Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: Chapter 510 - Life Protection

Six-Winged Guardian Dragon: Mythical

Life Providence: Life Guardian Dragon

Life Soul: Wings of Black Flame

Wheel of Destiny: The Last Life Guardian

Strength: 80

Speed: 80

Constitution: 80

Essence Energy: 80

Talent Skill: Sanctification, Poison Breath, Dragon’s Rage, Hell Demonic Flame, Six Wing Slash .

Companion Form: Holy Flaming Dragon Wings

Zhou Wen remembered that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s stats were around 60, but now, all of them had become 80 . According to the advancement of his Companion Beasts, the top Mythical creatures likely had 81 stat points . Now that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s stats had reached 80, it could be considered top-notch .

The Life Providence and Wheel of Destiny had slight changes . He had no idea what the word “life” meant, but he believed that it couldn’t be a bad thing .

It gained an additional Sanctification skill, making it have five skills . It was an obvious upgrade . The Demonic Flaming Dragon Wings had been upgraded into Holy Flaming Dragon Wings as well .

“How is it? Are you surprised?” The Thearch sent another message .

Seeing that The Thearch had already determined that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was his Companion Beast, he tacitly acknowledged the truth . He asked, “Can a beast be strengthened as long as it’s recognized by the black cube?”

“Dream on . This is a reward for the first Companion Beast that enters the rankings . It happens only once . You lucked out big time . ”

Soon, The Thearch sent another message . “However, your Six-Winged Dragon’s potential isn’t good . You should have just used that earring to receive the enhancement . It should have been able to advance to the Mythical stage directly . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t regret not listening to The Thearch . Truth Listener’s advancement to the Mythical stage was indeed good, but Truth Listener was more inclined towards support abilities . What Zhou Wen needed now was actual combat strength .

After the enhancement of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, its strength would likely increase significantly . It could play a bigger role when fighting Torch Dragon, boosting Zhou Wen’s chances of killing Torch Dragon .

Zhou Wen’s phone rang again, but this time, it wasn’t The Thearch, but a call from An Sheng .

An Sheng and Zhou Wen killed the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon together . He also knew that Zhou Wen had lured Medusa to fight the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon; therefore, he immediately guessed that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was Zhou Wen’s .

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“Young Master Wen, what was the situation with the black cube?” An Sheng didn’t beat about the bush with Zhou Wen and directly got straight to the point .

Zhou Wen recounted what he knew, but he skipped the matter regarding The Thearch .

“You mean to say that the cube is actually a ranking for Companion Beasts?” An Sheng thought and asked after hearing that .

“From the looks of it, it’s true . However, we can’t rule out the possibility that there’s something else in the black cube . Otherwise, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon wouldn’t have been strengthened,” Zhou Wen said .

However, An Sheng’s tone became much more relaxed . “That’s good then . The Overseer has been constantly worried about the cube . From the looks of it, it shouldn’t pose a threat any time soon . ”

“By the way, congratulations Young Master Wen . You are now the third person in Luoyang to possess a Mythical creature . ” An Sheng sighed . “Back when you first came to Luoyang, you were only at the Mortal stage . In less than a year, you even have a Mythical Companion Beast . In terms of speed, even the geniuses of the six families aren’t as fast as you . ”

“Who are the other two?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Naturally, it’s Chancellor Leng and the Overseer . If they weren’t here, how could the An family of Luoyang continue standing, to the point of the six families fearing them?” An Sheng said with a smile .

Zhou Wen didn’t ask what their Companion Beasts were . They were the secrets and trump cards of everyone .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen couldn’t wait to summon the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon in its companion form . Six fiery dragon wings appeared behind him, but they weren’t black anymore . Instead, they were pure white . They looked much prettier, but he didn’t know if there were any changes to their effects .

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After dispelling the dragon wings, Zhou Wen took out his phone and entered the Zhuolu instance dungeon . He wanted to try and see if the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon could fight Qiongqi .

Torch Dragon had Bright Torch Vision World which ignored strength and speed . However, Qiongqi was a dimensional creature that relied on strength and speed . Now that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s prowess had greatly increased, it might perhaps put up a fight with Qiongqi .

Taking the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to the temple where Qiongqi was, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s originally black body and wings turned white once it saw Qiongqi . It became a white dragon, a likely manifestation of its additional Sanctification skill .

Even though the Six-Winged Dragon was in its Sanctification state, its speed and strength were still inferior to Qiongqi’s . However, it could still barely put up a fight . It was unlike before when it was completely thrashed with no ability to resist at all .

The stronger the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was, the more Zhou Wen realized how terrifying Qiongqi was . Such a powerful Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was actually suppressed by Qiongqi .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was barely able to put up a fight and didn’t die instantaneously . However, the blood-colored avatar wasn’t that lucky . With Qiongqi suddenly attacking it, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to dodge twice before it was smacked to death by Qiongqi’s claw .

Something strange happened . The blood-colored avatar was clearly hit, but it didn’t die . Instead, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s body suddenly exploded as it died for no reason .

With the death of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, the blood-colored avatar couldn’t last much longer before being killed by Qiongqi .

Could it be that The Last Life Guardian is the miraculous ability to take the master’s place in death? Zhou Wen guessed as he immediately restarted the dungeon and experimented a few more times .

Just as Zhou Wen had guessed, as long as the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was still alive, it could help him withstand a single death . Furthermore, this ability could also be used even while it was in its dragon wings form .

This enhancement is just too good! Zhou Wen increasingly felt that his choice of doing the enhancement was right . This way, he would have an additional life . Even if he were to die in the future, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon could still protect him once . This was even more useful than any Mythical creature .

After all, he only had one life . No matter how many Mythical creatures he had, they would be useless once Zhou Wen died .

While Zhou Wen was studying the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, the six families and some wealthy families were also studying the matter . People from the East and West District even began arguing .

As the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon had appeared in Luoyang, the people of the East District naturally believed that it belonged to an expert in the East District . However, the West District people said that the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was clearly a Companion Beast of the West District, one that wasn’t available in the East District, so the owner of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was definitely a West District citizen who happened to be passing by Luoyang .

The various large families were also guessing who the owner of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was . Their main suspects were naturally Leng Zongzheng and An Tianzuo .

However, after many probes and investigations, both of them denied it .

At the same time, the six families were not idle . They were all researching how the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon had appeared on the cube and what its purpose was .

“You mean that the Mythical Six-Winged Guardian Dragon is Zhou Wen’s?” Inside the An family, An Tianzuo’s expression changed when he heard An Sheng’s report .

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