Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

Who are these people? Since they were pursuing Jing Daoxian, it makes them either League civil servants or soldiers . But why would they drive a car to knock over an ordinary League citizen?

Zhou Wen secretly frowned as he thought, I didn’t have any relationship with Jing Daoxian . Could it be that those people know that Jing Daoxian gave me the Lost Immortal Sutra and have treated me as his accomplice?

The more he thought about the matter, the more he found it serious . From the actions the woman had taken, those people wouldn’t stop at anything .

Without managing to buy his items, Zhou Wen directly turned back and gave Li Xuan a call .

“Zhou Wen, how rare it is for you to call me,” Li Xuan teased . The phone call was affected by the noisy din—a result of loud music and shouting .

“Find somewhere quiet . I have something to say to you,” Zhou Wen said .

“Wait a moment . Don’t hang up . ” After a while, the phone turned silent . Li Xuan’s voice then sounded . “You can tell me what’s up now . ”

“Is there a way for me to be matriculated now?” After racking his brains, Zhou Wen believed that matriculating was the only viable solution .

After the dimensional storms, the institute was different from the universities of the past . It was especially so with Sunset College . It had close ties and history with the military and was considered a ministry department . In a law-by-law situation, it was impossible for one to enter Sunset College to apprehend someone .

Sunset College was a partially-restricted school . As long as he didn’t leave campus, outsiders were unable to drive into him like today .

Furthermore, with the other party being so fearless, he believed that there was a chance of implicating Li Xuan if he continued to stay at his place .

“No problem . I’ll settle it immediately . Can you tell me what happened? Just pretend I didn’t ask if you can’t . ”

Zhou Wen had no intention of hiding the matter as he explained all that had happened, apart from his conversation with Jing Daoxian and how the Lost Immortal Sutra had been forced on him .

“Holy sh*t, you actually met Jing Daoxian?” Li Xuan exclaimed .

“I wish I had never met him . I’ve attracted so much trouble simply from meeting him once,” Zhou Wen said with a bitter smile .

Li Xuan pondered for a moment before saying solemnly, “Wait at home for me . I’ll head back immediately . It’s best we don’t talk about certain topics over the phone . ”

After hanging up, Zhou Wen returned to Li Xuan’s place and waited for him to return .

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“If my guess isn’t wrong, the woman who was pursuing Jing Daoxian, and attempted to run you over in the car, likely comes from the Special Inspector Bureau . ”

“What department is the Special Inspector Bureau? Does it come under the military or the police?” Zhou Wen had never heard of such a department .

“Neither,” Li Xuan said with a shake of his head . “This department specializes in special cases . It has great authority and autonomy, so they often carry out operations that do not come under the legal process . It can almost be described as unscrupulous . It does many sordid things that get covered up . There’s a lot of disagreement regarding the existence of this department in the League with many people hating it . They call the people in the department hyenas . ”

Zhou Wen wore a heavy look . From the name ‘hyenas,’ he knew what kind of people this department comprised of .

Hyenas were the most scheming, filthy, dirty animals in the natural world . To achieve their goal, they did anything, not releasing their grip once they bit down hard . Furthermore, they always appeared in packs .

“It’s a good idea to matriculate early . Although the Special Inspector Bureau has great authority, they are unable to flout the law openly . They can only covertly do certain deeds . It won’t be easy for them to deal with you when you stay on campus . However, there’s a need to resolve this matter ultimately . Otherwise, they will keep biting down on you and something bad will ultimately come out of it . ”

Li Xuan thought before continuing, “Stay on campus now . I’ll discuss it with my father . He should be able to find people from the Special Inspector Bureau to figure out why they are targeting you . If it’s nothing too serious, we can try to think of means to resolve this matter once and for all . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t reject Li Xuan’s offer for help, but he didn’t place all his hopes on him .

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Strength . I need greater strength . If I was as powerful as Jing Daoxian, would I be afraid of a mere Special Inspector Bureau? A cold glint flashed in Zhou Wen’s eyes .

He could sense that the woman didn’t want his life . However, the outrageous attempt to run him over was something he wouldn’t forgive even if the Special Inspector Bureau were to close the case .

Li Xuan quickly finished the matriculation procedure . He claimed that since he had nothing better to do at home, he decided to matriculate early with Zhou Wen .

However, Li Xuan wore an odd expression when he told Zhou Wen about the matter . “I originally wanted to pull strings so that we could get allocated to the same dorm . But the school’s side said that your dorm has already been assigned—Four Seasons Garden . ”

“Is there something wrong with Four Seasons Garden?” Zhou Wen had guessed that it was the dorm that Ouyang Lan was referring to . However, he had no idea why Li Xuan wore such an odd expression .

“Four Seasons Garden is a place where special admissions students live . They are quite different from the typical student . You were admitted just like me and not a special admit, so why were you allocated Four Seasons Garden?” Li Xuan chuckled . “From the looks of it, you have quite an extraordinary relationship with the An family . Can you help me get one at Four Seasons Garden?”

“If you wish to live there, can’t you just live with me? But, how are you certain that it has to do with the An family?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

“Don’t tell me you aren’t aware? Sunset College was originally spearheaded and established by the An family . Although it’s a public school in name, the An family has greater say than the League President inside Sunset College . ”

“Really?” Zhou Wen never expected that Sunset College had such a connection with the An family .

“You actually weren’t aware? Then what relationship do you have with the Ans?” Li Xuan looked at Zhou Wen with a suspicious look . If Zhou Wen really had a close relationship with them, how was it that he didn’t know about it?

Feeling that there was no point in hiding this matter from Li Xuan, Zhou Wen said, “Zhou Lingfeng is my father . ”

Pfft! Li Xuan spewed out all the water that he had just drunk as he widened his eyes and looked at Zhou Wen . “You are Zhou Lingfeng’s son? That makes Overseer An your stepmother . An Jing and An Tianzuo are your step-siblings? Holy sh*t, you have a huge backer with the An family or Overseer An . Why are you afraid of the Special Inspector Bureau? Once you live with the An family, even if the minister of the Special Inspector Bureau were to come, he wouldn’t even dare touch you . ”

“That’s them . I’m me . My surname isn’t An, so we aren’t considered family . I only wish to coexist with them peacefully . It’s best if we each mind our own business . ”

“You’re too stubborn . If I were you, I’d wheedle my way into Ouyang Lan’s good books . When that happens, I’d have whatever I want,” Li Xuan joked .

“However, Four Seasons Garden is nice too . It will be difficult for the Special Inspector Bureau to deal with you if you were to live there,” Li Xuan said, feeling relaxed .