Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 528

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Chapter 528: Chapter 528 - Wanting to Win

The image of the Fairy tearing out of the entrance had been replayed countless times in Zhou Wen’s mind . It wasn’t difficult to imitate the Fairy’s stance, but it was difficult for him to understand the insights and profundity within .

Through his understanding of the Flying Immortal Stance, Zhou Wen had gained some understanding of the fairy who tore out of the entrance . However, he didn’t know what effects these insights might have .

However, he was already in a desperate situation . Zhou Wen couldn’t care less . At the instant Xia Xuanyue’s Sword Technique sealed off all his escape routes, he used Transcendent Flying Immortal .

This Transcendent Flying Immortal technique was completely different from the previous Transcendent Flying Immortal . Although the moves were the same, the concept was completely different .

In the past, Transcendent Flying Immortal was extremely domineering, but now, it had a free and unrestrained feeling that transcended the mortal world . If one had to use a single word to describe it, Zhou Wen felt that this was what a true “immortal” was . Immortals in the traditional view of East District definitely weren’t overbearing in a peerless manner .

Immortals and deities were two completely different concepts . The power represented by deities made them revered by others because of the authority they had in certain aspects; therefore, deities were rulers .

The Chinese character for ‘immortal’ was the word ‘human’ and ‘mountain’ combined . The original meaning was about people seeking transcendence in the mortals . Immortality was simply a pursuit, a form of growth . From a certain perspective, one could even say that they were completely different from the deities who represented power .

Previously, Transcendent Flying Immortal was overly domineering and was closer to a deity . Now, the Transcendent Flying Immortal that Zhou Wen was using had the air of an immortal .

Xia Xuanyue’s Life Soul was known as Catoptric Eyes . It could allow her to enter an extraordinary ethereal state . Under that ethereal state, not only could she strengthen her physique, but it could also allow her to possess the power of clairvoyance . Although she could not really see the future, she could foresee her opponent’s actions, but it was not 100% accurate .

Relying on the power of the Catoptric Eyes and the Path to Snatching Heaven, coupled with her outstanding sword techniques, Xia Xuanyue was a rather terrifying person in her generation . Some even believed that she could be compared to An Tianzuo, who was about the same age .

In fact, even amongst the older generation, there weren’t many who could match Xia Xuanyue, let alone her peers .

Xia Xuanyue had already pushed Zhou Wen to a corner and was just about to stop . She wasn’t really planning on fighting a life and death battle with Zhou Wen to begin with . She only felt that Zhou Wen desired more opportunities to use his movement technique . She also wanted to see how far he could go with it . Therefore, she took the initiative to be Zhou Wen’s sparring partner to force him to showcase his movement technique .

Zhou Wen’s performance had already surprised her . His movement technique was already comparable to the top movement techniques of the six families, but that was all .

Being able to match a top-notch movement technique didn’t mean that he could match a top-notch person . In fact, Zhou Wen’s movement technique wasn’t her match .

Just as she was about to stop, Xia Xuanyue’s pupils constricted . This was because her Catoptric Eyes suddenly seemed to lose their effect, preventing her from deducing Zhou Wen’s trajectory .

The Catoptric Eyes weren’t just having bouts of clairvoyance for no reason . An illusion that reflected in her eye constantly predicted her opponent’s reactions, allowing Xia Xuanyue to know what the opponent might do next so that she could be prepared in advance or deal with them in a targeted manner .

The deduction was extremely fast, just like a computer processing data . Feedback would appear in Xia Xuanyue’s mind in an instant . There was no need for complicated thoughts, as they could be synchronized with the battle .

However, the present situation was different . The Catoptric Eyes were unable to deduce Zhou Wen’s subsequent reactions . Or rather, there were too many subsequent reactions, so they were pointless as a reference .

Just like a person walking on a three-pronged road without considering the path they came from, Xia Xuanyue could easily determine which path the person would choose from the two paths . The chance of determining the correct path was very high, and it was also very easy to prepare for it . At most, she could make preparations for both paths .

But now, Zhou Wen seemed to be standing at a bustling fork with at least a hundred forks . Even if her Catoptric Eyes could deduce all the possibilities, it was meaningless . It would be impossible for Xia Xuanyue to seal off so many subsequent challenges .

The present Zhou Wen gave Xia Xuanyue such a feeling . His movement techniques appeared unpredictable, and even Xia Xuanyue couldn’t predict his trajectory .

At that moment, the boundary between the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Art and the Transcendent Flying Immortal began to blur . There was no longer any difference between movement techniques and attack moves . It could be unleashed as he wished, but it possessed an unfathomable profundity .


Xia Xuanyue could only use that word to describe Zhou Wen’s movement technique . Regardless of how domineering her sword techniques and Path to Snatching Heaven were, they didn’t seem to pose a threat to him .

And Zhou Wen’s casual actions made Xia Xuanyue feel immense pressure . Wherever his clothes passed, cracks would appear in the void .

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Xia Xuanyue realized that she couldn’t keep up with Zhou Wen’s speed .

She couldn’t help but turn serious . She treated Zhou Wen as an equal, not like before when she only wanted to see what Zhou Wen could accomplish .

Xia Xuanyue’s movement technique was domineering and Zhou Wen’s movement technique was elegant . The two completely different movement techniques constantly clashed, benefiting Zhou Wen and Xia Xuanyue greatly .

In terms of talent, Xia Xuanyue was not weaker than anyone else . Not many people in the Xia Clan could master the Path to Snatching Heaven, and Xia Xuanyue had gained basic mastery when she was just twelve .

But at her current level, be it her Path to Snatching Heaven movement technique or her own level or realm, she had reached a bottleneck .

To advance to the Mythical stage from the Epic stage was as difficult as ascending to the heavens . It was already difficult enough to nurture a Mythical pet . It required large amounts of resources, but for humans to advance to the Mythical stage on their own, it was hundreds or thousands of times more difficult than nurturing a Mythical pet .

There were many members of the six families with resources and talent, but in all these years, how many people could truly advance to the Mythical stage?

With a perfect Life Soul, unparalleled movement and sword techniques, and a Mythical pet, Xia Xuanyue, who wasn’t even thirty years old, was already standing at the pinnacle of the human race .

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It’s lonely at the top . In Xia Xuanyue’s eyes, it was not a compliment, but a sense of sorrow . She had no path to herself .

Therefore, even when she lost her Mythical Companion Beast, Xia Xuanyue didn’t think too much about it . This was because she was always stuck . Even if she waited for a few years for a Mythical Companion Beast, things would still be the same . It didn’t make much of a difference to her .

However, today’s battle with Zhou Wen had stirred up her long-awaited desire for victory and a breakthrough . Even her long-tired thoughts seemed to become active .

Victory had become a matter of course in the past few years, not a pursuit . However, Xia Xuanyue was trying to win now .

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