Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 508

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Chapter 508: Chapter 508 - he Thearch“s Hin

After Li Xuan left, Zhou Wen went online to investigate the news regarding the black cube . As the matter was huge news, and the cubes had appeared in many places, it was impossible to completely conceal the matter . Therefore, many places did an exposé . There were also many clear pictures of it .

One could not tell anything from the pictures . It was just a black cube .

What exactly is this? I wonder if The Thearch knows what it is? Zhou Wen was considering how to ask The Thearch when he suddenly received a message from her .

“Did a black cube appear in the place where you are now?”

Zhou Wen hurriedly replied when he saw The Thearch mention this matter herself . “Yes, a lot of them suddenly appeared in the world . I wonder what it is?”

“If I were you, I would take my Mythical Companion Beasts to the cube,” The Thearch replied .

“How can I have Mythical Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen denied .

“What’s on your ear? Don’t tell me that’s an earring you bought online,” The Thearch said .

“What do I do with the Mythical Companion Beast there? What is that black cube?” Zhou Wen never expected The Thearch to recognize Truth Listener . However, he wasn’t surprised . He was only curious . The Thearch clearly knew what the black cube was .

“I don’t wish to tell you what it is, but as long as you take a Mythical Companion Beast over, there will definitely be benefits . Do you dare to go?” Before long, The Thearch sent a message .

Zhou Wen frowned when he saw that . He didn’t know what The Thearch was up to . He didn’t trust The Thearch at all, afraid that she would scheme against him .

“The six families have already taken their Mythical Companion Beasts over, but they didn’t receive any benefits . ” Zhou Wen replied without saying if he wanted to go .

“How can those ordinary people know of its benefits? With my guidance, naturally, it’ll be different . ”

The Thearch immediately sent another message . “After you find the black cube, take a Mythical Companion Beast to the top of it . In the middle of the cube, there’s a circular dot . Get your Mythical Companion Beast to stand there and release all its Essence Energy and send it inside the dot . Remember, it can only be a Mythical Companion Beast . Essence Energy must be injected into the dot, or you will bear the consequences . ”

“What will happen after the cube is opened?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Why don’t you give it a try yourself? If you don’t have the guts, just wait for others to activate the cube . After all, if you don’t take the huge benefits, there are plenty of people who will . ” The Thearch gave one final reply before she ignored Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen was immediately put in a difficult spot . The Thearch was clearly teasing him . She deliberately didn’t mention what the black cube was to make him feel conflicted .

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This really makes me doubt life . You underestimate me too much . Zhou Wen packed his things and planned on taking a look at the black cube .

Zhou Wen planned on using his phone to take a picture . The black cube was definitely something from a different dimension . Perhaps the mysterious phone would react to it . It wouldn’t be too late to decide if he should try using The Thearch’s method .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare go out in the open . He took advantage of the night to sneak to the spot where he discovered the black cube . There was an army stationed there, but it was mainly to prevent any anomalies from happening to the black cube . They didn’t forbid humans from approaching, so it wasn’t difficult to get close .

Zhou Wen arrived at the roof of a nearby building which was already very close to the black cube . Standing at the edge of the building, he was only about ten meters away from the corner of the black cube .

Although it was night time, with Zhou Wen’s eyesight, he could see it clearly, but he couldn’t tell what material it was . It didn’t look like metal or stone, nor did it look like a horn or bone . Instead, it looked like some man-made material .

What is this? I hope the mysterious phone can divulge something . Zhou Wen held the mysterious phone and aimed it at the black cube .

However, it left Zhou Wen somewhat disappointed . The mysterious phone didn’t do a thing or lock-on to it . It clearly wasn’t interested in the black cube .

Zhou Wen was put in a difficult spot . The Thearch had said that there were great benefits, but what if she was lying to him? If he really did as The Thearch said, it would be bad if he released a few demon monarch-level dimensional creatures .

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However, after careful thought, Zhou Wen felt that The Thearch didn’t seem to have any reason to do so .

If The Thearch really wanted to mess with him, she could just make a wish . There was no need to go through so much trouble to trick him into coming here .

Furthermore, he had not sent the things that the Thearch had asked him to buy . If he were to release a few terrifying creatures and ended up dying, who would deliver the items to her?

Although The Thearch said it so easily as though she could find someone to deliver things to her at any time, how many humans dared to go to Chess Mountain? There were even fewer who dared to enter Chess Mountain to take the Void Flower . Zhou Wen suspected that there was only one pot of Void Flower in Chess Mountain .

After some thought, he believed that The Thearch wouldn’t let him die so easily so he decided to give it a try .

Zhou Wen was already prepared . He wore the most ordinary heavy armor of the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior . The armor could envelop his entire body . Furthermore, it was rather common in the Peninsula of Gods . Even if he was discovered, it wouldn’t be easy to find out who he was .

The garrison troops were all around the cube, and there wasn’t anyone above . Taking advantage of the darkness, Zhou Wen pushed Ghost Steps to the extreme . He traversed more than ten meters like black smoke and landed on the black cube without anyone noticing .

After stepping onto the black cube, nothing abnormal happened . Only then did Zhou Wen heave a sigh of relief and silently walk towards the center .

At the center, Zhou Wen indeed discovered the circle The Thearch mentioned .

The black cube was about fifty meters in length, but the circle was only the size of a palm . Furthermore, it was only a shallow round mark . If Zhou Wen didn’t know that it was useful, he wouldn’t have noticed it .

Which Mythical Companion Beast should I use to give it a try? Zhou Wen thought to himself .

Excluding Tyrant Behemoth who was evolving, Zhou Wen still had four Mythical pets—Truth Listener, Banana Fairy, Demonic Neonate, and Six-Winged .

However, the first three hadn’t reached the Mythical stage yet . The real Mythical stage was Six-Winged .

After sizing up his surroundings, and seeing that there wasn’t anyone above him, he believed that even if he summoned Six-Winged, no one would see him . Zhou Wen decided to summon Six-Winged .

After all, if anything were to happen, Six-Winged was at the Mythical stage . It should be able to deal with the problem, but Truth Listener and Banana Fairy might be instantly killed .

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