Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 522

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Chapter 522: Chapter 522 - Change in Ranking

This time, when he closed his eyes, the Zero Taboo crystal didn’t immediately extinguish . It continued emitting light . The cracks on the crystal were still spreading, and it was about to shatter . It left Zhou Wen shuddering in fear .

Thankfully, the crystal didn’t shatter and the light gradually dimmed .

Now, the Zero Taboo crystal was like a glass bead that had been doused in cold water after being heated over a flame . It was full of cracks, looking as if it would shatter at any moment .

Amazing . I only took a glance at her and she nearly blasted apart my Life Soul . If she really exists, I wonder what status she has among Mythical creatures? Zhou Wen could still recall the scene of the fairy dancing in the air . Her figure seemed to contain some profound charms . It was indescribably beautiful and shocking .

Zhou Wen closed his eyes and sat on the Moon Rabbit stone . He carefully recalled the details of the fairy’s figure, hoping to figure out the true secret of Flying Immortal .

Zhou Wen could sense that the fairy’s figure was extremely valuable to his Transcendent Flying Immortal, but after thinking for a long time, he felt that there was something in the way between the two . It made him feel like he was looking at a beauty through a layer of frosted glass . He could see her, but not clearly . He couldn’t help but feel vexed .

He stood up and walked down the mountain . He wanted to have a change of environment and mood; perhaps that way, he might be able to understand what was happening . He would never dare to look at that immortal palace phenomenon again .

After returning to the encampment, Zhou Wen took out the jade box and placed it on the table . After studying it for a while, he opened the lid .

Inside the jade box were dozens of crystals the size of cat eyes . They were of different colors and shapes .

I wonder what attributes these dimensional crystals have? Zhou Wen took out his mysterious phone and snapped them .

It turned out that they were all Epic dimensional crystals . Most of them were crystals of the four basic stats . Only two were Essence Energy Skill Crystals . This left Zhou Wen somewhat disappointed .

He originally believed that The Thearch’s mention of something would be no trifling matter . Although Epic crystals were not bad, they were far inferior to the Mythical crystal from before .

However, on second thought, it made sense . The Thearch told him about these so that he could exchange them for money, so why would she get him to retrieve Mythical crystals that weren’t easily sold?

Epic crystals were the easiest to produce at present . Furthermore, there was a relatively high demand for them . There were at least ten crystals and they all had different attributes . Some were bad, while others were not bad . The best one was a Speed Crystal with 38 stats . It was likely worth quite a bit of money .

Of course, the most valuable ones were the two Essence Energy Skill Crystals . One was the Cloud Crane Crystal, while the other was the Cloud Deer Crystal . Zhou Wen had never seen these two dimensional creatures before, nor did he know what skills they had .

He placed the crystals back into the jade box and picked it up to put into the chaos space .

The dimensional crystals weren’t very warm, but the jade box was as cold as ice . It didn’t seem ordinary .

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Is it possible that this jade box is something good? Zhou Wen held the jade box and began studying it .

The jade box was the color of the moon . It was translucent and he almost could see through it, but it also appeared opaque . It was as if there were clouds within the jade .

After Zhou Wen carefully studied the jade box, he found something amiss .

There were many cloud patterns engraved on the jade box . The patterns were of different shapes and sizes . If one were to look at them with the eyes of an ordinary person, they would be clouds of different shapes and sizes . One would write it off as nothing special .

Even though some people felt that the cloud patterns were special, it was difficult to see the true meaning behind them .

However, after Zhou Wen carefully observed them, he realized that the different types of clouds contained the beauty of a fairy’s figure . Every cloud pattern looked like a fairy . If he hadn’t seen the fairies flying, it would probably be difficult for him to tell the charms of these cloud patterns .

This is really something good . Zhou Wen picked up the jade box and continued studying the cloud patterns . As he looked at them, he compared them with the fairy poses he had seen . His understanding deepened .

While Zhou Wen was studying the cloud patterns, another shocking event happened . The black cube lit up again before another Companion Beast appeared on the ranking .

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The second Companion Beast on the ranking was actually the publicly acknowledged number one Companion Beast, Verbis Diablo Holy Angel .

The Verbis Diablo Holy Angel’s ranking had been ranked by a big organization in the Federation . It was known as the number one pet at the Epic stage . Now that it had taken its place on the cube’s ranking, it actually failed to surpass the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . It was only ranked second .

No one could help but speculate how powerful the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was to be able to suppress the Verbis Diablo Holy Angel . This was truly quite a shock .

In the past few days, there had been no movement . Only Six-Winged had been placed on the list . When the Verbis Diablo Holy Angel entered the rankings, many Companion Beasts sprouted like mushrooms after a rain . They were listed one after another .

On the cube’s screen, various pet creatures constantly appeared . Apart from the angel and dragon, there were also sprites, magical beasts, and other Companion Beasts .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, which was originally in first place, dropped to third place in a day . Eight others ranked after it . A total of eleven Companion Beasts were listed .

Two Companion Beasts ranked ahead of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . The first was Death of the Underworld, while the second was Frost Giant . They were Companion Beasts no one had heard of before .

As for the famous Verbis Diablo Holy Angel, it was ranked dead last among all the Companion Beasts on the list .

This caused a huge wave of discussion across the entire Federation . Only then did many ordinary people realize that the so-called strongest Verbis Diablo Holy Angel was just a bottom-tier existence in the world of truly powerful pets .

The powerful Companion Beasts were enough to make one gasp in excitement . However, at the same time, people were guessing who the extremely powerful Companion Beasts belonged to .

Including Zhou Wen’s Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, there were a total of three dragons that entered the rankings . It could be said that among all the Mythical creatures, they were the most common species .

However, one tidbit was very surprising . All the Companion Beasts that entered the rankings—be they angels, dragons, elemental sprites, or Death—were Companion Beasts from the West and North Districts . They didn’t see any special Companion Beasts from East District and South District on the list .

In fact, all the families that made a move this time came from the West and North Districts . Among them, the Cape family of the West District put in the most work and managed to occupy four ranks in one go .

The East District’s Xia family and Zhang family, and the South District’s Dugu family didn’t have any Companion Beasts appear on the ranking . The four districts seemed to have a completely different attitude towards the rankings .

Zhou Wen didn’t know anything about the change in ranking . Although Zhou Wen declined Old He’s offer to take him back, Old He insisted .

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