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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 527

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:21:59 AM

Chapter 527: Chapter 527 - Path to Snatching Heaven

Zhou Wen was surprised to see that it was Xia Xuanyue .

The shocking scene of Xia Xuanyue having her ancient sword forcefully snatched by Demonic Neonate remained fresh in his mind .

Could it be that Xia Xuanyue knows that I snatched the ancient sword and specially came to settle scores with me? Zhou Wen originally wanted to explain, but Xia Xuanyue’s sword intent was just too powerful and her movement techniques were too fast . He didn’t even have the chance to explain .

Whether I’m right or wrong, I’ll beat her first . The one with the biggest fist has the final say . Zhou Wen understood the logic and didn’t wish to explain further . He used his newly learned Flying Immortal Stance to fight Xia Xuanyue .

Xia Xuanyue was many times more powerful than the Fairy . She immediately put immense pressure on Zhou Wen . Zhou Wen wasn’t satisfied to begin with . So the pressure made him feel an indescribable joy as he displayed the Flying Immortal Stance he had learned .

Xia Xuanyue’s movement technique was a secret art of the Xia family, named “Path to Snatching Heaven . ” Originally there was no path in the world . Living beings in this world needed to snatch a path from heaven to survive . That was why it had such a strange name as the Path to Snatching Heaven .

“Fighting all living beings for the space for survival means that only one can survive . ” This was the first sentence of the Path to Snatching Heaven . Hence, the Xia family’s Path to Snatching Heaven could be said to be a battle for every inch of land . I’ll walk the path you take, leaving you nowhere to go . Thus, the Path to Snatching Heaven’s “snatching” was fully displayed .

Zhou Wen was initially delighted, but not long after, the carefree feeling vanished without a trace . He felt even more stifled than before .

Xia Xuanyue’s movement techniques were just too domineering . Zhou Wen could only use half his movement techniques most of the time before the subsequent variations were made impossible by Xia Xuanyue . Therefore Zhou Wen had to use another move .

And this was only the beginning . Xia Xuanyue’s movement technique was like a fearless bandit that constantly repressed Zhou Wen, preventing him from completing a single move . Typically, he had no choice but to change his stance midway .

There was no trace of an immortal air in the Flying Immortal’s stance at all . Even that elegant feeling disappeared . The decadence made one uncomfortable just watching it .

If others could feel aggrieved seeing this, Zhou Wen felt even worse .

However, Zhou Wen was the type of person who would take the risk . The more pressure Xia Xuanyue gave him, the more spirited he became . He had to resolve the problem .

The two of them fought silently in the cave . The space available to Zhou Wen was constantly squeezed and reduced . This was the first time he had encountered such a domineering movement technique . He felt like he had nowhere to go .

If it were someone with a weak will, they would probably give up on such a battle and fight Xia Xuanyue with brute force .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t do that . He continued searching for a way to break through Xia Xuanyue’s suppression .

Xia Xuanyue became more and more surprised . Zhou Wen was much younger than her—about ten years . He was about the same age as Xia Bing and company .

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However, Zhou Wen’s determination was far beyond what Xia Bing and company could compare with .

Under her movement technique, even Xia Bing who was well-versed in the Path to Snatching Heaven could only last for a few minutes at most, and her mental fortitude would waver .

However, despite having fought her for so long, Zhou Wen remained highly focused . He constantly tried various methods to compete with her . He didn’t shrink back or risk his life irresponsibly . To be able to maintain such a firm attitude despite being constantly suppressed left Xia Xuanyue somewhat astonished .

It’s no wonder the An family thinks so highly of him . Just this firm willpower alone isn’t something an ordinary person can compare with . Resources can be obtained slowly . Essence Energy Arts, Companion Beasts, and so on can be slowly obtained . However, if a person’s willpower isn’t firm, no matter how many resources they have, it will be very difficult for them to achieve anything . If Zhou Wen doesn’t perish, he will definitely be a candidate to become a Mythical . Xia Xuanyue marveled inwardly .

Under Xia Xuanyue’s suppression, Zhou Wen’s Flying Immortal Stance constantly improved, becoming more and more otherworldly .

His heart calmed down as the pressure Xia Xuanyue exerted on him decreased .

When Xia Xuanyue saw that her Path to Snatching Heaven’s pressure on Zhou Wen was reducing, she raised the strength of her sword technique, instantly pressurizing Zhou Wen .

However, this pressure didn’t last long . Zhou Wen gradually stabilized the situation . His movement technique was becoming more and more extraordinary . It had the feeling of him ascending to the heavens, completely different from the previous Fairy movement technique .

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Xia Xuanyue’s expression turned serious too . Xia Xuanyue, who had not used her Life Soul, started using her Life Soul .

A vertical eye appeared between her eyebrows . The eye did not have a pupil, but it was as clean as a mirror .

The moment Xia Xuanyue’s Life Soul appeared, Zhou Wen, who had stabilized the situation, was at a disadvantage .

This time, Zhou Wen felt like he was lacking in strength . No matter how he changed his movement technique or how perfectly he used the Flying Immortal Stance, he was still firmly suppressed by Xia Xuanyue .

The sword and person sent Zhou Wen into a repeated retreat . Even his path of retreat was sealed . It made Zhou Wen feel like he was trapped in a battle of beasts .

No… It still doesn’t work… Zhou Wen realized that no matter how he changed his movement technique, Xia Xuanyue seemed to be able to predict his movements and seal off all possibilities . It made Zhou Wen feel like a bird in a cage, or like a monkey in Buddha’s palm . He couldn’t escape no matter what .

This pressure was different from fighting a powerful Mythical creature . In his battle against a Mythical creature, he knew he was no match for it, so he could only do his best .

However, when facing Xia Xuanyue, he clearly felt that his strength was not any weaker than hers, but he felt as though he was restricted in every manner . It was as though countless invisible threads bound him, making it impossible for him to unleash his strength .

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This sort of stifling feeling was worse than not having the ability to fight .

The Slaughterer Life Soul boosted Zhou Wen’s strength and speed, but it still wasn’t enough to break through Xia Xuanyue’s attacks . After repeatedly retreating, Zhou Wen was forced deep into the cave . Behind him was a stone wall, and there was more room for retreat .

Xia Xuanyue’s suppression continued . Even Xia Xuanyue had no choice but to admit that even among her peers, there weren’t many who could last so long under her sword .

This wasn’t a matter of strength, but the pressure one felt . It was very easy for others to give up on themselves and put their lives on the line .

And in a true battle between experts, every single move needed to be calculated . The so-called burst of strength and desperation never existed . The more impulsive one was, the more flaws one revealed—it made it easier to die .

Under extreme circumstances, the best solution was not to risk his life but to calm themselves down . Even when one was bleeding and injured, one had to constantly keep calm and think of a way to solve the problem . That was the only way out .

Under such pressure, Zhou Wen had already pushed the Flying Immortal Stance to its limits, but he was still unable to match up to Xia Xuanyue . This made him involuntarily think of the female immortal who had torn out of the door .

Perhaps only such a movement technique can break through the opponent’s suppression . Zhou Wen’s eyes burned as countless thoughts flashed through his mind .

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