Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 525

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Chapter 525: Chapter 525 - Official Challenge

Zhou Wen knew that if The Thearch said that there was trouble, there was a high chance that it was real trouble . However, if he always remained subservient to her, there was no room for negotiation in the future .

Zhou Wen didn’t wish to be a puppet that was at the mercy of others . Furthermore, he also wanted to know if his Zero Taboo could withstand The Thearch’s wish powers .

While Zhou Wen became extra careful, he constantly studied the Flying Immortal stance . The Rank 10 Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill and Transcendent Flying Immortal had some improvement, but they had yet to take the final step needed for a breakthrough .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what breaking through an Epic Rank 10 Essence Energy Skill would become . It would be best if he could break through to the Mythical stage, but it clearly wasn’t that easy .

Through his battle with Torch Dragon, Zhou Wen constantly honed himself . It could be said that his posture was very similar to that of a flying immortal, but he was still lacking something . He had yet to reach that realm .

Sometimes, many inventions that shocked the world needed a flash of insight other than continuous experiments . What Zhou Wen lacked now was that glimmer of light in the darkness .

Zhou Wen could now last for more than two hours in the battle with Torch Dragon, but it was useless . Even if he lasted 99% of the time, everything was useless if he didn’t kill Torch Dragon .

Zhou Wen was gaming one day when he suddenly received a call from An Sheng .

“Young Master Wen, there’s something I have to tell you . This matter can only be decided by you . ” An Sheng’s voice was a little solemn . It was different from the usual An Sheng .

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen knew that something that could make An Sheng so serious was definitely not simple . He recalled the trouble The Thearch had mentioned .

“John of the Cape family, do you still remember this person?” An Sheng asked after some thought .

“I remember . He once came to our school,” Zhou Wen answered .

“Yes, it’s because he lost to you and had his Essence Energy sea crippled that he made a request to our An family to have a fair battle with you . Furthermore, he took the initiative to propose a duel in Luoyang,” An Sheng said .

Zhou Wen’s heart skipped a beat . He knew that the trouble The Thearch mentioned was most likely John . He remembered that The Thearch had previously chatted with John online .

“Because the other party has officially proposed a duel and is willing to come to Luoyang alone to challenge you, it’s not appropriate for us to reject him on your behalf . You have to decide on this matter yourself . If you aren’t willing, Young Master Wen, you can reject it,” An Sheng said .

“John’s Essence Energy sea should have been destroyed, right? How did he recover so quickly?” Zhou Wen asked .

“In theory, it shouldn’t have been possible for him to recover so quickly . However, since he dares to challenge you in Luoyang, I’m afraid he has not only recovered, but he should also have improved . ” An Sheng paused for a moment before saying, “From my point of view, I don’t think you need to take the risk to accept the challenge, Young Master Wen . ”

“You think I’ll lose?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . An Sheng should know that he had a Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . It was clearly unusual for him to persuade him not to accept the challenge under such circumstances .

“The Cape family has Mythical creatures as well . On the cube’s ranking, there are four Mythical pets from the Cape family . I suspect that John will be bringing a Mythical Companion Beast with him this time . ” An Sheng shared his thoughts .

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word as An Sheng continued, “Mythical Companion Beasts have their own specialties . It’s very dangerous to rashly accept challenges without knowing what abilities they have . I’ve seen some Mythical creatures before . Their abilities are extremely unreasonable . As long as you get hit, death is certain . There’s nothing you can do about that even if you’re stronger than him . Just like Love Letter, we studied it for years and only attacked it after knowing its various abilities . Otherwise, we would definitely suffer heavy losses . ”

“I understand what you mean, but I want to accept this challenge,” Zhou Wen said after some thought .

From Zhou Wen’s point of view, this wasn’t a battle between him and John, but a secret battle between him and The Thearch .

The Thearch seemed to play both sides, seemingly purposefully but also inadvertently making Zhou Wen rely on her more and more .

Just like the previous few times when she showed her might to him or gave him benefits, she would intentionally or unintentionally show Zhou Wen her strength and invincibility . She would inadvertently create a lofty image, as though Zhou Wen would enjoy endless benefits as long as he remained subservient to her . And if he disobeyed her, he would suffer an irresistible blow .

Although The Thearch hadn’t really harmed Zhou Wen from beginning to end, Zhou Wen could sense that this wasn’t a good thing .

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In the past, the former principal had once said to Zhou Wen that one needed to respect everyone, but one couldn’t let respect turn into reliance . Otherwise, one would lose the possibility of reaching the pinnacle because the person you relied on was your end .

Therefore, Zhou Wen wanted to accept this challenge not because he wanted to defeat John, but because he wanted to break the net that The Thearch had weaved over him . He wanted The Thearch to fail once .

“Alright, since you’ve already decided, I know what to do . I’ll help you choose the location and time . In Luoyang, you won’t be at a disadvantage . No one can use external forces to affect you, but you have to be careful . Don’t underestimate John just because he has lost to you before,” An Sheng said seriously .

“Thank you . ” Zhou Wen felt a sense of warmth in his heart . An Sheng was truly concerned about him . It had been a long time since someone cared for him .

An Sheng hung up the phone and turned to say to An Tianzuo, who was sitting behind his desk, “Overseer, Young Master Wen has decided to accept the challenge . ”

“Indeed, he’s still too young . Since John dares to come to Luoyang alone, he must have made all the necessary preparations . The battle is extremely dangerous, so there’s no need for him to take the risk,” said An Tianzuo .

An Sheng smiled and asked, “Overseer, if it’s you, would you accept or refuse?”

“If I accepted it, that’d be because I have the strength to deal with any situation . ” Although An Tianzuo didn’t give a direct answer, anyone could tell that he would accept it if it were him .

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“I believe Young Master Wen can handle it as well,” An Sheng said .

“I’m just afraid that he will be arrogant and think that he’s invincible after obtaining a Mythical Companion Beast . When that happens, he won’t even know how he died,” sneered An Tianzuo .

It wasn’t An Sheng’s place to say anything else . An Tianzuo paused before saying, “Go and set up the venue . If the empress dowager finds out that he suffered, she’ll probably launch a tirade at me again . ”

“Yes . ” An Sheng accepted the order and left .

Few people knew that John was going to Luoyang to challenge Zhou Wen, but it spread among the six families . The other families found it odd .

It hadn’t been long since John’s Essence Energy sea was crippled, but he had recovered so quickly . He even dared to challenge Zhou Wen in Luoyang . Clearly, this was something unusual . Many families were secretly observing the matter .

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