Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: Chapter 515 - Birth of the Game

“Young Master Wen, we are going to White Cloud Mountain’s Red Birch Forest to hunt a Mythical creature . Are you interested in joining us?” An Sheng asked as he drove .

“Hunt a Mythical creature?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . This was the first time he had heard of anyone hunting Mythical creatures .

An Sheng said, “That’s right . There’s a strange Mythical creature in Red Birch Forest . We’ve been investigating it for several years . We’ve already done most of the groundwork . We are quite confident this time . Since you’re going to White Cloud Mountain, why don’t you join us? Take it as gaining some experience . ”

“I’m fine with that . ” Zhou Wen trusted An Sheng very much .

After all, they were hunting Mythical creatures in real life . It was more dangerous, so they would definitely have done more preparatory work . They definitely wouldn’t risk their lives .

Furthermore, even An Tianzuo was taking action this time, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to have too much contact with An Tianzuo . He felt that he and An Tianzuo weren’t the same types of people .

An Sheng continued, “I still don’t know what that Mythical creature in Red Birch Forest is called . We named it Love Letter . It’s rather interesting . Overseer said that if a Companion Egg drops this time, it will belong to me . Perhaps, I will have a Mythical Companion Beast in the future . ”

“Love letter? How can there be such a name?” Zhou Wen was somewhat astonished .

“There’s a story behind it . Legend has it that the bark of the red birch tree is very thin and easily removed . Furthermore, it’s very beautiful . Some people will use the bark of the red birch tree to write love letters to their lover . Although the dimensional creature in Red Birch Forest doesn’t look like a book, the skills it uses are related to words . It’s rather difficult to deal with . It’s unknown how many Companion Beasts have died in Red Birch Forest in the past few years just to roughly understand its various skills…”

An Sheng explained quite a bit of the Mythical creature’s abilities before saying, “However, even if we know its abilities, it’s impossible to kill a Mythical creature without the same powers at the Mythical stage . Therefore, Overseer has to personally take action this time . Otherwise, I won’t be able to handle it myself . If you go with me, I’ll be even more at ease . It’s a good thing that both experts from Luoyang will be helping me kill a dimensional creature . ”

Zhou Wen really didn’t wish to have any nice stories of him and An Tianzuo, but he couldn’t say anything uncultured . All he could do was remain silent .

“The mountain road is dangerous . Drive carefully,” An Tianzuo, who was sitting behind with his eyes closed, said coldly .

“Yes,” An Sheng replied . Indeed, he didn’t dare say another word . He secretly winked at Zhou Wen before focusing on driving .

Zhou Wen had no interest in speaking . Just as he was about to close his eyes to rest, he suddenly heard his phone ring .

Seeing that it was Huang Ji who called, Zhou Wen answered the call .

“Zhou Wen, our game is done . ” Huang Ji’s excited voice sounded . Even An Sheng and An Tianzuo heard it .

After the trial run the previous time, Zhou Wen didn’t have much anticipation for Huang Ji’s game . However, he still acted interested and said, “That’s great . Can you send me a copy? I can’t wait to try it . ”

“Of course . I’ve already posted it online to begin the closed beta test . Go download this website and give me some suggestions after you’re done playing . ” Huang Ji quickly sent a website address to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen opened the page and saw that it was a gaming website . It was filled with closed and open beta games . Their game was called “Dimension . ” Zhou Wen saw the game at the top .

It was not because Huang Ji spent money that pushed his ranking so high, but because Huang Ji had just uploaded it . That made it appear at the top .

Zhou Wen hurriedly downloaded the game . Thankfully, this wasn’t a dimensional zone, or there might not be a signal . They had just arrived in the suburbs, so the signal was pretty good .

After a while, Zhou Wen finished downloading the game and launched it . He realized that although the login interface was very simple, it wasn’t bad . It looked rather good .

After entering the game, Zhou Wen chose Tiger Cage Pass which was the only option . When he entered the game, he couldn’t help but be surprised .

He had originally thought that the game Huang Ji had created was the standard 2D side-scrolling game . But now, it was completely different from when he trialed it .

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Even though it was a 2D side-scrolling game, both the NPCs and the details of the scenery had greatly improved . However, there were only two choices for characters—man or woman . After choosing a man, there was no skill selection interface like before . Instead, he entered a game tutorial interface .

The tutorial introduced the game’s operations and skill usage . Apart from the direction key, there were also five buttons in-game . Then, the direction key and the other five buttons could be used in different key combinations for different skills . There were ten skills available in-game . After remembering the method to deliver an attack, he could use the skills he needed .

It’s done pretty well! Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised . He tried the maneuvering, and it was surprisingly fluid . It was similar to the popular fighting games in the past . The controls and feedback were a rather good experience .

After entering the game, Tiger Cage Pass became a black-and-white ink style . Demonic Soldiers were the same style as well . It looked surprisingly immersive . Zhou Wen controlled the game character to kill the Demonic Soldiers in Tiger Cage Pass and discovered that the various techniques and attacks of Demonic Soldiers were very similar to real ones . They were much more agile than when he tried the alpha . There was some difficulty .

This… It’s really not bad… Zhou Wen played for a while before becoming more and more surprised . This was far from what he had imagined . It was surprisingly good .

Although playing games might not necessarily mean one could kill Demonized Soldiers, one could familiarize themselves with the various means of attack by the Demonized Soldiers in-game . They could learn how to deal with them when encountering them in real life . To rookies who had not entered Tiger Cage Pass, it was quite helpful . It was much better than learning from videos .

Zhou Wen stormed through the game and killed quite a number of Demonized Soldiers . The controls weren’t a problem for him . He only took a brief look at them before he was able to cast all sorts of skills smoothly . Killing Demonized Soldiers was very easy .

Soon, Zhou Wen discovered the mini-boss, Demonized General . After engaging in an intense battle with the Demonized General, he found the game pretty good . The Demonized General’s behavior and skills were replicated very well, similar to the real Demonized General .

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Zhou Wen gamed the entire time . Behind him, An Tianzuo had been resting with his eyes closed . When he heard Zhou Wen gaming, he couldn’t help but open his eyes and frown .

An Tianzuo clearly didn’t like Zhou Wen playing games all day . From his point of view, this was a form of obsession .

An Sheng was an extremely clever person . When he saw An Tianzuo frown through the rearview mirror, he knew that things were bad . Hence, he said, “Young Master Wen, I heard that you and your classmates worked together to create a game that can be used to teach people about the various abilities of dimensional creatures . Is that it?”

“Yes, production was just completed . It’s my first time playing the closed beta . Currently, there’s only a Tiger Cage Pass dungeon . In-game, there are Demonized Soldiers and Demonized Generals as monsters and one can learn their behaviors and various skills through gaming . Through learning about how to deal with them in-game, it will be useful in real life, but games are games after all; one still needs to practice the combination of various skills in combat,” Zhou Wen introduced .

“That’s pretty good . Overseer, why don’t you play the game that Zhou Wen and company created? If it’s feasible, it’ll be helpful in understanding dimensional creatures . Perhaps it can be promoted,” An Sheng said .

“A game is just a game after all . If you have the time to play games, why don’t you just spend time watching a video about it?” An Tianzuo closed his eyes again and continued resting .

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