Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 51

Published at 5th of March 2020 04:40:15 AM

Chapter 51

Zhou Wen chose ‘yes’ out of curiosity . He had no idea how feeding was done, nor did he know what Companion Beasts ate .

Although people would use dimensional crystals to strengthen their Companion Beasts in real life to expedite their evolution, the situation with the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was somewhat different . It wasn’t evolving but growing up .

‘Two foods available: Mutated Vigor Ant and Mutated Skeleton Ant . Please select the food for feeding . ’

The food is actually Companion Beasts? Zhou Wen found it extravagant . The price of any Companion Beast could feed an ordinary person for half a year; yet, this fellow was actually eating them .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen had no way to sell the Companion Beasts that dropped in-game . For instance, the Mutated Vigor Ant was no longer of much use, so using it as food wasn’t something to be sad about .

He didn’t hesitate as he chose the Mutated Vigor Ant as food and fed it to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

The Mutated Vigor Ant which had been selected transformed into a swirl of light that flew towards the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . There was nothing apart from a silver flash after it had infused the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . It allowed the latter’s hungry state to disappear .

Having killed the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, the ordinary Vigor Ants and Mutated Vigor Ants couldn’t stop the blood-colored avatar and the skeleton ant . Zhou Wen stormed forward, hoping to see what hid deeper in the Ant Nest .

The Mutated Skeleton Ant was like a tank . It left a wake of destruction through the ant swarm, but the swarm was like a terrifying tidal wave . Despite spending half an hour, he only advanced a few hundred meters .

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred when he saw the underground area widen significantly . He summoned the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and four transparent wings appeared behind the blood-colored avatar, allowing the blood-colored avatar to fly up .

Although it could only fly about ten meters high, it was sufficient to prevent the Vigor Ants from touching him . Besides, they were underground, so there wasn’t that much space for him to fly .

In fact, even if he flew higher, it wouldn’t help as there were ants crawling on the ceiling . Zhou Wen didn’t allow the blood-colored avatar to get too close .

The Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s Life Providence as King of Low Altitudes made things easier . It flew very agilely at low altitudes and even if Vigor Ants were to pounce off the ceiling towards him, he was able to easily dodge them .

Zhou Wen had hopes of encountering other Silver-Winged Flying Ants as he flew or other higher-level dimensional creatures since he was no longer satisfied killing ordinary Vigor Ants .

The cave became wider as he ventured deeper . Before long, the game screen suddenly opened up . An underground cavern appeared; huge beyond imagination .

And in that underground cavern, there were ant nests stringed together like a gigantic underground city .

However, these ant nests were different from human buildings . They looked like stone spheres of varying sizes with huge stone strips in between them, covering nearly half the underground space .

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Around the ant nests’ periphery, there was a swarm of black-winged flying ants circling the area . Zhou Wen could only see the center where there was a huge spherical ant nest . Furthermore, there was a strange golden glow emitting from it .

The next second, Zhou Wen saw a swarm of black-winged flying ants charge at him . The blood-colored avatar didn’t even manage to put up a struggle before being overrun and dying .

Upon seeing the black screen, Zhou Wen quit the game . He believed that he had no means of exploring the ant city for quite some time .

“At the very least, I’ll have to wait until the Silver-Winged Flying Ant grows up before I have a chance of exploring the ant city . I wonder what that golden glow in the middle of the ant nest is . It doesn’t look like an ant . ” Zhou Wen hadn’t had much time to observe it and since it was too far, he hadn’t managed to take a good look .

He happened to be hungry, so he headed to the kitchen to look for some food . He realized that Li Xuan’s fridge was empty . The only thing there was leftover pizza—moldy pizza .

Isn’t it a waste to have this huge refrigerator switched on all the time with nothing inside? Zhou Wen decided to buy some food . They were still a few days away from the first day of school, and he needed food for those days .

Inside a hotel suite in Luoyang City, Qiao Siyuan was carefully reading through a document .

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A blonde, green-eyed woman, Liz, reported as she held a tablet in hand, “That youth’s information is all in here . His name is Zhou Wen, a student of Guide High School . He graduated this year and scored pretty highly . He came in second in the city for the combat test . He has already been admitted into Sunset College . His father is Zhou Lingfeng, a translator . He doesn’t have any background worth mentioning, but interestingly, Zhou Lingfeng recently remarried and his new wife is the An family’s widow, Ouyang Lan . ”

“An Tianzuo’s mother, Ouyang Lan?” Qiao Siyuan was taken aback when he heard that as he looked up at Liz .

Liz smiled with a nod . “Yes, Overseer An’s mother . According to the intel, An Jing had once specially transferred to Guide High School to beat up Zhou Wen . ”

Qiao Siyuan fell into deep thought after hearing that . He glared at Liz and asked, “Does Zhou Lingfeng really not have any background?”

“I’ve already had his background investigated . For three generations, their family has been poor . Zhou Lingfeng’s father was a carpenter . He didn’t enjoy physical labor from a young age, and due to his aptitude in language, he chose to be a translator,” Liz said as she took a look at her summary .

“Could it be possible that Zhou Lingfeng had made contact with people overseas?” Qiao Siyuan asked .

“Unlikely . Although Zhou Lingfeng has some aptitude in language, he’s quite a frivolous person . He’s gluttonous and lazy and quite lustful, often spending his time in bars . His cultivation is terrible and he only barely entered the Legendary stage a few years ago . I doubt such a person will catch the fancy of those fellows overseas, right?” Liz replied .

“That’s strange . Why would a woman like Ouyang Lan like such a man?” Qiao Siyuan frowned .

“Women like a bad boy . Perhaps Ouyang Lan likes a pretty boy like Zhou Lingfeng?” Liz suggested .

Qiao Siyuan firmly shook his head . “Ouyang Lan definitely isn’t such a woman . The An family went into turmoil following An Datong’s death . An Tianzuo was only fourteen when he inherited the An family’s business . Countless important figures in the League crave what the An family has . Even members of the An family have their sights on these things, a classic case of domestic trouble and foreign invasion . For An Tianzuo to keep the family business secure to this day at such a young age, who do you think was responsible for it? With a woman as powerful as Ouyang Lan, even if she’s remarrying, why would she randomly choose such a useless man?”

“But we’ve already checked very carefully . The Zhou family really doesn’t have any background . Zhou Lingfeng is clean, so it’s unlikely he has any relationships with those overseas,” Liz said .

“Don’t underestimate those people overseas . ” Qiao Siyuan thought and said, “Is Zhou Wen living at the Ans presently?”

“No . As he had teamed up with Li Xuan for the college entrance exams, they seemed to build up quite a good relationship . Therefore, he has been living at his place since he arrived in Luoyang . We failed to find him in Guide City previously because Li Xuan had brought him to Luoyang early,” Liz said .

“Bring Zhou Wen here . Remember not to alert anyone, especially the Ans,” Qiao Siyuan said in a deep voice .