Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 521

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Chapter 521: Chapter 521 - Immortal Palace Phenomenon

Zhou Wen originally wanted to ask what The Thearch was doing, but The Thearch didn’t reply to him . Zhou Wen had to temporarily put the matter aside .

In the afternoon, Zhou Wen arrived in front of the Jade Rabbit’s Lunar Prayer stone again . There, he waited for the moon to rise from the east .

However, there was a problem . The Thearch said that he had to push the Moon Rabbit stone the moment the moon rose . Although Truth Listener was very powerful and could hear very minute sounds, it was still unknown if he could tell that the moon had risen .

If Truth Listener were to advance further in the future and advance to the Mythical stage, it might be able to hear something even deeper such as the rotations of electrons or the flowing sound of photons . When that happened, it was possible to use one’s hearing to determine if the moon had risen .

However, he definitely couldn’t do it now . After some hesitation, Zhou Wen switched his Essence Energy Art to a Dao Art before removing the balaclava .

Zhou Wen estimated the time . The moon was about to rise . If he were to use his eyes, he wouldn’t be so unlucky to chance upon the immortal palace phenomenon, right?

However, even if he were to see the immortal palace phenomenon, he had the Zero Taboo Life Soul . It was unlikely he would die so easily .

While waiting for the sun to set at the garrison, Zhou Wen studied his Zero Taboo Life Soul . After entering White Cloud Mountain’s Jade Emperor Peak and other dimensional zones, he discovered something .

Zero Taboo and Truth Listener’s Evil Nullification were somewhat different . When Evil Nullification was in effect, it could deal with man-made curses . Zero Taboo did little against them . According to Zhou Wen’s judgment, it worked against powers that came from the laws of nature .

For example, White Cloud Mountain’s Jade Emperor Peak, Small Buddha Temple, or Sei Gasakai’s Will Renewal . They were all unreasonable powers . That was just how the laws of nature worked .

Zero Taboo was very useful in this aspect . However, its effects were difficult to distinguish from Evil Nullification . There was some overlap between the two, and Zhou Wen was still studying them . His understanding of Zero Taboo wasn’t thorough enough, so he was still in the guessing phase .

However, Zero Taboo was not truly without any restrictions . It could last for about ten seconds inside White Cloud Mountain’s Jade Emperor Peak . Any longer, the Zero Taboo Life Soul would explode from the pressure .

In Small Buddha Temple, as long as he did not enter the temple hall, Zero Taboo was fine . However, once he entered the temple hall, it could only last for ten seconds .

Although the immortal palace phenomenon was terrifying, Zhou Wen guessed that it wouldn’t have much of an effect on him . Zero Taboo and Evil Nullification were of some use .

After pulling up the balaclava, Zhou Wen looked east . Although the sun and moon weren’t in the sky, it wasn’t too dark since the sun had just set .

As he looked over, he saw a sea of white clouds . Occasionally, a few mountain peaks would appear out of the sea of clouds, like a few black islands in a white sea . The scene was indeed as beautiful as a fairyland .

It’s a pity that no one has the chance to enjoy such beautiful scenery . If it was before the dimensional storms, I’m afraid this place would have been filled with tourists . Zhou Wen suddenly felt that the dimensional storms might not be a bad thing . If there were tourists crowding the place, no matter how beautiful it was, it would be greatly affected .

The immortal palace didn’t appear . Zhou Wen kept track of time and knew that the moon would rise at any moment . He didn’t wear the balaclava and sat there to watch the sea of clouds .

On the mountains above the sea of clouds, he could see some ancient buildings . However, they weren’t places he could go carelessly . Zhou Wen only admired them for the time being .

After waiting for less than two minutes, a crescent moon slowly floated out from the sea of clouds’ horizon . The moonlight was not strong and it was not bright . It was very mild .

Just as Zhou Wen was about to push the Moon Rabbit stone again, a white jade-like immortal palace appeared where the crescent moon rose .

There were pavilions and pagodas, as well as jade halls and shrines . Beautiful and elegant immortal palaces appeared in the clouds, and he could even see fairies flitting about . Faintly, he could even hear singing coming from those immortal palaces .

Immortal palace phenomenon! Zhou Wen was alarmed . The Zero Taboo Life Soul had already lit up his mind . Clearly, it had a reaction to the immortal palace phenomenon .

The intensity of the Zero Taboo’s reaction wasn’t inferior to the Jade Emperor Peak . Zhou Wen took a careful look before closing his eyes and pulling down the balaclava .

The brightened Zero Taboo Life Soul also dimmed .

Thankfully, my theory is correct . Zero Taboo seems to be useful against all taboo powers in a dimensional zone . Zhou Wen recalled the scene of the immortal palace in his mind .

The immortal palace was extremely magnificent, but it didn’t have much value to Zhou Wen . Instead, it was the dancing fairies that gave him some insight .

The Fairy in Dragon Gate Grotto was only at the Epic stage after all . Transcendent Flying Immortal’s attack was only an Epic Essence Energy Skill . Although through Zhou Wen’s constant insight and creativity, it had reached an outstanding level at the Epic stage, it was still inferior to a true godlike skill .

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Having seen the figures of the fairies in the immortal palace, Zhou Wen immediately gained new insights .

Without a doubt, if those fairies really existed, they would all be true Mythical creatures .

Ignoring the fairies’ stances, Zhou Wen extended his hand to push the Moon Rabbit stone just as the moon rose . Although it was still very heavy, it moved slightly with his strength .

Overjoyed, Zhou Wen pushed harder and shoved the Moon Rabbit stone to the side bit by bit . Then, he realized that beneath it was a jade box embedded in the stone’s indentation .

Zhou Wen reached out to take out the jade box, only to find it cold to the touch .

After touching the indentation and confirming that there was nothing else, Zhou Wen pushed the Moon Rabbit stone back .

With the jade box in his arms, Zhou Wen planned on looking at what was inside the box when he returned home . Since he had already obtained it, he wasn’t in a hurry .

As he thought about leaving the mountain, he couldn’t bear it . After some thought, Zhou Wen pulled up the balaclava slightly and looked at the rising moon in the east .

The phenomenon of the immortal palace was still there . Numerous immortal palaces floated above the sea of clouds, looking extremely realistic . It was not something ethereal like a mirage .

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The fairies danced among the immortal palaces . All of them had elegant and graceful postures . They seemed much more profound than the Fairies in Dragon Gate Grotto .

Zero Taboo kept emitting light . It felt like it would shatter in a few more seconds .

Zhou Wen didn’t dare take another look . Just as he was about to close his eyes, he suddenly saw a beautiful fairy fly out from a palace . The moment she appeared, the other fairies immediately paled in comparison . It was as though the halo around them had vanished as they became mere mortal beauties .

Only the fairy who had just appeared deserved being described as an “immortal fairy . ”

Zhou Wen only took a glance and saw numerous crisscrossing cracks appear on the Zero Taboo crystal . Just as it was about to explode, Zhou Wen hurriedly closed his eyes in fright .

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