Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 520

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Chapter 520: Chapter 520 - One Takes on the Color of One“s Company

Zhou Wen walked all the way up to the mountain where Jade Rabbit’s Lunar Prayer was . Although Zero Taboo seemed to have the ability to counter White Cloud Mountain’s taboo powers, Zhou Wen still wore the balaclava and used Truth Listener’s ability to scout the way .

If he were to see the immortal palace phenomenon, it would be quite an unjust death in the event Zero Taboo failed to work .

There were indeed very few dimensional creatures on White Cloud Mountain . Zhou Wen walked all the way to the peak, but he didn’t even encounter a single one .

After reaching the top of the mountain, Zhou Wen finally saw the legendary jade rabbit’s lunar prayer stone . Perhaps it was because Zhou Wen’s imagination wasn’t good, but no matter how he looked at it, it didn’t resemble a rabbit .

The Thearch said that the item is beneath this stone, but this stone seems to be connected to the mountain? Should I dig it up? Zhou Wen circled the Moon Rabbit stone but didn’t find the good stuff that The Thearch had mentioned .

Although it wasn’t nice to destroy a natural landscape, Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered anymore . He summoned the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and made it push the Moon Rabbit stone to see if there was anything below .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon had 80 Strength after all . With the augmentation of an Essence Energy Skill, it could snap the mountain, much less a mere rock .

However, it was unable to move the Moon Rabbit stone at all despite using all its might .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be surprised . With the strength of Six-Winged, even a piece of titanium alloy should have snapped, much less a rock .

Indeed, there’s something here! Zhou Wen made Six-Winged stop . He probably couldn’t move the Moon Rabbit stone with brute force .

Zhou Wen studied how to deal with the Moon Rabbit stone, but he failed to budge it despite exhausting all the methods he could think of . All he could do was leave White Cloud Mountain and return to the encampment . He planned on contacting The Thearch and asking her how to take the item under the Moon Rabbit Stone .

After Zhou Wen returned to the encampment, Old He warmly welcomed him back . He also told him that An Sheng and An Tianzuo had already left because they were needed in Luoyang . They had left a message, saying that if Zhou Wen wanted to return, he could get Old He to drive him back .

On the rugged mountain road, An Sheng was fiddling with his phone while driving .

To him, multitasking was not a difficult task . There was no conflict between driving and playing games . Ordinary people were forbidden from doing this as it was very easy for accidents to happen, bringing harm to themselves and others .

The scene that appeared on An Sheng’s phone screen was the game that Zhou Wen had invested in . He held the phone in one hand as his fingers moved rapidly . It was no different from how others played with two hands . He was even more agile .

The game character used all sorts of odd positioning and releasing of skills to beat the Demonized Soldiers and Generals .

“Why aren’t you driving properly? What are you doing there?” An Tianzuo, who was sitting behind with his eyes closed, suddenly asked .

“I downloaded the game that Zhou Wen and company made . Now that I’m trying it, it’s really not bad . The feedback from attacking and the usage of skills are very good . The parameters are also very similar to reality, especially those Demonized Soldiers and Generals . Their behavior and skills are identical to reality . After playing this game, if one were to encounter Demonized Soldiers and Generals, one would know how to deal with them . This game is really not bad . From the looks of it, Young Master Wen isn’t just playing games,” An Sheng said as he played .

“He’s just trying to play to the gallery . Watching a video allows one to understand dimensional creatures better than gaming . It’s not like I see him doing any research . All he does is game . The so-called understanding of dimensional creatures is just an excuse to game,” said An Tianzuo .

An Sheng defended Zhou Wen . “It’s still a little different . From watching the video, one can only know what kind of abilities a dimensional creature has . Ordinary people can’t tell what skills they can use to deal with it just by watching a video . However, in-game, they can attempt to use various skills to attack dimensional creatures . They can then know which skills are effective against them . Furthermore, through in-game combat, it’s easier to remember the timing of the various skills used by dimensional creatures . This game is a high-level strategy guide . It would be even better if we could turn it into a holographic game”

“I realize that ever since you and Zhou Wen went out a few times, you are getting better at clever, but false, arguments,” An Tianzuo said with a cold expression .

“Overseer, you’re right . It’s my fault . Games only make people lose their aspirations . It’s useless,” An Sheng hurriedly said .

“You’ve even learned how to agree overtly despite your private opposition . Indeed, one takes on the color of one’s company . Hand over the phone,” An Tianzuo said coldly when he saw that An Sheng was still playing .

“I was wrong, alright?” An Sheng hurriedly put away his phone .

“I told you to hand me the phone,” An Tianzuo said with a deadpan expression as he stared at An Sheng through the rearview mirror .

An Sheng helplessly handed his phone to An Tianzuo, who was sitting behind him . An Tianzuo reached out and took it . He glared at An Sheng and said, “Drive properly . If you continue with such nonsense, you’ll be punished to guard Chess Mountain . ”

An Sheng tersely responded and continued driving . He didn’t dare do anything else .

An Tianzuo closed his eyes to rest for a while, but he had a nagging feeling . After a while, An Tianzuo opened his eyes again and picked up the phone beside him . After unlocking it, his gaze landed on the app icon named Dimension .

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The corners of An Tianzuo’s eyes twitched slightly . He reached out and pulled the curtains to give himself privacy from An Sheng . Then, he said to him, “I’ll rest for a while . Don’t disturb me . ”

“Got it, Overseer,” An Sheng said .

An Tianzuo held his phone and turned off the sound . Then, he tapped on the icon . Soon, an ink-styled interface appeared on his phone .

Zhou Wen rested in the encampment . As there was a signal in the encampment, he sent a message to The Thearch, but after waiting for several hours, he still didn’t receive a reply .

Just as Zhou Wen thought that The Thearch wasn’t replying to him on purpose, he finally received a message . He opened it and saw that it was from The Thearch .

“To learn the divine art, one must self-castrate . ”

Zhou Wen read the message clearly and countless question marks appeared in his mind . Then, he sent a row of question marks .

“It was sent wrongly . It was for someone else . If you want the treasure, you must wait for the moon to rise . ” The Thearch replied very quickly this time .

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So I have to wait until the moon rises before I can obtain the treasure under the Moon Rabbit stone . Zhou Wen was enlightened, but he suddenly felt that something was amiss .

“The Thearch, you said that you sent the message wrongly . Then who were you planning on sending that sentence to?” Zhou Wen’s expression turned odd .

Since The Thearch could use her phone to go online, it was not surprising that she could add friends on the Internet . The strange thing was, why did she send such a message to the other party?

“It’s a guy who wants to learn divine arts . His name seems to be John Cape,” The Thearch replied .

“John… Cape…” Zhou Wen naturally wouldn’t forget this fellow . After all, it was because of Liz and John that he and the Cape family had become enemies .

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