Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 538

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Chapter 538: Chapter 538 - Farming Mythical Creatures

The golden trident’s body trembled violently as golden light shot forth from its surface .

Zhou Wen hurriedly used his movement technique to dodge and hide behind Six-Winged so that he was spared from the golden beam’s attack .

The golden light clashed with Six-Winged’s holy flames, slicing apart the holy flames and slicing through its scales, leaving deep wounds that reached to the bone .

As expected of a Mythical creature in the form of a weapon, this destructive power is truly terrifying . Zhou Wen was alarmed . If he was struck by the golden light, even two layers of armor wouldn’t be able to protect him .

It was a pity that no matter how powerful the golden trident’s destructive power was, it was still suppressed by the Six-Winged’s claws . It could not unleash its immense power .

Six-Winged held onto the golden trident tightly . It did not loosen its claws no matter what . Its body was lacerated by the golden light . Fortunately, it was not fatal .

Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned Demonic Neonate and got her to use the ancient sword to attack the golden trident .

Six-Winged was good at almost everything . It could fight, tank, and still survive . The only bad thing about it was that it did not have an offensive Wheel of Destiny . It was also six-winged, but the Six-Winged Seraphim had Holy Angel’s Redemption . That was truly a good weapon .

However, there were pros and cons . The life-saving ability provided by the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was not something the Six-Winged Seraphim possessed . Otherwise, John wouldn’t have had his throat sliced by him .

Thankfully, apart from the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, Zhou Wen still had Demonic Neonate, a pet with relatively strong offensive powers . Demonic Neonate controlled the ancient sword as she sought out an opportunity, slashing at the golden trident again and again . Furthermore, she targeted a particular spot . She hid behind the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon and was even safer than Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen also found all sorts of opportunities to strike at the golden trident . The two pets and the human worked together in a frenzy to slash at the golden trident, leaving it covered in wounds . The deepest impression of the trident was about to be halved .

The golden trident had already gone berserk . Its entire body was shimmering with golden light . In particular, its tip was glowing with a dazzling divine light, as if it could pierce through everything in the world .

Unfortunately, it couldn’t move due to Six-Winged’s pressure . The tip couldn’t touch Zhou Wen and company, so it was useless no matter how much strength it unleashed .

After about half an hour, Demonic Neonate’s ancient sword slashed down again . With a clang, the golden trident was cut in half .

‘Killed Mythical creature, Golden Battle God Halberd . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed when he saw that the golden trident didn’t drop a Companion Egg . On careful look, he saw that the dimensional crystal was a Strength +80 crystal . It was high enough, but Zhou Wen’s upper limit was only 40 . He couldn’t raise it before breaking through .

Zhou Wen picked up the Strength Crystal and absorbed it . Indeed, his Strength was still at 40 . Unless he found a way to raise his Strength to 41 or advance to the Mythical stage, it was impossible for him to raise it any further .

With the experience gained from killing the Golden Battle God Halberd, Zhou Wen kept grinding the Metalwork Temple instance dungeon . He didn’t believe that the Golden Battle God Halberd Companion Egg wouldn’t drop .

After two or three battles, Zhou Wen had roughly figured out the situation with it . Its destructive power was much stronger than the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . Furthermore, the miraculous power of the Wheel of Destiny was also a destructive power . If one was struck by the miraculous power, even the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon would be penetrated . Its Mythical body would be like paper .

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However, the Golden Battle God Halberd’s miraculous powers couldn’t hit its target easily . This was because the miraculous powers were actually unable to pierce through the air and injure the opponent . It was only the tip of the trident that carried a tiny blob of resplendent golden divine light . That golden divine light could almost pierce through everything . It was much more powerful than the Overlord Sword’s Ever-Victorious but the attack needed to be close range .

Zhou Wen was confident that as long as he had the Golden Battle God Halberd drop, he had more than an eighty percent chance of killing Torch Dragon .

The only regret was that after the Golden Battle God Halberd was killed, even if he respawned the dungeon, he would have to wait 24 hours before a new Golden Battle God Halberd appeared . He couldn’t grind it to his heart’s pleasure . He would still have to wait for some time .

Zhou Wen wasn’t idle . Since he couldn’t grind the Golden Battle God Halberd, he ran to the Curse Demon Palace . There was still Medusa there .

Before it was strengthened, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was not Medusa’s match, but it could still fight with her for a while .

Now that Six-Winged had been strengthened, together with Zhou Wen and Demonic Neonate, there was a chance of killing her .

After grinding the rare Epic creatures, Zhou Wen ran to the Curse Demon Palace and charged all the way to Medusa’s hall . He gently touched the beautiful girl and she immediately turned into a terrifying demoness .

The palace was sealed and the blood-colored avatar couldn’t leave . All it could do was fight Medusa in the palace . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon fought without a fuss as it charged forward with a roar .

With the Sanctification ability, Medusa’s normal Eyes of Petrification was actually much less effective against the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . It could only slightly petrify its surface and cause a minimal effect to the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon .

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Zhou Wen had the Evil Nullification ability to restrain the Eyes of Petrification, but he could only restrain the ordinary Eyes of Petrification . If he was struck by Medusa’s miraculous Eyes of Petrification, he would still be petrified .

Thankfully, the miraculous Eyes of Petrification shot out substantial light beams from her eyes . As long as he dodged the beam, he wouldn’t be petrified . If it was like the ordinary Eyes of Petrification, he wouldn’t be able to dodge it .

The miraculous Eyes of Petrification was truly invincible . Even the guardian dragon would be petrified upon being hit by the light beam .

What surprised Zhou Wen was Demonic Neonate . This fellow was actually immune to the ordinary Eyes of Petrification despite not having any Evil Nullification abilities .

The human and two pets joined forces to fight Medusa . After spending a great amount of effort, they finally killed Medusa .


A crisp sound came from the phone, jolting Zhou Wen . He saw that Medusa had dropped an Essence Energy Skill dimensional crystal . Inside the crystal-like dimensional crystal was a demoness-like Medusa shadow .

I actually have Medusa’s skill crystal drop again . Unfortunately, my stats aren’t good enough . I can’t absorb it at all . Zhou Wen was in a dilemma .

The requirement of 41 Constitution and 21 Cursed attributes was too high for Zhou Wen .

If he did not absorb it, the skill crystal would be gone after the dungeon respawned . However, if his stats were not enough, he would not be able to absorb it .

In the end, Zhou Wen had no choice but to give up on Medusa’s skill crystal . After all, he could now kill Medusa . There was still a chance for him to grind skill crystals in the future .

Zhou Wen heard from An Sheng that the chance of a Mythical creature dropping Companion Eggs and Skill Crystals was very high . There was about a third chance . After a few days of grinding, it shouldn’t be difficult to obtain the Companion Eggs of Medusa and the Golden Battle God Halberd .

Zhou Wen rested for a while before considering if he should eat something . An Sheng personally came to school and sent over a document that contained John’s testimony .

Zhou Wen had already guessed most of what had happened . John had obtained the Six-Winged Seraphim from an ancient cathedral in the West District . However, according to him, the ancient cathedral had a terrifying Mythical Creature protecting it . He had avoided the Mythical creature thanks to the advice of a mysterious person, thus obtaining the Six-Winged Seraphim inside the white cocoon . He never expected the Six-Winged Seraphim to betray him .

When Zhou Wen saw a paragraph, his expression turned odd . When An Sheng and company treated John, they realized that John had a body part missing .

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