Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 507

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:22:06 AM

Chapter 507: Chapter 507 - Black Cube

While Zhou Wen was grinding the dungeons, something strange happened in Luoyang City .

A crossroad in the city was blocked by a huge black cube . The black cube was about 50 meters long . It did not look like metal, but it did not look like stone or plastic either .

Strangely, no one knew when the black cube appeared . An Sheng, who was in charge of investigating the matter, looked at the nearby surveillance cameras and realized that the black cube had appeared out of thin air . It didn’t exist on the video then it appeared in the next second .

Such a strange matter was likely related to dimensional creatures . In order to prevent any accidents, An Sheng mobilized many experts from the Sunset army to research how to take away or destroy the black cube .

However, they tried many methods to no avail . They were unable to move the black cube away, nor were they able to damage it . Even the strongest destructive weapon and Essence Energy Skill that they could muster failed to damage the black cube one bit .

Some people dug up the concrete surface underneath the black cube and used some tools to move it away . However, they soon discovered that the black cube was actually suspended in midair . After the ground was dug open, it did not affect it at all and it still remained in position .

Although the black cube didn’t pose any threat, An Sheng still made preparations for the worst . He evacuated the nearby residents and temporarily isolated the area . He sent troops to guard it to prevent any accidents .

In less than two days, An Sheng received plenty of shocking updates . It wasn’t just Luoyang; many cities in the Federation’s four major districts had similar black cubes .

Now, everyone was studying the black cube . Up to now, no one had been able to determine what it was, nor could anyone destroy or move it .

Many people were worried like An Sheng . The black cube was like a ticking time bomb in the city . Who knew when it would cause a terrifying disaster .

“Strange phenomena are happening rather frequently . It looks like the days ahead will become more and more unpeaceful . ” An Sheng sighed .

An Tianzuo was reading the intelligence gathered from all over the world . Even the cities of the six major families had black cubes . Furthermore, the six families were helpless against them .

The six families had sent out Mythical Companion Beasts to destroy or figure out what the black cube was, but the outcome wasn’t promising . The strength of Mythical Companion Beasts was still unable to harm the black cubes .

An Tianzuo frowned when he read the intelligence .

Black cubes had appeared all over the world; this was clearly unusual .

“Did you notice that these black cubes only appear in areas where humans gather? There are no black cubes in the wilderness or dimensional zones,” An Tianzuo said .

“You suspect that this is a conspiracy against humans?” An Sheng immediately understood what An Tianzuo was getting at .

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“Although I don’t wish to see such a thing happen, the current phenomena’s analysis suggests that the black cubes are targeted at humans,” An Tianzuo said with a heavy expression .

“We shall handle it, come what may . Overseer, when have you ever been afraid of anything?” An Sheng deliberately said in a relaxed tone .

An Tianzuo smiled and stopped talking about the matter . He then asked An Sheng, “How’s the progress at Zhuolu?”

“There’s no progress . After a long analysis, the experts have roughly guessed that the snake is the legendary Torch Dragon . The other Mythical creature is Qiongqi, one of the four mythical ferocious beasts . Apart from that, there’s no progress . Unless a Mythical power involves itself in this matter, it’s impossible to make progress in the temple,” An Sheng said .

“How’s the mood of the person at home?” An Tianzuo paused before asking again .

“Same as usual . She eats whatever she likes and buys whatever she likes . However, I can tell that she can’t let this matter rest,” An Sheng said .

After a long silence, An Tianzuo suddenly said, “How long will it take for a return trip to Zhuolu?”

An Sheng’s expression changed drastically when he heard that . “Overseer, you absolutely can’t do that . You definitely can’t go to Zhuolu . The strength of Torch Dragon and Qiongqi is still unknown . We haven’t even figured out what abilities they have . It’s too dangerous for you to go like this . ”

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“If we don’t figure out if Grandpa is in the temple, the person at home will probably not be at ease,” said An Tianzuo .

“Overseer, if you were to perish in there, Madam wouldn’t just be sad . Furthermore, there’s the bizarre black cube . A huge problem might happen at any time . This place needs you,” An Sheng said solemnly .

An Tianzuo’s expression changed when he heard that . After a long while, he sighed and said, “Ah Sheng, in the past, we only wanted to have the An family and Luoyang completely in our control . At that time, we thought that we could no longer have any reservations and do whatever we wanted . Now that we have truly become the masters of this place, we realize that the matters to take into consideration have increased . ”

An Sheng looked at An Tianzuo and said seriously, “The lesser the burden, the fewer the matters to consider . Overseer, you’re burdened by too many things . ”

“Perhaps . ” An Tianzuo stood up and walked to the window . He looked at the black cube on the city’s streets as his expression turned more complicated .

Zhou Wen had fused multiple pets without obtaining a Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior that he was satisfied with . All he could do was use the unskilled Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior for the time being .

“Old Zhou, have you heard? A mysterious cube appeared on the streets in the city,” Li Xuan said mysteriously when he came to Zhou Wen .

“What mysterious cube?” Zhou Wen had been focused on grinding dungeons recently . Apart from sending breakfast to Wang Lu, he hadn’t gone out, nor had anyone told him .

“You don’t know about it?” Li Xuan recounted the mysterious appearance of the black cube . “It’s not just our Luoyang . I heard that the same black cube has appeared all over the world . However, no one knows what it is . ”

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown when he heard that . He was also worried . If the black cubes contained a few Mythical creatures, the consequences would be unimaginable .

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen chatted for a while before he suddenly recalled something . He said to Zhou Wen with a smile, “Gu Dian looks like a ruthless character, but he’s actually quite timid . ”

“Why do you say that?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“Didn’t we organize an activity previously and got Gu Dian to come with us? Fang Ruoxi brought her pet cat over . That pet cat wasn’t afraid of Gu Dian’s ferocious appearance and even jumped onto him . When he saw the cat, the usually ferocious Gu Dian ended up sitting on the ground in fright . His legs were so weak that he couldn’t even stand up . He just sat and crawled backward as though he was afraid that the cat would eat him… Don’t you think it’s funny… That kid usually looks quite manly . I never expected him to be so timid…” Li Xuan didn’t notice Zhou Wen’s odd expression when he spoke .

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