Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 523

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Chapter 523: Chapter 523 - Flying Immortal Stance

After returning to school, Zhou Wen heard the students discussing the Companion Beasts on the rankings . Ordinary students suspected that they were Mythical Companion Beasts, but no one had ever seen one .

Zhou Wen also went online to take a look . Many media outlets and individuals had captured the pictures of the Companion Beasts on the cube .

Death of the Underworld looked very strange . He was wearing a gray cloak . Black and blue light filled its insides . He did not have a physical body and looked a little like the legendary Death . However, he did not have a scythe in his hands .

Frost Giant was a giant with a deep blue body . Wherever he went, ice would form on the ground .

The other Companion Beasts were also unique . Angels were holy, sprites were beautiful, and dragons looked about the same . However, for a Companion Beast to be ranked, one could tell that they were extraordinary just from their aura alone .

Unfortunately, only the images of the Companion Beasts were shown on the cube . Their skills weren’t listed .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what the ranking was for, but he quickly lost interest . He picked up his phone and continued grinding Torch Dragon . After his battle with Torch Dragon, Zhou Wen gradually started to use his speed and crystal mirror to block Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World .

Unfortunately, a Sun Beast Companion Egg was a rare drop . If there were two or more crystal mirrors, the success rate of killing Torch Dragon would be much higher .

Zhou Wen thought of many solutions . For example, using a large number of Companion Beasts to shield him, but it was useless . The blood-colored avatar and all the Companion Beasts in front of him were reflected into the vision world .

Apart from the crystal mirror that could reflect, the other Companion Beasts weren’t of much use .

As for using the crystal mirror to block Torch Dragon’s gaze, he needed to grasp the timing and position perfectly, or it would be very difficult to block .

The problem was that Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World wasn’t a skill that could only be used once . Therefore, Zhou Wen needed to defend against it many times in battle . Otherwise, he would die .

As for Demonic Neonate that remained on the blood-colored avatar’s back, she constantly tried to find Torch Dragon’s flaws to attack it . There were a few times when she really found an opportunity . The ancient sword stabbed at Torch Dragon, but it only managed to penetrate a tiny length of the blade . It did not pose much of a threat to Torch Dragon .

As for the blood-colored avatar, it couldn’t survive until Demonic Neonate killed Torch Dragon .

According to Zhou Wen’s calculations, he needed to survive at least three hours in front of Torch Dragon before Demonic Neonate could kill it .

This was the best situation . If the situation didn’t go as smoothly as Zhou Wen expected, it might take even longer .

Zhou Wen’s most pressing problem was to 100% block the Bright Torch Vision World for those few hours . Just one mistake meant immediate death . All his efforts would be in vain .

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After a bitter battle for an hour, the blood-colored avatar was once again killed by Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World . This was the longest time Zhou Wen had lasted .

I can’t make any mistakes, and I have to be absolutely precise . In a high-intensity battle, I have to ensure that I can throw out the crystal mirror with perfect timing and positioning while facing a powerful creature like Torch Dragon . Furthermore, it’s really difficult to judge Torch Dragon’s actions accurately .

Zhou Wen thought about it and realized that it was very difficult for him to boost his success rate . After all, the other party was a Mythical creature stronger than him . It wasn’t that easy to determine its actions and motions .

Since it’s very difficult to improve my judgment, I can only increase my speed and ability to adjust my position . I’ll try my best to prevent Torch Dragon from seeing me .

Therefore, in the following battles, Zhou Wen consciously fused Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill and Transcendent Flying Immortal into the fairy stance he had comprehended, hoping to improve his movement technique to another level .

This wasn’t an easy task . Zhou Wen felt that there was a barrier between the fairy’s stances and his movement techniques . It was very difficult to achieve perfection, and there would be problems when fusing them .

Zhou Wen wasn’t someone who would give up in the face of adversity . He continued researching and improving, especially the beautiful fairy’s stance . Zhou Wen spent a great deal of time comprehending and researching .

At the bureau’s headquarters, there was a lot of information placed in front of Shen Yuchi . It was all about the black cubes and the Companion Beasts on the ranking .

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“Director-General, other than the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, the origins of the other Companion Beasts are almost confirmed,” Qiao Siyuan said .

Shen Yuchi nodded slightly . “Why did those families in the West and North District put their Mythical pets on the rankings? Have you investigated?”

In fact, Shen Yuchi didn’t need to investigate to know which families these Companion Beasts came from . The key was why they wanted to expose their Mythical Companion Beasts to the public .

Before this, every family clan hid their Mythical Companion Beasts, afraid that others would know how many they had . But this time, they actually revealed a portion of them .

Although a number were already known to outsiders, it still felt puzzling .

“According to our investigations, those few families seem to have figured out some of the secrets of the black cube . They know that there would be benefits if they were to be ranked, which is why they made such a move . However, this information has not been verified yet, so we don’t know of its veracity,” Qiao Siyuan answered very conservatively .

“What kind of benefits?” Shen Yuchi knew what Qiao Siyuan was getting at . This news should have come from within those few families, but he couldn’t guarantee that they were using it as a smokescreen .

“From what they say, the Companion Beasts on the ranking might be fancied by terrifying existences in the dimensional zones . There might be benefits, but they aren’t sure if the news is real or not, nor do they know what benefits there will be . ” Qiao Siyuan explained the information he gathered in detail .

After Shen Yuchi heard that, he remained silent .

“Director-General, what should we do?” Qiao Siyuan asked .

“The Zhang family, the Xia family, and the Dugu family didn’t make a move . The West and North Districts only sent some Companion Beasts as a test . It’s not time for us to step forward . Let’s just wait and see for now . ”

After a pause, Shen Yuchi asked again, “How’s the progress of Wang Mingyuan’s students?”

“It’s not going well . Zhou Wen and Hui Haifeng are protected by their families, so it’s very difficult to bring them back . Jiang Yan and Zhong Ziya’s whereabouts are unknown . We’ve been tracking them for so long, but we haven’t been able to catch them . None of Wang Mingyuan’s four students are simple . I think Wang Mingyuan might have other motives for taking them in as his students . It’s not just a coincidence . ”

Qiao Siyuan paused and said, “Besides, the six families aren’t too concerned about this matter now . For some reason, even the Cape family that wanted to capture Zhou Wen the most seem to have forgotten about it . They’re all focused on the rankings . ”

“That’s strange . ” Shen Yuchi pondered over the cause and effect of everything .

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