Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 529

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Chapter 529: Chapter 529 - John“s Arrival

With the sword and body combined, Xia Xuanyue fused her sword techniques and movement techniques into one, no longer separating them from each other . The body was the sword, and the sword was the body . Only then could she resist Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal .

The two of them gradually realized that although their movement techniques looked completely different and were even diametrically opposite, they also seemed to complement each other .

The Path to Snatching Heaven was created on the principle of human strength and the concept of taking fate into one’s hands . As for Zhou Wen’s concept of immortal, it was also a product of human pursuit for transcendence .

However, one was to conquer nature while the other was to return to nature . It could be said that the same pursuit had led to two completely different paths .

In a battle between two techniques, it was difficult to determine who was better . No one could gain the upper hand .

Both of them were pursuing a breakthrough and wanted to suppress each other . However, with every bit of insight they gained, they found their opponents were stronger than before . No matter how hard they tried, they could not defeat the other .

This was the first time they had encountered such a tenacious opponent . Each of them racked their brains, pushed themselves to the limits, and constantly gained revelations and countermeasures .

The two figures in the Lotus Flower Cave constantly intersected like two streams of light . Wherever the streams of light went, forces such as saber beams and sword beams followed . Just the force produced by the fluttering of clothes could easily cut through rocks, leaving behind marks like sword slashes .

Wherever the two of them went, the Fairy Beasts and Fairies were torn apart by the blade beams . The surrounding rocks also shattered, and the Lotus Flower Cave was battle-scarred .

Zhou Wen had already grasped the concept of the fairy who tore through the entrance . He could perfectly match it with Transcendent Flying Immortal, but he had ultimately failed to defeat Xia Xuanyue . He couldn’t help but wonder…

I wonder if it’ll work if I fuse the two different concepts of Fairy and Flying Immortal into Transcendent Flying Immortal! Zhou Wen thought to himself .

This was definitely a crazy and bold idea . The moves were the same, but the concepts were different . It might not be impossible .

Zhou Wen’s mind was constantly bubbling as he waited for the opportunity .

Xia Xuanyue was also pondering . The Xia family was originally an ancient family in the East District . Before the dimensional storms, they had a deep cultural heritage .

Therefore, after the dimensional storms, the Xia family received Essence Energy Arts early . There were even many Essence Energy Arts and techniques that the Xia family had learned from ancient culture .

The Path to Snatching Heaven was an example . Many of the Xia family’s Essence Energy Arts were the same . Outsiders only believed that the Xia family was powerful because it had produced one of the Six Federation Heroes .

However, they didn’t know that even without the Xia family’s hero, they wouldn’t be any weaker .

Therefore, the Xia family had the confidence to abandon the famous Invincible Connate Divine Art . This was because even without the Invincible Connate Divine Art, the Essence Energy Art that the Xia family possessed was enough to make them stand tall in the world of experts .

The Essence Energy Art that Xia Xuanyue cultivated was one of the Essence Energy Arts that the Xia family had learned in ancient culture . It was called the “Great Emperor Sutra . ”

However, as it was derived from ancient culture, it wasn’t as complete as a ready-made Essence Energy Art . After generations of the Xia family researched and improved it, the Great Emperor Sutra was completed in Xia Xuanyue’s generation, with the Mortal, Legendary, and Epic stage done .

However, after reaching the Epic stage, no one knew how to proceed . The Great Emperor Sutra did not have any subsequent followup, so they had to rely on themselves to figure things out .

Xia Xuanyue had been studying the Great Emperor Sutra, but her improvement was limited . In the past couple of years, she had completely stopped progressing . Even though she had read a lot of ancient books, trying to find a direction for a breakthrough through was minuscule .

However, the battle with Zhou Wen gave Xia Xuanyue new ideas .

How difficult is it to snatch paths from the Heavens? As the leader of the human race, the Emperor is the one who will face Heaven’s Path most directly… A thought was sprouting in Xia Xuanyue’s mind .

The two figures continued to clash . Suddenly, the two of them seemed to come to a tacit understanding and simultaneously withdrew from the battle . Both of them stood at the end of the cave and stared at their opponent . There seemed to be a strange energy brewing within their bodies, like the calm before the storm .

They were in one of the dimensionalized Lotus Flower Caves . On top of the cave was an intricate lotus flower pattern, and there was even a Fairy flying around it .

As the two of them stood in silence, a distorted space suddenly appeared in the middle of the lotus flower pattern . A creature emerged from the lotus flower, appearing right in the middle of the two of them .

It was a Fairy . When the Fairy appeared, a terrifying power suddenly erupted from within the cave .

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In an instant, the Fairy seemed to be sliced apart by countless sword beams, turning into fragments . Zhou Wen and Xia Xuanyue’s auras were also stirred as they moved involuntarily .

Zhou Wen’s body went from extreme stillness to extreme movement as he instantly streaked across the void . He looked elegant and graceful, but it made it impossible for anyone to react .

Despite being visible to the naked eye, one’s brain was unable to fire the order to react . One could only watch as the figure flitted away . The despair was enough to destroy a person’s soul .

However, not only did Xia Xuanyue react, but she also took a step forward . The sword intent on her seemed to shatter the heavens . With unparalleled conviction, she faced Zhou Wen’s terrifying strike .

Blood bloomed like flowers!

Xia Xuanyue’s finger stopped at Zhou Wen’s glabella . As for Zhou Wen’s finger, it was stuck to Xia Xuanyue’s swan-like neck . Drops of blood slid down their fingers .

John had come to Luoyang again . This was not his first time here, but his mood was completely different from the last time he came .

Zhou Wen, it’s time for you to pay the price for your actions . John walked on Luoyang’s streets . His handsome angel-like face attracted the attention of the passers-by .

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There were many handsome men, but they had never seen anyone as handsome as John .

However, John was completely different from the princely gentleman he used to be . There was no expression on his face, and he was as perfect as a sculpture . His every move was elegant and dignified .

“Mr . John, welcome to Luoyang . ” An Sheng stood in front of the car and greeted John with a smile .

Although he wasn’t as handsome as John, for some reason he didn’t seem to pale in comparison when standing in front of him .

Two girls who stood on the street opposite them were momentarily lost as to who was more charming .

“Where’s Zhou Wen?” John looked at An Sheng and asked coldly . It was as though he held zero concern about anyone apart from Zhou Wen .

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