Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 513

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Chapter 513: Chapter 513 - White Cloud Mountain

“Where is it? It can’t be inside Chess Mountain, right?” Zhou Wen asked warily .

If The Thearch wanted him to enter Chess Mountain in reality, Zhou Wen wouldn’t go no matter what . That place was a huge trap . Zhou Wen guessed that even if the six families took all their Mythical Companion Beasts with them, they might not be able to conquer it .

According to legend, Chaoge was a place with numerous mythical creatures in ancient times . No one knew if those Mythical creatures that had helped Chaoge fight in the war remained inside .

The Seven Saints of Mount Mei, the Four Generals of the Mo family, and so on were extremely terrifying existences even among Mythical creatures . Killing a dragon was too easy .

Zhou Wen guessed that if he encountered them, even with the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, he would probably be killed instantly .

“Don’t worry . It’s not in Chess Mountain . I’ve seen your present map . That place is in Funiu Mountain . Now, it should be called White Cloud Mountain . ” The Thearch seemed to have seen through Zhou Wen’s thoughts .

“White Cloud Mountain is also a dimensional zone, right?” Zhou Wen had heard of White Cloud Mountain before .

White Cloud Mountain and Mount Laojun were part of the Funiu Mountain range, but their positions were somewhat different . Also, the nature of the two was completely different .

Mount Laojun was safer . As long as one didn’t kill or step on any plants, one’s life wouldn’t be in danger .

However, White Cloud Mountain was different . Ever since it transformed into a dimensional zone, the mountain range had been enveloped by clouds . It was faintly discernible like a divine mountain .

Zhou Wen heard that only a few people who entered White Cloud Mountain were able to survive . Occasionally, there would be people who could survive, but they would die for no reason a few days later .

According to the people who came out alive, it was very difficult to tell their bearings inside White Cloud Mountain’s fog . Even companions that were inches away would disappear as they walked, never to be seen again alive . Not even their corpses were found .

According to them, they also saw an immortal palace on White Cloud Mountain . That immortal palace wasn’t built on the mountain, but in the clouds . Jade stones were the foundation, and golden stones were on top . There were fairies dancing in the air .

Without exception, those who saw the immortal palace all died in the end . No one survived . Furthermore, when they died, their faces were filled with joy .

Therefore, White Cloud Mountain was also nicknamed the Immortal Ascension Mountain . Anyone who went there would have their lives taken away by an immortal, and they would ascend to the immortal palace to enjoy life .

Zhou Wen didn’t know if they managed to enjoy life, but he didn’t want to die .

“What valuable things can there be in a place that isn’t a dimensional zone? On a peak on the southeast of White Cloud Mountain, there’s a mysterious stone that looks like a rabbit . The good stuff is beneath that mysterious stone,” said The Thearch .

“I heard that White Cloud Mountain is really terrifying . Everyone who goes there dies . I’m afraid that I won’t be able to bring anything back alive,” Zhou Wen said .

“Anyway, I’ve already told you where the item is . It’s up to you whether you want to go or not . No matter whether you want to go or not, don’t tell me that you lack money in the future,” The Thearch said .

“Do you have a way to enter White Cloud Mountain?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Close your eyes and enter without looking at anything . That way, nothing will happen,” The Thearch said .

“But how can I find that mysterious rock with my eyes closed?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Is that thing on your ear just for show? Whether you want to go or not, don’t bother me . I’m busy,” The Thearch replied disdainfully .

Zhou Wen was depressed . The Thearch even knew Truth Listener’s ability . It looked like he couldn’t fool her .

Zhou Wen checked White Cloud Mountain’s information online and found the place The Thearch had mentioned . That place was rather famous on White Cloud Mountain . When there wasn’t any dimensionalization in the past, it was a scenic spot named Jade Rabbit’s Lunar Prayer .

Legend had it that Jade Rabbit had descended to the mortal world and gone to White Cloud Mountain to have fun . Due to the stunning scenery at White Cloud Mountain, Jade Rabbit forgot the time and missed its opportunity to return to the Moon Palace . It could only watch helplessly as the moon rose from the east, with it never returning . Thus, Jade Rabbit laid on the mountain peak and prayed to the east day after day, hoping that the Moon Palace Fairy would come to take it back to the Moon Palace .

It was only a legend . After the dimensionalization, no one knew what it had become, nor was it known if the Moon Rabbit stone was still there .

The Thearch said that I’ll be fine as long as I don’t open my eyes . This is very beneficial to me . Zhou Wen considered visiting White Cloud Mountain .

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The Thearch had casually produced a Mythical Essence Energy Skill Crystal . Zhou Wen felt that it definitely wasn’t an ordinary item if it managed to catch her eye and let her remember it .

In any case, as he had nothing to do on campus, Zhou Wen decided to pay White Cloud Mountain a visit . After all, he could still game and grind dungeons along the way . It wouldn’t affect anything .

The chick and antelope had to be placed in Wang Lu’s care once again . Although Zhou Wen wanted Li Xuan to raise them, the fellow was cultivating so seriously that he far exceeded Zhou Wen’s intensity . He had no time to take care of the two creatures .

As for taking them to White Cloud Mountain, that was impossible . If the chick were to open its eyes and see the immortal palace, it would be dead .

Zhou Wen was counting on it to become a fighter when it grew up . He couldn’t let it take the risk so easily .

“How did Little Feifei lose so much weight after you took care of it for two days? Did you torture it?” Wang Lu rolled her eyes at Zhou Wen when she saw the thin chick .

“How would I dare mistreat it? I serve delicious food and drinks all day long . It’s better than what I eat . ” Zhou Wen actually found it odd .

The chick was magically thin . After making a trip to Mount Laojun, it lost weight the moment it returned . Zhou Wen suspected that the antelope was up to no good . Back when he was gaming in front of the Wordless Monument, the antelope had taken it to the top of Mount Laojun . It seemed to have lost weight after coming down . He had no idea what they did up there .

“You owe me a lot of lunches and dinners . If this continues, I’m afraid you won’t be able to pay me back even after I graduate . ” Wang Lu seriously wrote down the foster care that Zhou Wen required from her in her diary so that she could settle scores with him .

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“I’ll pay you back slowly . I’ll be able to pay it all back eventually . ” Zhou Wen had no choice . The two of them were dimensional creatures . He was worried that they might cause trouble if he let any ordinary person rear them .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen called An Sheng, asking him to help him apply for a leave of absence for a few days . If he left the school for a longer period of time, the procedures would be more complicated .

Although White Cloud Mountain wasn’t far away, he didn’t know when he would come out once he entered the dimensional zone .

“No problem . I’ll give you a pass . When you return, you can enter and leave the school freely . There’s no need to go to the trouble of applying for a leave of absence every time,” An Sheng said .

“There’s such a pass?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised .

“Generally, it’s for postgraduate students . According to the rules, ordinary university students aren’t allowed to have a pass . However, you are naturally an exception . By the way, Young Master Wen, where are you planning to go this time?” An Sheng asked .

“I want to visit White Cloud Mountain . ” Zhou Wen and An Sheng had experienced life-and-death situations, so there was naturally no need to hide it .

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