Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 530

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Chapter 530: Chapter 530 - Divine Skill

Zhou Wen returned to his dorm and looked at the blood-colored avatar’s information with his mysterious phone . He had a smile that appeared as though he had hit the lottery .

Transcendent Flying Immortal: Mythical

Just one word made Zhou Wen feel sweet inside and out . The Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill he had learned previously had vanished, leaving behind only one Transcendent Flying Immortal skill .

Furthermore, this skill didn’t have any rank . What was even more strange was that there wasn’t any Essence Energy consumption .

However, Zhou Wen soon understood why Transcendent Flying Immortal didn’t have any Essence Energy expenditure . This was because he could use it as he wished . He could freely control how much Essence Energy he expended, so there was naturally no limit to it .

If only advancing to the Mythical stage could be as simple as that, Zhou Wen thought greedily .

Unfortunately, his Life Soul hadn’t advanced to the Perfect stage yet . It was too early to think about the Mythical stage . His most important Life Soul, Slaughterer, was still in its Primordial Body form and had yet to advance .

Regardless, having a divine skill raises my strength greatly . If I can train all my skills to a divine level, I’ll be really impressive . Zhou Wen tried some other skills and realized that it would be difficult for him to train his skills to Rank 10, much less advance to a Mythical level .

In fact, although a divine skill was much easier than advancing to the Mythical stage, not everyone could comprehend a divine skill at the Epic stage .

The reason Zhou Wen was able to comprehend it was partly because of his talent and partly because he had sufficient resources . If he didn’t have so many foundation skills or hadn’t watched the phenomenon of the fairy tearing out of the entrance, it would be impossible for him to advance to the Mythical level .

Another important reason was that his opponent was powerful enough . Moreover, his opponent’s technique was a perfect match for his Transcendent Flying Immortal . Both sides had gained new insights before he advanced to the Mythical level .

Zhou Wen guessed that Xia Xuanyue’s move had probably advanced to the Mythical level as well . However, she didn’t have the mysterious phone to read the information about herself . Even so, she likely knew deep down what had happened .

The heritage of the six families is truly terrifying . Just any random woman has such capabilities . Zhou Wen increasingly felt that the six families had a strong foundation .

However, he was thinking too much . Xia Xuanyue was a top expert among the six families . They weren’t as common as Zhou Wen imagined .

Just as he was admiring his divine skill, his phone suddenly rang . It was An Sheng .

“Young Master Wen, John has arrived in Luoyang . He came alone . He didn’t bring a single person from the Cape family,” An Sheng said .

Zhou Wen knew that An Sheng meant that since John had dared to come to Luoyang alone, he definitely wasn’t completely unprepared . He was also reminding Zhou Wen to be careful .

How could An Sheng know that Zhou Wen was more careful than he imagined? This was because Zhou Wen knew that he wasn’t only facing John, but also the terrifying Thearch .

“Where’s the battle location? What time is it?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Tomorrow . It’ll be held in the city’s arena . The venue has been set up . We definitely won’t let any external forces affect your battle with John . You can rest assured about this . We’ve even invited the Zhang family and the Xia family to watch the battle as witnesses to prevent the Cape family from making an issue afterward . People from the Dugu family will also come, but they haven’t arrived yet . They may appear tomorrow . ” An Sheng explained the general situation .

“Ah Sheng, have you met John? Do you feel that he’s different from before?” When Zhou Wen asked this question, he was thinking about the words The Thearch had accidentally sent him .

“He’s indeed a little different . He looks very confident and his aura is very strong . It’s far from the standard of a Legendary . This person is definitely not simple,” An Sheng said .

“Nothing else?” Zhou Wen asked .

“What else?” An Sheng didn’t know what Zhou Wen was referring to .

“Do you feel that John’s looks, temper, or voice are different from before?” Zhou Wen didn’t know how to put it .

“His temper could be a little different from before . He looks cold, as though he doesn’t care about anything . He’s like a high and mighty god . The way he looks at us is like looking at ants,” An Sheng said after some thought .

“It’s not that . Let’s put it this way . Don’t you feel that he’s a little effeminate?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“Not really,” An Sheng said after some thought .

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Zhou Wen thought, Could it be that The Thearch’s message wasn’t sent to John?

An Sheng said that he would pick Zhou Wen up tomorrow . He told him to make preparations for battle .

The biggest arena in Luoyang was mainly used for Companion Beasts to battle . It was mostly a performance-type battle, but the military had sealed the arena today . Only a few people who were invited could enter the arena .

Xia Xuanyue was among the crowd . As soon as she entered the arena, she saw a man with a sword on his back standing in front of the guardrail of the arena .

Dugu Ge? Xia Xuanyue was slightly surprised to see the man . She never expected him to come to Luoyang .

Dugu Ge was slightly older than Xia Xuanyue and An Tianzuo by a few years . He had just reached his thirties and Xia Xuanyue had always heard about this legend .

Among the six families, Dugu Ge had a very special nickname: “The only man in the Dugu family who doesn’t cower . ”

It wasn’t that the men of the Dugu family were really cowardly . However, they specialized in movement techniques, so when others fought with the Dugu family, they couldn’t even touch their bodies . It was extremely depressing and humbling, which was why they mocked the Dugu family for being cowardly .

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In such a family clan, Dugu Ge was quite different . He didn’t use his movement techniques to win battles . When he was out traveling, he had defeated the six families and made them accept the loss wholeheartedly . Among those around the same age as Dugu Ge, no one could beat him .

Unfortunately, Dugu Ge was a little older than them and didn’t join the battle between An Tianzuo and the six families’ younger generation . The six families believed that Dugu Ge was definitely no weaker than An Tianzuo and might even be stronger .

Back when Dugu Ge went to the Xia family to challenge them, Xia Xuanyue was only ten years old . However, she had a deep impression of him because even her cousin, whom she had idolized since she was young, was unable to defeat Dugu Ge .

In recent years, she had rarely heard of Dugu Ge . She heard that he spent time conquering a large dimensional zone in the South District . She never expected to see him here .

“I remember you . You’re Loser’s sister, right?” Dugu Ge looked at Xia Xuanyue and recalled .

“My brother’s name is Xia Liuchuan, not Loser . ” Xia Xuanyue said in a depressed tone .

“It’s all the same . ” Dugu Ge said that and turned to look at the arena . He saw a handsome man standing in the arena .

“That young man from the Cape’s family is very scary,” Dugu Ge said to Xia Xuanyue .

Xia Xuanyue was slightly surprised . She didn’t expect Dugu Ge to have such a high opinion of John . It was truly terrifying for Dugu Ge to say the word ‘scary’ .

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