It wasn’t inferior to the modern-day mirrors; it was even clearer .

Looking at the crystal mirror, Zhou Wen thought of a problem .

This mirror was more than enough to block his face, and it was just big enough to block his chest . However, he couldn’t hide his entire body behind the mirror .

Zhou Wen didn’t know if blocking a part of his body was of any use against Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World .

Taking the Sun Beast with him, Zhou Wen opened the game dungeon and planned on giving it a try .

Once again, he came to the shrine and summoned the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, allowing it to charge into the temple as a vanguard .

Under Zhou Wen’s control, the blood-colored avatar cooperated with the six-winged Guardian Dragon and dealt with Torch Dragon . As Zhou Wen didn’t know when Torch Dragon would use the Bright Torch Vision World, he kept paying attention to Torch Dragon’s eyes .

Torch Dragon’s eyes were usually dim . When it used Bright Torch Vision World, the eyes would first light up before turning into a mirror .

The process in the middle was a brief instant . Zhou Wen had to summon the Sun Beast when Torch Dragon used Bright Torch Vision World . There was some skill involved .

As the Sun Beast was only at the Epic stage, it was impossible to summon it too early or it would die under the intense combat strength . Therefore, Zhou Wen could only use this strategy .

He was extremely familiar with Torch Dragon . When it used Bright Torch Vision World, Zhou Wen summoned the crystal mirror in front of him and blocked the blood-colored avatar’s face .

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In the next second, Zhou Wen saw a strange scene . The crystal mirror and blood-colored avatar’s faces were indeed fine, but its body vanished . Then, the game screen turned black .

The Thearch didn’t lie to me . The mirror is indeed useful, but the crystal mirror is a little too small . Zhou Wen wasn’t discouraged . He knew that the mirror could restrain Torch Dragon, so killing it was only a matter of time .

He went online to search for information again to see if there were any bigger mirror Companion Eggs . However, he was somewhat disappointed . All known mirror Companion Beasts were relatively small in size . It was basically impossible to hide behind a mirror .

The biggest known Companion Beast mirror was a magic mirror in the West District . However, the magic mirror was at the Mythical stage . Up to this day, the six families had yet to destroy it .

From the looks of it, getting a big mirror won’t work . Is there any other way? Zhou Wen thought hard about how to use the smaller crystal mirror to perfectly crack Bright Torch Vision World .

Zhou Wen constantly came up with new strategies and kept experimenting . He spent a large amount of time grinding dungeons every day .

Zhou Wen had yet to finish Torch Dragon, but he had obtained a Three-Eyed Golden Warrior Companion Egg .

He combined it with the Epic Golden Warrior that he had previously combined . Although they were both Golden Warriors, their compatibility was only slightly more than sixty .

After hesitating for a moment, he chose to fuse them . Then, he watched as the Golden Warrior and the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior Companion Egg were gradually devoured by the light before they merged into one .

When the light dissipated and a Golden Warrior appeared on the game’s screen, Zhou Wen finally relaxed .

The stats of the Golden Warrior increased significantly after being fused . All of them were above 30, and his luck was quite different . With the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior as a supplement, it retained its Invulnerable Golden Body . As such, the Golden Warrior had Golden Bell, Invulnerable Golden Body, and the Fist of War .

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Fist of War wasn’t of much use to Zhou Wen . He mainly focused on the Golden Bell and Invulnerable Golden Body, which greatly enhanced his defense .

When he went to the temple to attack Torch Dragon again, Zhou Wen summoned the Golden Warrior to see how strong its defense was .

However, what surprised Zhou Wen was that the Golden Bell and Invulnerable Golden Body, along with the augmentation of Blessed Combat Runes allowed it to withstand one blow of the Torch Dragon’s tail . Its body crashed into the palace wall, but it wasn’t seriously injured .

This seemingly ordinary Golden Warrior was finally killed after withstanding Torch Dragon’s four attacks .

This was already out of Zhou Wen’s expectations . Among Epic Companion Beasts, there weren’t many who could withstand a single strike from Torch Dragon . For a Golden Warrior to withstand four strikes was already shocking .

Unfortunately, the Golden Warrior could not block Bright Torch Vision World .

This Golden Warrior looks like an ordinary Golden Warrior, but its strength far exceeds that of a Golden Warrior . If an ordinary person were to treat it as a Golden Warrior, they would probably suffer terribly . That’s an advantage . Zhou Wen thought to himself if he were to find a publicly recognized weak Companion Beast in the future and combine all sorts of powerful skills with it . This way, he would be able to catch any enemy off guard .

Upon thinking of a weak Companion Beast, Zhou Wen thought of the Lucky Baby Tiger . This fellow was indeed the weakest among Epics . Apart from its Luck stat, it was completely useless .

I’ll try to fuse a powerful baby tiger when I get another baby tiger . Zhou Wen summoned the Golden Warrior and wore it as a golden soft armor .

The moment he wore it, he realized something different . The soft armor that a typical Golden Warrior transformed into was made of gold threads . It was pure gold without any patterns .

Zhou Wen’s soft armor had shimmering Blessed Combat Runes on it, making it look extremely dazzling .

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Zhou Wen didn’t like being dazzling because that would make him a striking target .

“The Golden Warrior transforms into soft armor . I can still wear armor outside . I can use the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior as the main ingredient and a Golden Warrior Companion Egg as a supplementary ingredient to form a Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior with a Golden Body Life Providence . Zhou Wen did as the idea came to him . Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors and Golden Warrior weren’t difficult to kill, but something went wrong when he fused them .

After the two were combined, the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior did not obtain the Golden Warrior’s Life Providence . It was still his original Life Providence, but he had an additional skill .

After a few tries, the results were all different . Sometimes, there were more skills, and sometimes there were fewer . Only on the third time, did he obtain a Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior with the Golden Body Life Providence and Blessed Combat Runes Life Soul . However, that Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior did not even have a single skill .

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