Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 519

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Chapter 519: Chapter 519 - Zero Taboo

After tapping open the Demon Suppression Mountain dungeon, he realized that the blood-colored avatar had appeared in front of the black stone . Beside it was White Cloud Mountain’s entrance . Other than the cartoon image, the layout was identical to the real White Cloud Mountain .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and attempted to let the blood-colored avatar enter the mountain entrance . He wanted to see if Truth Listener’s ability could withstand the terrifying power of Jade Emperor Peak .

However, it was useless . The power on Jade Emperor Peak wasn’t an evil force like a curse . After a few steps, the blood-colored avatar turned to dust .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and dripped his blood to revive . He walked into Jade Emperor Peak once again, but this time, he switched his Essence Energy Art to a Dao Art .

His Life Providence had naturally transformed into a Dao Body and Zero Taboo .

The moment the blood-colored avatar took half a step in, the Zero Taboo crystal in his consciousness lit up like a light bulb .

It works! Zhou Wen was delighted as he controlled the blood-colored avatar to continue walking forward . After taking a few steps, his body was fine . Cracks began to appear on the Zero Taboo crystal, as though it was about to shatter .

It really can’t be taken out . In front of the mountain entrance, Old He wore a look of disappointment . He wasn’t sad for the death of his Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros, but because he couldn’t retrieve the Companion Egg for An Sheng .

“Old He, with the Overseer around, we will have plenty of chances to kill Mythical creatures in the future . It’s just a matter of time,” An Sheng said . He found it a pity that the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros died . It was one of the few Epic Companion Beasts that could ward off evil . It was a pity to lose it .

“Let’s go . ” An Tianzuo gave another order . This time, no one said a word . Although they were unwilling to give up on the Mythical Companion Egg in front of them, they had no choice but to leave .

“Ah Sheng, let me give it a try . Perhaps I can take it out,” Zhou Wen said as he walked over .

If the Companion Egg was An Tianzuo’s, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have stepped forward . He might even have waited for them to leave before secretly returning to retrieve the Companion Egg .

However, the Companion Egg was for An Sheng, so Zhou Wen felt that he should help .

An Sheng had given him plenty of help and had risked his life with him . He had plenty of chances to obtain Mythical Companion Eggs in the future, but it was unlikely to have someone willing to risk his life for him at critical moments .

“Young Master Wen, if you wish to use a Mythical Companion Beast to take the Companion Egg, there’s no need to bother . Love Letter is also at the Mythical stage . It also failed to withstand the power of Jade Emperor Peak,” An Sheng said .

“If I just want to take out the Companion Egg, it’s very simple . I don’t need to use a Mythical Companion Beast . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he walked to the mountain entrance and deliberately sounded relaxed . He didn’t say that he was the one entering .

This was because he knew very well that if he said that he was the one entering, An Sheng would have definitely stopped him . It was impossible that he would let him take the risk .

“Young Master Wen, what solution do you have?” An Sheng asked .

An Tianzuo and the officers looked at Zhou Wen . They also wanted to know if he really had a way to bring out the Companion Egg .

Old He looked at Zhou Wen and said, “Young Master Wen, if you have a way to bring out the Companion Egg, just let me know if there’s anything I can do in the future . I’ll be at your beck and call . ”

An Sheng had saved the lives of Old He’s family . Old He had always treated An Sheng’s matters as his own .

“I’ll remember that . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he looked past the mountain entrance . An Tianzuo and company believed that he would summon a Companion Beast, but to their surprise, Zhou Wen suddenly took a step forward and walked through the mountain pass .

“No…” An Sheng turned pale with fright as he rushed towards the mountain entrance .

Someone was faster than him as he appeared in front of the mountain entrance in a flash . He extended his hand to grab Zhou Wen, but he was still a step slower . Zhou Wen had already rushed past the mountain entrance .

When An Sheng rushed to the mountain entrance, he was held back by An Tianzuo, who had arrived a step earlier . He didn’t let him chase after Zhou Wen .

“Look carefully . His body isn’t affected,” An Tianzuo said to An Sheng in a deep voice as he took off his balaclava .

Old He and company were also alarmed . They originally imagined that Zhou Wen would use a special Companion Beast to make the attempt, they never expected him to walk in by himself .

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An Sheng stood outside the stone door and looked at Zhou Wen inside . He quickly walked towards the Companion Egg . His speed was astonishing . More importantly, his body didn’t disintegrate like the Evil Warding Spirit Rhinoceros .

Zhou Wen’s body landed in front of the Companion Egg like a wisp of smoke . He reached out and scooped the Companion Egg into his hand before turning around and retreating .

This back-and-forth was swift and elegant, like a swift saber that had been unsheathed . With a flash, the saber had already returned into the sheath before one could see what the blade looked like .

When Zhou Wen returned to the mountain entrance with the Blood Scorpion Companion Egg in hand, Old He and company jolted to attention as though they had been in a dream . They speechlessly looked at Zhou Wen who was standing in front of them in perfect condition .

“Young Master Wen, you are really too rash . ” An Sheng sized up Zhou Wen’s body and only heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that there wasn’t anything wrong with his body .

“Don’t worry . I won’t do anything that I’m not confident of . ” Zhou Wen threw the Companion Egg to An Sheng .

“Young Master Wen, thank you,” An Sheng received the Companion Egg and said with a smile .

“Not considering the consequences of your actions will one day make you pay the price . Put on your balaclavas and we will head down the mountain,” An Tianzuo said coldly . He put his balaclava on and turned to head down the mountain .

Everyone hurriedly put on their balaclavas and followed An Tianzuo down the mountain .

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When they reached a fork on the mountainside, Zhou Wen asked An Sheng, “Ah Sheng, is Jade Rabbit’s Lunar Prayer on the mountain over there?”

“It’s there alright . I’ll take you there,” An Sheng said .

Old He also said, “Young Master Wen, if you want to pay a visit, I’ll take you there . However, it’s just a stone . There’s nothing to see . ”

“There’s no need . There’s no danger there anyway . I just want to take a look myself . You guys can go back now,” Zhou Wen said as he walked up the mountain path .

An Sheng didn’t insist on going with him . Since Zhou Wen could remain unharmed in Jade Emperor Peak, nothing outside posed a danger to him .

“Adjutant An, this Young Master Wen is amazing . He actually managed to enter and exit Jade Emperor Peak safely . He’s really strong . Is he still in school?” Old He asked An Sheng as he watched Zhou Wen disappear on the mountain path .

“Don’t you know whose family Young Master Wen is from? How can a person who can be doted on so much by Madam not be strong?” As An Sheng spoke, he used his large eyes to glance at An Tianzuo, but unfortunately, he couldn’t see An Tianzuo’s expression through the balaclava .

“You’re right . Young Master Wen is Madam Lan’s son . It’s only right for him to be strong . ” Old He smiled .

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