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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 536

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:21:53 AM

Chapter 536: Chapter 536 - Guardian

Chapter 536 Guardian

“How do I know that you won’t treat me like you treated John?” Zhou Wen said to the six-winged seraphim .

“Guardians are born to fight . If you lose in battle, what’s the point of me staying with you? As long as you have the ability to fight again, I will always protect you,” the six-winged seraphim said .

“What you said makes sense . Then what should I do to make you my guardian?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“It’s very simple . All you need to do is drip a drop of blood into my palm and then let me complete the ritual,” the six-winged seraphim said as he extended his palm .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen cut his finger and extended his hand towards the six-winged seraphim’s palm . Seeing the drop of blood on his finger about to land on the six-winged seraphim’s palm, the Bamboo Blade in his left hand slashed at the six-winged angel’s neck like a bolt of lightning .


The wings behind the six-winged seraphim protected his body like an umbrella, blocking Zhou Wen’s strike . At the same time, he rapidly retreated .

“Human, you are too emotional . ” The six-winged seraphim moved backward .

Zhou Wen slashed at the six-winged seraphim again and again . The six-winged seraphim was different from Companion Beasts . Companion Beasts were completely controlled by their owners, but the six-winged seraphim could abandon its master and had its own consciousness . No matter how powerful he was, Zhou Wen wouldn’t take him along with him .

He had too many secrets . In the future, once the six-winged seraphim betrayed him, those secrets would be exposed . Zhou Wen definitely wouldn’t let such a thing happen .

Zhou Wen used Transcendent Flying Immortal in a bid to kill the six-winged seraphim, but he realized that without John’s control, the six-winged seraphim was even stronger than when John used him . His figure moved in midair, leaving behind afterimages . Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal could only slash at his phantom . After slashing several times, he had failed to touch the six-winged seraphim .

“Human, you will soon learn what you have missed . When the time comes, you will regret everything you have done today . ” The six-winged seraphim flew backward, but his speed was terrifyingly fast . He flapped his six wings and left the arena as though he had teleported, disappearing very quickly .

Zhou Wen frowned slightly as he looked at John and found that he had already fainted . An Sheng’s men were checking his injuries .

“How do you plan on disposing of him?” An Sheng walked to Zhou Wen’s side and asked .

“What do you think?” Zhou Wen asked .

“The video of your conversation with him was recorded . Even if you kill him, it’s just self-defense . The Cape family can’t say anything . However, killing him is meaningless . If you don’t mind, I hope to let him live and obtain information about the six-winged seraphim from him,” An Sheng whispered .

“Then do as you see fit . Give me a copy of the information if you manage to get anything . I’ll head back now,” Zhou Wen said as he turned and left the arena .

On the outer wall of the arena, Zhang Chunqiu looked at An Tianzuo, who was dressed in military uniform, and said with a smile, “Overseer An, congratulations to your An family for obtaining another powerful general . ”

“He’s just an ordinary student at Sunset College . He’s not worthy of Brother Zhang’s claim of general,” An Tianzuo said indifferently before saying, “If the three of you don’t mind, why don’t you come to my place to have some tea?”

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“That’d be lovely, I have something to say to you,” Zhang Chunqiu said with a smile .

Dugu Ge and Xia Xuanyue agreed to go as well . They probably knew why An Tianzuo was inviting them .

As Zhou Wen was on his way back to school, The Thearch’s ringtone sounded .

“To be able to defeat John, who has the protection of the six-winged seraphim, it seems that I have underestimated you . But why did you reject the six-winged seraphim? Do you know that you have missed a rare opportunity?”

“What’s that six-winged seraphim? He doesn’t appear like a Companion Beast, but he’s different from ordinary dimensional creatures,” Zhou Wen asked .

“You’re right . The six-winged seraphim isn’t a Companion Beast or a pure dimensional creature . To put it simply, he’s just a tool,” replied The Thearch .

“A tool? What tool?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

“Naturally, it’s a tool for combat . It’s also a tool for humans to advance to the Mythical stage . Due to innate limitations, you humans basically don’t have the ability to advance to the Mythical stage . To advance to the Mythical stage, you have to obtain a guardian similar to the six-winged seraphim . By borrowing the guardian’s body, you can advance to the Mythical stage and continue on your path . The six-winged seraphim’s willingness to follow you is equivalent to giving you a chance to advance to the Mythical stage, but you chased him away . Aren’t you regretting it now?” The Thearch gloated .

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“You mean borrowing the guardian’s body? Don’t tell me that human bodies won’t improve any further and can only strengthen the guardian’s body in the future?” Zhou Wen acutely sensed something .

“Didn’t I say just now? Due to the innate limitations of the bodies of you humans, it’s nearly impossible for you to advance to the Mythical stage . At most, you can only reach the peak of the Epic stage . The guardian is your way out . Don’t think that it’s that easy for a guardian to betray you . The reason the six-winged seraphim betrayed John was that John wasn’t qualified to form a contract with him . He only used a special method to temporarily form a contract . If it were you, you could truly form a contract with the six-winged seraphim . He wouldn’t betray you so easily . Do you regret rejecting him now?”

“What’s a guardian?” Zhou Wen didn’t regret it . All he wanted to know was what it was .

“They can be considered as the representatives of the various species on your Earth . Every species will have a guardian . They will choose a human to rely on and fight alongside humans to grow, helping you resist the invasion of dimensional creatures,” said The Thearch .

You were the ones who created the dimensional creatures to begin with . Why are you talking about helping us fend off the dimensional creatures’ invasion? Zhou Wen lampooned inwardly, but he didn’t say it out loud .

Zhou Wen felt that the guardian wasn’t as simple as The Thearch had described .

“How many guardians are there on Earth?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought . If he knew how many guardians there were, wouldn’t he know how many dimensional species there were?

“I don’t know that, but you can count . Guardians are born from cocoons . Count the number of cocoons on Earth and that will be the number of guardians,” The Thearch teased Zhou Wen .

That equates to not saying anything . Zhou Wen secretly despised The Thearch . She never answered any important questions .

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However, The Thearch’s words reminded Zhou Wen that the cocoon protected by the white dragon in Old Dragon Cave was gone . However, the one in Ant Nest was still around . Perhaps he could target that .

The Ant Nest dungeon on his phone seemed very special . The other cocoons were protected by terrifying Mythical creatures, but there was only a Golden Flying Ant guarding the Ant Nest . The difference was extraordinary .

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