Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: Chapter 514 - Spatial Crystal

“Why are you going to White Cloud Mountain?” An Sheng was somewhat surprised .

“I heard that the dimensional zone there is quite interesting . I would like to pay a visit . ” Zhou Wen naturally couldn’t say that he was going there to dig for treasure after hearing what The Thearch had to say .

“White Cloud Mountain is too dangerous . We’ve already been stationed there for a few years, but we still haven’t been able to ascend the Jade Emperor Peak . If you really want to go to White Cloud Mountain, you have to remember that you mustn’t open your eyes after entering . Otherwise, once you see a mirage like the immortal palace, even a Mythical Companion Beast might not be able to save you,” An Sheng said solemnly .

“Why can’t I open my eyes?” Zhou Wen already knew of this taboo, but he never expected An Sheng and company to know about it .

“I don’t know . It’s just like Small Buddha Temple . They have all kinds of unreasonable things . As long as you open your eyes and see it, you will definitely die . There’s no reason at all . ”

An Sheng paused for a moment before saying, “You must not go to Jade Emperor Peak either . Even if you close your eyes, you will still be injured by the strange forbidden power there . There will be no way out . ”

“I understand . I’m just paying a visit . I might not even enter the mountain . ” Zhou Wen asked for more details before realizing that An Sheng and company had a deep understanding of White Cloud Mountain . Apart from Jade Emperor Peak, they had basically figured everything out .

Zhou Wen knew that sacrifices were inevitable to gain such a deep understanding of White Cloud Mountain . They weren’t like Zhou Wen, who had the mysterious phone to explore without any scruples . Even if they were all Epic experts, the strangeness of the dimensional zones was impossible to guard against . Once an unforeseen accident happened, Epic experts would easily die as well .

Zhou Wen planned on taking a look first . If he could find the tiny palm symbol, he wouldn’t go up the mountain first . He could download White Cloud Mountain with the tiny palm symbol and use his phone to figure it out before heading up .

With that said, Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before asking, “How’s the progress on Zhuolu?”

“I knew that you would definitely have your sights on it after you obtained the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . I can tell you with complete certainty that you can only die if you take the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon there . ” An Sheng told Zhou Wen some of the things they had recently discovered .

The experts were actually able to determine that the Mythical creatures in the temple were Torch Dragon and Qiongqi . This surprised Zhou Wen .

However, they could only determine their names . They had no means of conquering the temple . Their understanding of Torch Dragon and Qiongqi was far inferior to Zhou Wen’s . They couldn’t even figure out what abilities Torch Dragon and Qiongqi had .

From the looks of it, I can only rely on myself on this trip to the temple, Zhou Wen thought .

“Since you want to go to White Cloud Mountain, wait another two days . I’ll be going to White Cloud Mountain then . I’ll take you along,” An Sheng said .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in a hurry to go . He felt that going with An Sheng was a good idea . After all, they had already explored the Jade Rabbit’s Lunar Prayer . If he couldn’t find the tiny palm symbol, it would be better for An Sheng to take him up . It was much better than him going up alone and running around blindly .

After making the arrangements with An Sheng, the two ended the call . Zhou Wen picked up his phone and continued grinding the dungeons . They were leaving in two days, so he couldn’t be bothered to collect the chick and antelope . After all, they were happy to be with Wang Lu . The food and drinks there were better than with Zhou Wen .

After repeatedly grinding dungeons, Zhou Wen killed a large number of Musical Note Sprites . Now, there were more than a thousand of the seven different Musical Note Sprites . When summoned together, and under the command of the Golden Harp, the sound waves produced from their combined attacks could break through the defenses of the Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior, but they were still far from being able to fight a Mythical creature .

Zhou Wen estimated that he needed at least tens of thousands of Musical Note Sprites . Only then could the sound wave attacks produced be comparable to the strengthened Six-Winged .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in a hurry . After all, he was here to grind the Sun Beast, so he could also grind the Musical Note Sprites along the way . He obtained a few Musical Note Sprite Companion Eggs on each trip .

Unfortunately, in the Music Temple, the Goldfish didn’t have the Luck attribute, so he could only have his Luck boosted by the baby tiger .

As usual, Zhou Wen came to the musical fountain square . To his surprise, he saw the Golden Harp again .

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He had been to the musical fountain square many times, but apart from the first time, he hadn’t discovered the Golden Harp . Zhou Wen imagined that the Golden Harp wouldn’t appear again, so he was quite surprised to see it again .

Zhou Wen was overjoyed . He immediately ordered the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon to charge forward . The Golden Harp used its powers to make the hundred thousand Musical Note Sprites release a sonic wave, forming a huge sound blast .

However, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was no longer the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon from before . It unleashed its full strength . Its six wings appeared at the same time and its body turned white . Its body forcefully broke through the sound blast and arrived in front of the Golden Harp . With a single slap, it shattered the Golden Harp .

Six-Winged has indeed become much stronger . Zhou Wen wasn’t very happy . Even with more than a hundred thousand Musical Note Sprites joining forces, they couldn’t stop the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . If he wanted to form the army of the Musical Note Sprites, he would probably have to obtain at least hundreds of thousands of them before they could play a decisive role in the battle with Mythical creatures .

The Golden Harp didn’t drop a Companion Egg, but a rare spatial stat crystal appeared . It had a Space attribute +3 .

This added another rare attribute to Zhou Wen . It was just that three points were not enough .

In the next two days, Zhou Wen spent two days grinding dungeons at home . He had obtained quite a lot of Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior and Golden Warriors, but the Companion Eggs of the baby tiger and the Elegant Emperor’s Avatar Puppet never dropped .

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Zhou Wen could understand that it was rare for the baby tiger’s Companion Egg to drop, but he never expected the Elegant Emperor’s Avatar Puppet Companion Egg to be that difficult as well . Furthermore, skill crystals seldom dropped as well .

Apart from Zhou Wen obtaining the Substitute Talisman Skill for the first time, no other skill crystal dropped .

Early in the morning, An Sheng called to inform Zhou Wen that they would be heading to White Cloud Mountain . Zhou Wen packed his things, including the Substitute Talisman he had drawn .

When he arrived outside the school and saw An Sheng’s car, he walked to the window and realized that An Tianzuo was sitting in the back seat . He couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback .

Why didn’t Ah Sheng tell me that An Tianzuo would be coming? Zhou Wen found it a little odd, but he couldn’t say anything . All he could do was open the door to the front passenger seat and get in .

Zhou Wen had sat in this car many times in the past, but today, he found it odd . The atmosphere in the car just wasn’t right .

An Tianzuo’s eyes were somewhat odd as well . Clearly, he didn’t know that Zhou Wen was going to White Cloud Mountain as well .

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