Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 537

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Chapter 537: Chapter 537 - Fighting the Golden Trident Again

“Is there a difference in strength between the guardians?” Zhou Wen felt that the six-winged seraphim was slightly weaker than the one he had seen in the Ant Nest .

“Different species naturally have differences in strength . Why? Are you interested in guardians? As long as you beg me, I can help you contract a powerful guardian,” The Thearch replied .

“I appreciate your kindness . ” Zhou Wen thought of John’s fate and didn’t dare get The Thearch to help him .

Is it really impossible for humans to break through to the Mythical stage by themselves? Zhou Wen didn’t believe The Thearch’s words, but he had never heard of anyone advancing to the Mythical stage .

After returning to the college, Zhou Wen began grinding Torch Dragon again . A Mythical Transcendent Flying Immortal had greatly increased his speed . Although his Speed stat was only 40, with the augmentation of Transcendent Flying Immortal, his speed was much faster than the dragon wings formed by Sixed-Winged when he used Transcendent Flying Immortal with all his might .

However, that burst of power could only last for a short period of time . It couldn’t last forever under that speed .

It wasn’t because his Essence Energy supply couldn’t keep up, but because his body couldn’t withstand such a huge burden . The burden of a divine skill on his body was too great for any Epic expert .

After grinding Torch Dragon again, Zhou Wen realized that he was much more relaxed . The chances of blocking or dodging the Bright Torch Vision World were even higher . Furthermore, he wasn’t put in such a sorry state as before . He easily lasted for more than three hours, or even more than four hours . If it wasn’t for the fact that he was exhausted, he could have lasted longer .

The problem now was that the toughness of Torch Dragon’s flesh far exceeded Zhou Wen’s imagination . Demonic Neonate’s ancient sword had stabbed it many times, but it had only left a few harmless wounds . They weren’t fatal .

Torch Dragon had a powerful self-healing ability . The wounds on its body healed themselves in battle . Wounds did not have much effect on it .

Zhou Wen had also attempted to use the Poison Dragon Palm to deal with Torch Dragon, but the results weren’t good . Although he left behind a poison palm print, it vanished shortly after . The poison failed to spread in Torch Dragon’s body .

How can I kill Torch Dragon? Finally, he could block Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World, but he couldn’t kill it . He had to think of another solution .

After some thought, it seemed like no ability was enough to kill Torch Dragon .

There might still be a hope of killing Torch Dragon if Demonic Neonate advances, but she doesn’t eat or drink . How can I help her advance? Zhou Wen had taken quite a lot of things to feed Demonic Neonate during this period of time, but she ate nothing . Zhou Wen was really afraid that she would starve to death .

If I can’t count on Demonic Neonate, I can only wait for the fruit of the Dead Man Tree and Tyrant Behemoth . Zhou Wen looked at Tyrant Behemoth . It was still evolving, and he didn’t know when it would finish . He couldn’t help but worry .

Instead, it was the fruit of the Dead Man Tree that grew bigger by the day, but the fruit’s appearance made Zhou Wen feel that it resembled a black-gray grenade .

It should be coming out soon . I wonder what kind of Companion Beast will appear . If it has Life Blast and curse powers, I might be able to use it against Torch Dragon . Although Zhou Wen thought this, he didn’t place all his hopes on this Companion Beast .

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Without heading to the Zhuolu battlefield again, Zhou Wen went to the Metalwork Temple . There was a golden trident there . The golden trident was definitely a Mythical creature . The Companion Egg that dropped was most likely in the form of a weapon .

Although Overlord Sword was very powerful, it was still at the Epic stage after all . It relied on Ever-Victorious to injure Torch Dragon . Otherwise, it couldn’t even tear through Torch Dragon’s hide .

Zhou Wen felt that he had to think of a way to obtain a Mythical weapon . With a Mythical weapon, the possibility of killing Torch Dragon was much higher . Therefore, he placed his sights on the golden trident .

The golden trident had killed the blood-colored avatar once before, but Zhou Wen felt that there was a way to crack it . He had no other options now . As he waited for the Dead Man Tree’s fruit and Behemoth to evolve, he thought of a way to kill the golden trident .

Once again, he arrived at the shrine . The moment the door opened, he saw the golden trident embedded in the furnace . The golden flames burned its body, but it did not cause any reaction .

Just as Zhou Wen took a glance, he saw the golden light shine on the golden trident, as though it wanted to engulf the entire Metalwork Temple .

The blood-colored avatar was instantly killed the last time . It didn’t even have a chance to dodge .

However, this time, Zhou Wen summoned the strengthened Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and got it to shield him .

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The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon directly used Sanctification . Its body turned as white as jade as it unfurled its six dragon wings . Holy flames burned on its body as it spewed out dragon breath to block the golden light in front of Zhou Wen .


The terrifying collision shook the entire temple .

Zhou Wen saw the golden trident fly out of the furnace from behind Six-Winged . It transformed into a golden beam of light that struck at Six-Winged .

Fortunately, its speed was not very fast . However, it had a domineering aura of supremacy . The six dragon wings on the back of the Six-Winged Dragon turned into blades and slashed at the golden trident that was coming at it from above .

Cracking sounds could be heard as the six wings collided with the golden trident . Many of the six dragon wings were broken by it .

What astonishing destructive power! Zhou Wen wasn’t alarmed but delighted . Only with such powerful destructive power could he kill Torch Dragon .

Under Zhou Wen’s command, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon clashed with the golden trident . However, it didn’t clash head-on with it . Its speed wasn’t as fast as the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . Although its attack was domineering, it couldn’t do a thing to the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon without fighting head-on .


The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon took the opportunity and struck out with its two front claws, slamming the golden trident down from the sky and pressing it onto the ground .

The golden trident’s body exploded with golden light . It struggled to escape, but it was held down by the Six-Winged . It could not break free no matter what .

Although its destructive power was strong, its strength wasn’t stronger than Six-Winged . Instantly, the two Mythical creatures were in a deadlock . One burst out with golden light and the other spewed holy flames, causing the temple to tremble incessantly .

The blood-colored avatar watched the battle from outside the temple . Although Six-Winged held a slight advantage, it couldn’t kill the trident . Zhou Wen gritted his teeth and got the blood-colored avatar to charge in with the Overlord Sword . He brandished the Overlord Sword and slashed at the golden trident .

The moment he entered the temple, the divine patterns on the blood-colored avatar’s heavy armor flickered . In a few moments, it collapsed . Thankfully, the blood-colored avatar had already rushed in front of the golden trident . Overlord Sword slashed down with a powerful sword beam .


There was a deafening sound as a fine crack opened on the golden trident .

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