Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 517

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Chapter 517: Chapter 517 - Failure

An Sheng’s personal abilities were definitely top-notch at the Epic stage . However, even he couldn’t approach the scorpion . The scorpion’s speed was too fast . With a flap of its wings, it could easily fly hundreds of meters away . Even Zhou Wen probably couldn’t catch up to it easily with Ghost Steps .

After repeatedly resolving the blood-colored text of wind, fire, and lightning, An Sheng and company seemed to have found an opportunity to counterattack . With An Sheng’s command, the officers unleashed their strongest attack as terrifying forces struck the scorpion .

There was a sanguine flash on the scorpion’s back as a huge blood-red text appeared . It was like a shield that blocked their attacks .

With a series of crashing sounds, their forces were shattered, but the blood-colored barrier remained completely fine .

An Tianzuo, who had remained motionless all this while, finally made a move . Flames rose over his body, turning into a strange Life Soul .

The Life Soul’s entire body was covered in white armor . The armor was neither gold nor jade . It looked more like it was carved from bones .

Behind him was a blood-red cape . In his left hand was a slender bone saber covered in blood patterns . In his other hand was a gun made of bones .

That thing… It can’t be a Gatling, right… Zhou Wen looked at the weapon in the Life Soul’s hand . The bone gun barrel was connected to the recoil mechanism . It looked like an ancient hot weapon that was often seen in movies .

Just as Zhou Wen was pondering over it, he heard a terrifying boom . He saw the bone gun barrel shoot out blood-colored bullets like a storm .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bullets rained down on the scorpion’s blood-red text barrier, causing it to flicker as though it could shatter at any moment .

Buzzing sounds could be heard as the bullets poured freely . The bloody text barrier of the scorpion shattered .

This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen someone’s Life Soul produce a hot weapon . Furthermore, its attack was crazy powerful . It could actually break through a Mythical-stage barrier .

Although it was only a rather weak Mythical creature, Zhou Wen had relied on Ever-Victorious’s characteristic to kill Medusa . His Life Soul alone wasn’t that powerful .

The bullet hit the scorpion’s body, instantly infuriating it . The wings on its back spread open, and there was a blood-red glow on its wings . Its entire body was covered in blood-red light, and the blood-red symbol at the tip of its tail appeared especially terrifying .

The blood text circled around the scorpion’s body and kept spinning, blocking the rain of bullets .

When the bullets struck the blood text, they created a terrifying explosive shockwave that blasted the surrounding forest into pieces .

“Activate the halo,” An Sheng instructed the officers .

Two of the officers’ Companion Beasts shimmered with light as they enveloped An Tianzuo’s body . It caused An Tianzuo and his Life Soul’s bodies to emit two strange beams of light . The Gatling’s attacks became more ferocious as it pumped bullets at a denser and more powerful rate .

“Activate the curse . ” An Sheng also used an Essence Energy Skill when he issued the order . He produced a strange gray smoke that enveloped the scorpion .

The other officers also used various powers . Those powers did not have any lethality, but they had a slight effect on the scorpion .


The scorpion was furious after being bombarded by the Gatling’s attacks . The blood-red text surrounding it exploded with a terrifying sanguine light . Almost instantly, it engulfed everything nearby .

“Retreat . ” An Sheng issued an order before the blood text exploded .

All the officers retreated with An Sheng in a great display of teamwork . Zhou Wen followed them and retreated, but he realized that An Tianzuo didn’t retreat .

The expanding sanguine light resembled a blood-colored black hole, devouring everything nearby . An Tianzuo was already standing at the edge of the blood hole, about to be devoured .

Zhou Wen was frowning when he suddenly saw An Tianzuo’s Life Soul vanish . As for An Tianzuo, he had a white bone armor and a blood cape . He held a bone saber in one hand and a bone Gatling in the other .

Just when the sanguine light was about to devour him, a black figure flew out from his body and landed on the bone blade . Instantly, a demonic black flame rose on the bone blade .

An Tianzuo raised his bone saber and slashed at the sanguine light in front of him . He managed to cleave open a rift as he charged in .

Gunfire roared and saber flames flashed . An Tianzuo fought the scorpion crazily . The madness was completely different from the usual An Tianzuo .

As for An Sheng and company, they constantly used various Essence Energy Skills from behind . They either aimed at An Tianzuo or at the scorpion . The only officer with the Ice Fox Life Soul and the ability to restrain the Slow Text was the busiest . They needed to constantly pump out damage to ensure that An Tianzuo’s region wasn’t affected by the power of the Slow Text .

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The scorpion’s body was sent flying by a backslash from An Tianzuo’s bone saber . An Tianzuo raised the Gatling with his hand . The black flames on the bone saber instantly shifted to the bone Gatling before enveloping it .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bullets with black flames roared towards the scorpion in midair, causing its body to constantly distort and rise in the air . In the end, its carapace was cracked by the bullets, and more and more bullets shot into its flesh and blood . The black flames also burned its flesh and bones .


The blood patterns on the scorpion shattered and fell like glass .

“Success!” An Sheng was overjoyed .

Without the protection of the blood patterns, the storm-like bullets bombarded the scorpion wantonly . The carapace of the scorpion was completely shattered and blood spurted out .

Just as the scorpion’s body was about to explode, a blood-red light suddenly erupted from its abdomen . A strange blood text surfaced, and the blood quickly spread over the scorpion’s body .


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The sanguine light exploded as its carapace and flesh transformed into a terrifying energy blast . An Tianzuo had no choice but to retreat .

At the same time the explosion occurred, a sanguine light from the scorpion’s body flew toward White Cloud Mountain at an unbelievable speed .

An Tianzuo’s body flashed as he chased in the direction of White Cloud Mountain .

“Damn it, that fellow actually has such a move!” An Sheng cursed under his breath as he chased with his men .

Zhou Wen chased after him as well . When they caught up to An Tianzuo, they realized that he was standing in front of the mountain entrance . The scorpion that had self-destructed was nowhere to be seen .

“Love Letter escaped into Jade Emperor Peak?” An Sheng had already guessed what was going on .

An Tianzuo nodded slightly . “We have failed . Let’s head back . ”

They knew that the scorpion was no longer able to survive; it was definitely on its last legs . As long as they could find it, even without An Tianzuo’s help, An Sheng could kill it himself .

However, no one dared to enter Jade Emperor Peak . No matter how strong a person was, entering would only lead to death . Even An Tianzuo could only return empty-handed .

Mythical creatures were precious, but they couldn’t trade for one with their lives .

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