Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 531

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Chapter 531: Chapter 531 - Inside the Cocoon

Xia Xuanyue could not help but look at John . Although he used to have the title of Saint, titles were just a joke in the six families .

Ignoring Xia Xuanyue’s generation, even amongst John’s peers, there was also a freak like Lance . John paled in comparison .

Now that John had actually been praised by Dugu Ge, Xia Xuanyue could not help but take a closer look at him .

John stood in the arena like an ancient Greek statue . Despite just standing there, he gave off a beautiful, holy feeling . His aura was indeed very strong, making him likely to be at the Epic stage . However, Xia Xuanyue did not know what horror Dugu Ge was referring to .

“Why do you say that?” Xia Xuanyue walked up to Dugu Ge and asked curiously .

“He has a special power,” Dugu Ge said as he looked at John .

“Special?” Xia Xuanyue did not understand what Dugu Ge meant by special .

Many Essence Energy Arts, Essence Energy Skills, Pets, Life Providences, and Life Souls could be called special powers . This description was just too general .

Dugu Ge said, “I entered a dimensional zone with Loser . In that dimensional zone, I found a black cocoon . Did he tell you about it?”

“No, but I’ve heard of such cocoons . The six families have similar records . There will be similar cocoons in certain mysterious dimensional zones . However, there will be powerful Mythical creatures nearby . No one knows what’s inside the cocoons . Most people have guessed that they might be the descendants of Mythical creatures,” said Xia Xuanyue .

“No, they are definitely not the descendants of ordinary Mythical creatures . Back then, Loser and I cracked a black cocoon and saw the creature inside . It was completely different from the Mythical creature that protected it . It was an even more terrifying existence,” Dugu Ge said as his gaze landed on John . He said affirmatively, “There’s a similar aura on John, but it’s not quite the same . ”

“What kind of creature is it? Why has my brother never mentioned it?” Xia Xuanyue asked .

“I don’t know . We originally thought that with our strength and Mythical pets, it wouldn’t be difficult for us to take the black cocoon even if we couldn’t defeat the Mythical creature guarding it . In the end, we used all our strength and only managed to crack open a tiny hole . We were nearly killed by the creature outside the black cocoon . As for the creature inside the black cocoon, it just waved its hand,” Dugu Ge paused before continuing, “and Loser suffered serious injuries . You can say that we barely escaped death . He recuperated at my house for nearly six months before he recovered . ”

“I remember now . A year ago, my brother went to the South District . He said that he would be traveling for a month or two, but he only came back after almost a year . It should be that time, right?” Xia Xuanyue paused for a moment before continuing, “Ever since he came back, my brother seems to have changed . He’s checking up on documents every day as if he’s researching something . He’s acting mysteriously . When I ask him, he doesn’t tell me what he’s studying . ”

“It was probably then . Anyone who has seen such a terrifying creature would not be indifferent . However, it was too dangerous . He probably didn’t want you to worry and was afraid that you would stop him from going again . That’s why he didn’t tell you,” said Dugu Ge .

“You’re saying that John has the aura of that kind of creature?” Xia Xuanyue looked at John with a strange expression .

“Yes, but it’s different . I’m not sure if it’s the same aura,” Dugu Ge said .

“What are you talking about?” A voice came from behind . A long-haired man in a robe walked over .

The man looked ordinary, but his eyes were exceptionally good-looking . They weren’t considered big, nor were they double eyelids, but the contours were especially aesthetic .

“Zhang Chunqiu, why are you willing to come out?” Dugu Ge looked at the man in surprise .

Dugu Ge hadn’t lost when he challenged the young scions of the six families years ago . However, there were also people who could fight him to a draw . Zhang Chunqiu was one of them .

In that era, the geniuses of the six families were numerous . They were known as the Golden Generation . Perhaps that generation had used up all the luck of the six families, and with four to five years as a demarcation line, the number of outstanding people who were born after that was few and far between . When it came to John’s generation, only Lance was outstanding, while the others were lacking .

On the contrary, amazing geniuses outside of the six great family clans appeared .

“The An family requested our Zhang family to bear witness, so I came . ” Zhang Chunqiu walked to Dugu Ge’s side and sat down in the spectator stand .

“Over such a small event, you came instead of Zhang Xiao?” Dugu Ge didn’t believe it .

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“The world hasn’t been peaceful recently, and the Fiend Tomb has been stirring . With the appearance of the black cubes, I feel like something big is about to happen, so I came out to take a look,” Zhang Chunqiu said .

“Something happened with the Fiend Tomb?” Dugu Ge and Xia Xuanyue were shocked .

They knew that the Zhang family had been guarding the Fiend Tomb for years . Many generations of people had ended up being buried there, which was why the creatures in the Fiend Tomb were unable to cause trouble in the human world .

If something really happened to the Fiend Tomb, the Zhang family would definitely be affected .

“It’s temporarily stabilized, so I can come out for a walk . ” Zhang Chunqiu’s gaze landed on John, and his eyes narrowed slightly . “This John has something interesting about him . ”

“You can tell, too?” Dugu Ge sat down beside Zhang Chunqiu .

Xia Xuanyue also sat down . Compared to Zhang Chunqiu and Dugu Ge’s generation, her talent and strength were not inferior . However, she lacked their experience .

Years ago, there were very few Mythical Companion Eggs amongst the six families . It was unlike now where they could just give Xia Xuanyue a Mythical Companion Egg .

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Back then, if they wanted a Mythical Companion Egg, they had to take the risk in the dimensional zones . This resulted in a difference in experience .

However, their generation was also the most tragic generation when it came to deaths . Very few managed to retrieve Mythical Creatures alive .

“I just came to take a look since it’s along the way . I didn’t expect to see anything so interesting . However, his opponent is a little weak . I wonder if he can force that thing out,” Zhang Chunqiu said .

“Not necessarily . Although I don’t know how terrifying that thing is, John’s opponent is definitely not weak,” Xia Xuanyue said .

Zhang Chunqiu smiled . “Zhou Wen should be Wang Mingyuan’s student, right? Speaking of which, I really wanted to meet Wang Mingyuan . Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity . ”

Dugu Ge said, “To be able to defeat Lance, he can’t be weak . However, he hasn’t had much time to grow . I wonder how far he has progressed . ”

As the trio spoke, Zhou Wen entered the venue . Everyone couldn’t help but look over .

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