Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 532

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Chapter 532: Chapter 532 - The Appearance of the Six-Winged Seraphim

“Tsk, look at his Life Providence . He’s indeed extraordinary . It’s not easy to have one even among the six families,” Zhang Chunqiu said with narrowed eyes as he sized up Zhou Wen .

“This person’s aura is deep and reserved, and his eyes are resolute . If he doesn’t die, he will definitely be able to achieve something in the future . ” Dugu Ge nodded .

“In recent years, outstanding talents have appeared from all over the world . On the contrary, although there are many talented people born in our six families, they lack the light from providence and perseverance,” Zhang Chunqiu sighed .

Xia Xuanyue and Dugu Ge remained silent . What Zhang Chunqiu said was something that they were all worried about . The six families seemed to be getting worse with each generation, and they no longer seemed favored by providence .

However, this was a problem that no one could solve . If one’s son was lacking, the father could only worry .

“Zhou Wen, we finally meet again . ” John was standing quietly in the square with his eyes closed . The moment Zhou Wen stepped into the venue, he opened his eyes and stared intently at him .

“I don’t want to see you that much . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he couldn’t help but glance at John’s crotch .

Fortunately, he couldn’t see anything through his clothes . Of course, Zhou Wen only subconsciously took a glance . He didn’t really want to see anything that burned his eyes, so he didn’t use Truth Listener’s hearing ability to take a gander at that spot .

“From today onwards, you probably won’t have the chance to see me again . Today, I’m going to make you repay what you owe me and my sister, along with the interest . I’ll let you have a taste of having your Essence Energy sea crippled . That feeling of living a life worse than death,” John said coldly .

“I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you,” Zhou Wen said firmly .

It was easy to kill Zhou Wen, but it was impossible to cripple his Essence Energy sea because he didn’t have any .

John didn’t say a word as he walked towards Zhou Wen .

An Sheng led many soldiers to guard the stands and he watched every action .

In the An family’s study, An Tianzuo was watching the battle through the surveillance footage from his phone .

In the cave in Chess Mountain, The Thearch was also looking at her phone . The scene was the same as An Tianzuo’s phone .

“You won’t be able to escape from my palm . ” Upon seeing Zhou Wen on the screen, The Thearch’s seductive eyes narrowed slightly .

“Zhou Wen, accept the judgment of God,” John said as he raised his hand up high . Holy light spewed out from his hand and transformed into a towering Blade of Holy Light that slashed down at Zhou Wen . It was the famous Holy Light Judgment of the Cape family . One had to possess the hero bloodline of the Cape family to cultivate this terrifying Essence Energy Skill .

Zhou Wen had seen this move before, but it wasn’t as terrifying as it was now . Clearly, John’s strength had already reached the peak of the Epic stage .

Zhou Wen had no intention of retreating . He also raised his arm and slashed out a blood-colored wheel . It was none other than the Demonic Astral Wheel .

The blood-red wheel of light collided with the Blade of Holy Light and shattered with a terrifying explosion . The light blade and the light wheel tore apart, forming a shock wave that directly lifted the ground of the arena . The surface of the steel-concrete structure ebbed like a wave .

With just one strike, the ground was destroyed .

“Not bad . At this age, he has already reached the Epic stage . He’s much stronger than we were back then,” said Zhang Chunqiu with a smile .

Dugu Ge nodded slightly . “He’s indeed very strong . I wonder if he has a Mythical Companion Beast?”

“It’s hard to say . An Tianzuo is a little terrifying . Perhaps he can get a Mythical Companion Egg for Zhou Wen,” Zhang Chunqiu said .

In the arena, John waved his arms . He repeatedly cast Holy Light Judgment attacks at him . Such a terrifying power seemed to be casually unleashed .

Zhou Wen had no intention of drawing his saber . At the same time, he brandished the Demonic Astral Wheel to fight John, shattering all the Holy Light Judgment attacks .

Dugu Ge and the others originally thought that such a battle would not last for long because the Holy Light Judgment consumed a huge amount of Essence Energy . Even with the hero bloodline and constitution of the Cape family, it was impossible to use it multiple times .

Although they had never seen Zhou Wen’s Essence Energy Skill before, it was clearly an extremely draining Essence Energy Skill for it to be able to resist the Holy Light Judgment . It also couldn’t be delivered forever .

But soon, they were surprised to discover that both John and Zhou Wen were able to continuously slash out Essence Energy Skills without any signs of exhaustion . In a blink of an eye, more than ten Holy Light Judgment attacks and Demonic Astral Wheels were slashed out .

The entire arena was a mess . The terrifying collision created huge craters in the ground .

Seeing that Holy Light Judgment couldn’t gain the upper hand, John didn’t plan on continuing . He stopped and stared at Zhou Wen . “I never expected you to come this far . It looks like I’ve underestimated you . ”

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“Your improvement isn’t slow either, but is that all?” Zhou Wen stared at John .

Although repeated unleashing of such Essence Energy attacks was indeed very powerful, it was nothing to Zhou Wen .

If John had really contacted The Thearch, his strength wouldn’t be that simple . After all, The Thearch knew that Zhou Wen had two Mythical pets—Six-Winged and Truth Listener .

Under such circumstances, The Thearch still believed that he was no match for John and even wanted him to beg for mercy at Chess Mountain . No matter how he thought about it, it was impossible for John’s strength to be limited to this .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen also sensed a familiar yet unfamiliar aura from John .

John didn’t fly into a rage because of Zhou Wen’s provocation . His expression didn’t change as he looked up at the sky and said, “Zhou Wen, you were indeed stronger than me in the past . You are indeed a genius . Even I have to admire you for reaching such a level in such a short period of time . ”

“What you said is rather pertinent,” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

John continued expressionlessly, “But it’s different now . No matter how talented you are and how hard you work, you’re ultimately a mere mortal . ”

“As for me, I’m the one chosen by God . I’ll become God . ” John’s eyes turned fervent as a terrifying holy light rose from his body . White holy light illuminated the entire arena . The ordinary soldiers could not even open their eyes .

“What’s that? A Mythical Companion Beast?” When the light weakened, everyone stared at the spot behind John in shock .

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A six-winged seraphim with holy light was floating behind him .

When the ordinary soldiers saw the six-winged seraphim, they actually had the urge to kneel and worship it .

Dugu Ge and Zhang Chunqiu looked at each other and saw the surprise and excitement in each other’s eyes . They had clearly realized something .

Zhou Wen also stared at the six-winged seraphim . He also sensed that there was something amiss with the six-winged seraphim’s aura . It wasn’t an ordinary Companion Beast, but it was somewhat similar to the creatures inside the white cocoons .

“What a terrifying aura . Is it a Mythical Companion Beast?” Xia Xuanyue had never seen the creatures inside the cocoons, so she naturally didn’t know what it was .

“No, that’s an existence even more terrifying than a Mythical Companion Beast,” said Dugu Ge .

“Could it be…” Xia Xuanyue immediately guessed what it was .

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