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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 534

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:21:56 AM

Chapter 534: Chapter 534 - Holy Angel“s Redemption

Zhou Wen’s words didn’t anger John . John only sneered and said, “Then, let’s give it a try and see how strong the lunatic you’re talking about is . ”

With that said, John’s figure instantly appeared in front of Zhou Wen with a flash of light . His palm, brimming with holy light, grabbed at Zhou Wen’s neck at an unbelievable speed .

The dragon wings on Zhou Wen’s back flapped as he used his movement technique to dodge John’s palm . However, he didn’t have any intention of retaliating . All he did was smile at John .

“Why don’t you draw your saber?” John asked as he stared at the Bamboo Blade at Zhou Wen’s waist .

“If I use my saber, you would have already been defeated . What’s the point?” Zhou Wen said seriously .

“Even I like him a little now . I thought that only people from our Zhang family would be so good at bragging . ” Zhang Chunqiu laughed .

Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, An Sheng’s heart relaxed, but he was still worried for him .

An Tianzuo frowned and muttered to himself, “What an arrogant brat . ”

John’s pupils constricted when he heard that, but he didn’t fly into a rage . He just stared coldly at Zhou Wen and said, “I hope you still have the courage to say those words later . ”

With that said, without waiting for Zhou Wen to react, holy light erupted from his body . Six angelic wings extended horizontally as his body suspended in the air like a javelin . He looked like a humanoid cross as his whole body emitted a terrifying glow .

Beams of light erupted from his body, enveloping the entire fighting arena like a storm . Each sword beam contained an unmatchable amount of power of holy .

Zhou Wen’s expression didn’t change as he flapped his six wings behind him . His body fluttered gracefully amidst the rain of light swords . It didn’t seem as though he was fast, but he managed to dodge the rain of light swords .


The light sword rain landed on the ground and blasted the ground . Every light sword had the power of the Mythical stage .

Zhang Chunqiu suddenly looked at Dugu Ge and said, “Is this Zhou Wen your Dugu family’s illegitimate son?”

“What do you mean?” Dugu Ge asked with a frown .

“If not, why would he have such a freakish movement technique? Such a movement technique probably surpasses the other families . Only your Dugu family can compete with him in terms of movement techniques . ” Zhang Chunqiu said .

Dugu Ge stared at Zhou Wen for a long while before saying, “His movement technique is indeed impressive, but it’s not our Dugu family’s style . ”

Zhang Chunqiu nodded and said, “Although Zhou Wen is a little arrogant, what he said wasn’t wrong . Compared to him, John’s physical constitution is only slightly better . He’s slightly stronger and faster . If his constitution were at the same level, John would probably be defeated by him in seconds . The An family has really picked up a treasure this time . It’s no wonder they would rather offend the Senate to protect Zhou Wen . ”

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“That’s right, but you and I know very well that John’s strength is immensely powerful . These techniques aren’t enough to make up for the gap between them . Under such inequality, it’d be fine even if John made a hundred mistakes . If Zhou Wen makes one mistake, he might die,” Dugu Ge said seriously .

“Let’s wait and see . I just find this Zhou Wen more and more interesting . It’s no wonder he can become friends with my sister,” Zhang Chunqiu said .

“Huh? Your little princess actually has a friend?” Dugu Ge and Xia Xuanyue widened their eyes as if they had heard something unbelievable .

Zhang Chunqiu seemed to know that he had said something wrong and could only say, “They only met a few times by chance, but their relationship isn’t bad . I came to see what kind of person Zhou Wen is . ”

“You were worried that Zhou Wen would get close to your family’s little princess and are afraid that he has other motives, so you came to investigate, right?” Dugu Ge said with a twitch of his lips .

Zhang Chunqiu smiled and said, “Don’t make it sound so bad . I just came to take a look . ”

Seeing that the light sword rain wasn’t able to injure Zhou Wen, the angelic wings on John’s back spewed out terrifying flames, propelling his body to move at high speed as he slashed at Zhou Wen with terrifying power .

Zhou Wen had no intention of retaliating . All he did was constantly use his movement technique to dodge John’s barrage of attacks .

John’s every strike was extremely terrifying, reducing the arena into pieces . The ordinary soldiers guarding here had already retreated from the arena under An Sheng’s orders . They waited outside the arena while only An Sheng and a few Epic experts remained inside to guard the arena .

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Xia Xuanyue and the rest had no choice but to retreat a little, before reaching the wall at the back of the arena to avoid being caught in the crossfire of the terrifying battle .

“What a powerful force . The power the six-winged seraphim gave John really makes me envious,” Zhang Chunqiu said .

“No matter how strong the power is, it depends on who’s using it . John clearly doesn’t have the ability to use such power . It’s a complete waste . If it were me, I would have long beaten Zhou Wen to the ground,” said Dugu Ge .

“Not necessarily . ” Xia Xuanyue unhappily disagreed .

Zhou Wen’s movement technique had been upgraded alongside her . If Dugu Ge said that Zhou Wen was lacking, wouldn’t it also mean she was lacking?

Zhang Chunqiu praised, “Zhou Wen’s movement technique is truly powerful . Under such a huge disparity in strength, he hasn’t been injured at all . I’ve only seen such movement techniques in your Dugu family before . ”

Under John’s storm-like attacks, Zhou Wen’s body flew up . He didn’t seem to be fast, but John didn’t even touch his clothes .

John was very calm in the beginning . He wanted to use various techniques and Essence Energy Skills to hit Zhou Wen, but no matter what technique or Essence Energy Skill he used, he failed to injure him at all .

“Zhou Wen, you should be proud to be able to let me use the power that truly belongs to God . ” John stopped his attack as his eyes shimmered . The six angelic wings unfurled behind him like a blooming flower .

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“Is it finally coming?” Zhang Chunqiu stopped smiling and stared at John solemnly .

Dugu Ge’s expression turned serious as he stared at John without a word .

Xia Xuanyue did the same . They knew very well that physical constitution was only one aspect of the difference between the Mythical stage and the Epic stage . It wasn’t a very important aspect .

The true gap between the Mythical stage and the Epic stage was the miraculous power of the Wheel of Destiny .

Although the Wheel of Destiny of every Mythical creature was different, there was a commonality . The miraculous power was something that no living creature under the Mythical stage could withstand .

The holy light that erupted from John’s body intensified . The six angelic wings on his back turned into an ancient door of light .

“A miracle… Holy Angel’s Redemption…” With John’s mighty voice, the door of light behind him slowly opened, and a brilliant holy light shot out from it .

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