Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 526

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Chapter 526: Chapter 526 - Figuring Out Flying Immortal

Strangely, the Cape family seemed to have a rather strange reaction towards John challenging Zhou Wen .

After some inquiries from the other families, even they didn’t know why John had challenged Zhou Wen .

“This matter is indeed a little strange . Xuan Yue, spectate the battle . ” Xia Dongyue said to Xia Xuanyue .

“Is it necessary?” Xia Xuanyue asked in doubt .

“Just take it as a vacation . ” Xia Dongyue smiled .

The reactions of the families were somewhat different . After investigations, they discovered that John wasn’t challenging Zhou Wen because of the Cape family’s ploy . It was just John acting as an individual . This reduced the attention on the matter .

Xia Xuanyue packed her stuff and headed to Luoyang .

Ever since she lost her Mythical Companion Beast, Xia Xuanyue hadn’t been doing well . The Xia family had a higher chance of obtaining a Mythical Companion Beast than the average person thanks to the possession of a Mythical Companion Beast .

However, it still wasn’t easy to obtain another Mythical Companion Beast . Even the Xia family needed a lot of investigation time before killing a Mythical creature . They needed to be fully prepared before sending their experts out with their Mythical pets . This typically took months .

And it was uncertain if a Mythical Companion Egg would drop . Even if they obtained a Mythical Companion Egg, with so many people in the Xia family in line for one, it was hard to say when it would be Xia Xuanyue’s turn again .

The incubation of Mythical Companion Beasts was also a huge problem . Wild Mythical Companion Eggs required too much Essence Energy to incubate . Typical Epic humans wouldn’t be able to withstand it . They needed to use some special methods, and the cost was similarly large .

After arriving in Luoyang, before the date of the duel, Xia Xuanyue went to a few famous dimensional zones in Luoyang to take a look . One of them was the famous Dragon Gate Grotto .

Xia Xuanyue proceeded to explore the caves that she could enter . When she arrived at the Lotus Flower Cave, she saw a familiar person battling with the Fairies inside .

It’s him! Xia Xuanyue instantly recognized that the person battling the Fairies was Zhou Wen .

She had a deep impression of Zhou Wen . After all, she had previously stopped Zhou Wen from killing the girl . Her Mythical Companion Beast had mysteriously disappeared after that .

Furthermore, she had come to Luoyang to watch Zhou Wen and John’s duel .

After watching from the side for a while, Xia Xuanyue realized that rather than a battle, Zhou Wen was imitating the Fairy’s actions .

It was obvious that Zhou Wen was much stronger than the Fairy . It wouldn’t be difficult for him to kill her, but he didn’t do so . All he did was use a movement technique similar to the Fairy as he constantly circled around her .

Is he learning the Fairy’s movement technique? Xia Xuanyue watched from the side for a while, and the more she watched, the more confused she became .

Others became better from imitating and practicing . However, Zhou Wen seemed to become worse . His originally elegant movement technique had turned stiffer and stiffer .

Xia Xuanyue had seen too many geniuses who improved from learning, but this was the first time she was seeing someone like Zhou Wen who became worse .

Zhou Wen’s Flying Immortal Stance had always lacked meaning . Since he couldn’t see the scenery of the immortal palace in-game, Zhou Wen decided to come to Lotus Flower Cave to fight the Fairy and directly compare the difference between the Fairy and the Flying Immortal . He wanted to see if he could figure out the reason he couldn’t keep up with it .

Through actual combat, he could see some differences .

The Fairy’s movement techniques were the same as the Flying Immortals Zhou Wen saw . They were both elegant and peerless, like fairies dancing in the clouds . Their stances were also very similar .

The only difference was the intent .

They were both fairies that flew, and Fairies originated from Buddhism . As for Flying Immortals, they were from Daoism . There was a huge gap between their auras, and it could even be said that they were completely different .

When Zhou Wen understood this, he immediately felt enlightened . He knew why he felt that something was amiss . It was normal for him to have a barrier when learning the Daoist’s Flying Immortal stance with a Buddhist foundation .

During his battle with the Fairy, Zhou Wen constantly considered how he could resolve this problem . The more he practiced, the more he realized that the concept of Fairy was completely different from that of a Flying Immortal, maybe even the opposite . If he wanted to master the Flying Immortal Stance, he had to completely change the concept of his movement technique before he could truly master the Flying Immortal stance of Daoism .

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Therefore, while fighting the Fairy, Zhou Wen constantly weakened the similarities between his movement techniques from the Fairy’s, slowly wiping away the concept of the Fairy .

He planned to first master the Flying Immortal Stance before trying to see if he could fuse the two together .

This resulted in the situation that Xia Xuanyue saw . Zhou Wen’s movement technique seemed to be getting worse as he practiced . It left Xia Xuanyue puzzled as to what Zhou Wen was doing .

After watching for a while, Zhou Wen’s movement technique had become terrible . From Xia Xuanyue’s point of view, the movement technique looked showy, but it lacked charm .

However, Xia Xuanyue soon realized that Zhou Wen’s movement technique had changed again . His originally stiff movement technique seemed to become elegant again . However, this grace was different from that of a Fairy .

Strange? It seems to be a Fairy’s movement technique, but why does it feel like the two movement techniques are completely different? Xia Xuanyue could sense a problem .

It was also an extremely elegant movement technique . The movement techniques of a Fairy had a dancing aura, but Zhou Wen’s movement technique looked even more transcendent . It didn’t have the feeling of decadence .

Zhou Wen was also pleasantly surprised . After completely erasing the concept of the Fairy movement technique, he realized that the barrier he had previously felt seemed to have vanished . His movement technique became more and more fluid .

Xia Xuanyue could not help but feel a little surprised . Despite Zhou Wen clearly imitating the Fairy’s movement technique, he was able to cultivate something that was completely different . It was her first time seeing such a person .

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This Zhou Wen is indeed different from the rest . It’s no wonder even a peer like Lance was defeated by him . Xia Xuanyue nodded inwardly .


Zhou Wen didn’t plan on killing the Fairy, all he did was pass by the Fairy and the force from his clothes sliced through her body, causing her to die .

Having lost his opponent, Zhou Wen felt somewhat at a loss . At that moment, he was filled with inspiration and was just about to take another step forward when he suddenly lost his opponent . The inability to unleash his powers made him unable to vent his frustration .

Just as he was about to head to the depths of the cave to look for another Fairy, even if it was a few Fairy Beasts, he suddenly felt a sharp sword intent piercing through the air .

Zhou Wen was alarmed . He had been using the Truth Listener earring all this while, but he hadn’t discovered that a person was here . Although this had something to do with his focus while practicing the Flying Immortal Stance, it also meant that the person was not one to be trifled with .

The sword intent was like a tidal wave . A black-clothed woman used her finger as a sword as she cut through the air . Her figure was like a long beam of light as a cold wind blew .

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