Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 535

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Chapter 535: Chapter 535 - Are There Conditions?

Chapter 535 Are There Conditions?

Zhou Wen wanted to dodge it, but the light that shot out from the door of light was at literally the speed of light . Unless Zhou Wen’s speed reached the speed of light, it was impossible for him to dodge .

The light shone on Zhou Wen as his strength erupted . He wore his heavy armor and soft armor as he attempted to forcefully tank the light .

However, the resplendent light didn’t harm his body . It only made Zhou Wen feel an irresistible force pulling him towards the door of light .

Others only saw Zhou Wen being illuminated by the door’s light before flying towards it .

An Sheng’s expression changed . Although he didn’t know what was inside the door of light, he knew that he couldn’t let Zhou Wen take the risk . He flew into the arena .

A few Epic officers in charge of managing the situation rushed over with An Sheng .

“Please stop . I admit defeat for Zhou Wen . ” As An Sheng charged at Zhou Wen, he shouted at John .

A cold glint flashed in John’s eyes as the door of light opened . The light shot towards An Sheng and company .

An Sheng’s gaze focused . At the instant the light scattered, he reached out and pressed down on the ground . His body instantly drilled underground, but the few Epic officers were illuminated by the light . They couldn’t help but fly into the door of light . No matter how they struggled, it was useless .

An Sheng, who had drilled underground, appeared from another side . The light from the door scattered down again, sucking him up .

“It’s over . John is indeed at the true Mythical stage . That should be the power of the Wheel of Destiny,” Zhao Chunqiu said .

“It’s truly shocking that the creature inside a cocoon is able to make a person who recently had his Essence Energy sea crippled become a Mythical expert,” said Dugu Ge after some thought .

Xia Xuanyue was hesitant, unsure if she should help Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen tried several methods, but he failed to escape the power of the light . He slowly flew towards the door of light .

There was a bright divine light inside the door of light . Although he couldn’t see what was inside, he was certain that there would definitely be a great horror there . If he was pulled into it, he would probably die .

Truth Listener’s Evil Nullification Life Soul didn’t work . Zhou Wen switched his Essence Energy Art to Dao Body, and Zero Taboo immediately lit up like a light bulb .

Almost at the same time, the irresistible suction force from the light disappeared .

However, Zhou Wen remained unperturbed as he continued slowly flying towards the door of light .

“John, do you really want to kill me?” Zhou Wen asked John .

“You will get off lightly if you just die,” John said coldly .

“If you want to kill me, do it . They have nothing to do with this . Let them go,” Zhou Wen added .

“They deserve death for protecting you . Besides, it’s An Sheng who crippled my sister’s Essence Energy sea . He naturally has to repay the debt,” said John .

“In that case, it’s either you die or I die today!” Zhou Wen gripped the Bamboo Blade tightly .

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“There’s only your death . I will not die . You don’t have the right to talk about life and death with God . Go to heaven in peace . That’s your final escape . ” John stood in front of the door of light and stretched out his hand like a messenger welcoming a soul into heaven .

“I don’t plan on going to a place like heaven . Can you pass the message to the owner of Heaven? Tell him to visit me in the mortal world when he has the time . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he had already arrived in front of the door of light . With the Bamboo Blade in hand, he pulled out his saber .

With all his Strength, Speed, and Essence Energy erupting, he delivered a full-powered strike . Zhou Wen’s figure streaked across the void .

John’s eyes widened as though he couldn’t believe that Zhou Wen could still launch an attack despite the Holy Angel’s Redemption . He wanted to move and resist the strike .

However, he realized that although he had seen the saber, his brain’s reaction speed was unable to keep up with it . He could only watch helplessly as the saber sliced at his neck, but he could not move . His face was twisted with horror .

Almost at the same time Zhou Wen attacked, a white figure with a blood beam behind him tore through the air and landed on the outer wall of the arena . It was none other than An Tianzuo, who had fused with his Life Soul .

Xia Xuanyue, Dugu Ge, and Zhang Chunqiu also looked at Zhou Wen’s strike in shock . According to what they knew, a creature that wasn’t a Mythical existence should not have the ability to resist a Wheel of Destiny’s miracle . They found it unbelievable that Zhou Wen could actually swing his saber amidst the miracle .

Furthermore, the strike was so fast and stunning . It seemed to exceed the speed of the Epic stage . Only Xia Xuanyue understood that Zhou Wen’s move had reached the level of a Mythical technique .

John was too close to Zhou Wen . Even though he had divine-level speed, he still couldn’t dodge Zhou Wen’s strike .

However, she was also astonished . Even if it was a divine technique, it was impossible for it to violate the miraculous power of the Wheel of Destiny . There had to be other reasons why Zhou Wen could slash out with his saber in the Holy Angel’s Redemption . Even Xia Xuanyue couldn’t guess the reason .

Wherever the blade beam passed, red blood bloomed like flowers on the parts of John’s neck that weren’t protected by the angel armor .

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John covered his neck with his hand as he stared at Zhou Wen in disbelief . The six angelic wings on his back had stopped circulating as the door of light shattered and dissipated .

An Sheng and the others who had been sucked up by the light recovered their control and landed in the ruined arena . They looked at Zhou Wen and John in shock .

John held his neck, but blood continued gushing out . He wanted to say something and opened his mouth but did not make a sound . Blood gushed out .

The ferocious-looking John suddenly released the hand that was covering his neck and pounced at Zhou Wen, as though he wanted to fight him to the death .

However, when he pounced at Zhou Wen, the angelic armor on his body automatically dispelled and returned to the six-winged seraphim form as it floated in the air .

Having lost the power of the six-winged seraphim, John, who was already badly injured, fell from the sky before he could reach Zhou Wen .


John slammed heavily onto the ground and struggled to get up . His eyes stared intently at the six-winged seraphim who floated in the air . He was filled with confusion, puzzlement, anger, indignation, and many other emotions .

The six-winged seraphim that he had relied on, had betrayed him at the last moment .

“In the name of an angel, I bestow upon you the right to be protected . Human, are you willing to fight me and make me your guardian?”

John spat out a few mouthfuls of blood when he heard the six-winged seraphim’s words . He never expected such a thing to happen . He had abandoned everything to gain the six-winged seraphim as his guardian . Now, it had abandoned him to pledge its allegiance with Zhou Wen .

“Are there conditions for you to become my guardian?” Zhou Wen’s mind flashed with The Thearch’s words as he subconsciously asked .

“There are no conditions . As long as you are willing, I will become your guardian and bestow you with the power of God,” the six-winged seraphim replied without hesitation .


When John heard this, he could no longer hold it in . He stood up abruptly and widened his eyes . He stretched out his trembling fingers and pointed at the six-winged seraphim in the sky . He opened his mouth as though he wanted to curse, but when he opened it again, blood spewed out and splattered everywhere .

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