Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: 54

“I ordered you to bring back Zhou Wen secretly without alerting anyone . But what did you do? You tried to run him over with a car! Have I been too lax on all of you recently that you’ve forgotten how to abide by the rules?” Qiao Siyuan said calmly, but his eyes were rather cold .

Liz trembled as she quickly stood up and bowed . “Sir, I was derelict in my duty . It was thankfully not detected by the Ans . Please give me another chance . I’ll definitely bring Zhou Wen back . ”

“Not detected?” Qiao Siyuan placed a document dossier on the desk and said calmly, “Take a look at this . ”

“This is?” Liz opened the dossier in puzzlement and was alarmed when she read its contents . “How is this possible? It’s impossible, right? Sir, is the information in here real?”

Qiao Siyuan shot a look at Liz and said slowly, “I had a feeling that Ouyang Lan’s marriage with Zhou Lingfeng was odd . I felt that it might be connected to that matter, so I deliberately requested my teacher to help me investigate the An family’s candidate . This was the outcome my teacher gave me . Do you think it could be wrong?”

“Naturally not!” The alarmed look on Liz’s face became more pronounced . “But isn’t the An family’s candidate An Jing? Why did it turn into Zhou Wen? He has zero blood relations with the An family and isn’t even half a son . Why would the An family give such a huge opportunity to an outsider?”

“That I do not know, but I can be sure that after Zhou Wen was admitted into Sunset College, the An family indeed changed their candidate’s name from An Jing to Zhou Wen . And based on the regulations, the An family only has one chance of changing their candidate . Even if Zhou Wen were to die, it would be impossible to change it to anyone else . ”

Having said that, Qiao Siyuan glared at Liz with a burning gaze . “Do you still believe that the An family is completely unaware of your little accident with Zhou Wen?”

Liz broke out into a cold sweat as she bowed her head . “Sir, I’m aware of my mistakes . I’m fully prepared for any punishment . ”

She knew very well how important Zhou Wen now was to the An family . It was impossible for them not to know of such a person being hit by a car in Luoyang . If they really were so oblivious to such developments, they would have long been cleanly devoured by others .

“Considering how you were only recently transferred to the Special Inspector Bureau and aren’t aware of how we run things here, I’ll let this pass . Don’t repeat this a second time,” Qiao Siyuan said .

“Sir, please give me an opportunity to make up for my mistakes,” Liz requested .

“Not now . Zhou Wen has already headed for Sunset College early . If there’s no reasonable excuse, it won’t be that easy to invite him over . I have other arrangements, so stay out of this matter,” Qiao Siyuan said with a wave of his hand .

Liz said with an odd expression, “I really find it unbelievable that the Ans would switch their candidate to Zhou Wen . Even if Ouyang Lan were blinded by love and couldn’t be bothered about the opportunity for her daughter, how could they be agreeable to giving this opportunity to Zhou Wen? How is it possible for An Tianzuo to agree? This opportunity should belong to the Ans!”

“There’s no need to waste your efforts trying to understand something you don’t . Just do what you’re supposed to do . You are dismissed . ” Qiao Siyuan waved his hand, an indication that Liz should leave . He then picked up the dossier and muttered to himself while reading it, “What’s the An family up to? How’s it possible for them to give such a huge opportunity to an outsider? Could it be that Ouyang Lan gave away this opportunity because she doesn’t want her daughter to take the risk? But with An Jing’s talent, the chances of her succeeding is rather high . It wouldn’t be considered risky . Is Jing Daoxian’s encounter with Zhou Wen, and the way he abnormally remained in the vicinity, purely coincidental?”

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After Zhou Wen and Li Xuan had completed the matriculation paperwork, the latter chose not to stay in Four Seasons Garden with Zhou Wen . Therefore, Zhou Wen headed to the specially designed region like a park, alone, with the dormitory card Ouyang Lan had given him .

There were rows of two-storied buildings which weren’t too big . They were minimalistic and simple and each building came with a tiny yard .

The yard didn’t have any walls . They were just surrounded by a white wooden fence that was half an adult’s height, allowing people to clearly see into their neighbors compound .

702 . It should be this one .  Zhou Wen stood in front of a small building by following the dormitory card . He looked around and realized that this was the last row in Four Seasons Garden . There were three buildings in this row, and his building was in the middle . The building on the left seemed uninhabited and the right building’s yard had some plants grown with the soil still moist . It was likely inhabited by someone .

Zhou Wen thought of pushing the door open to enter when he heard the door open on the building to his right . Then, he saw a figure walk out .

An Jing? Zhou Wen was taken aback when he identified the figure .

An Jing was equally taken aback, clearly not expecting to meet Zhou Wen here .

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However, she instantly understood what was happening . Biting her lip, she ignored Zhou Wen and left her yard .

Since An Jing had ignored him, Zhou Wen didn’t plan on being chummy with her . Without a word, the two pretended as though they hadn’t seen the other .

After entering the building with his dormitory card, Zhou Wen found the place excellent . Although the layout and renovations were simple, they were very suitable for cultivation . It even came equipped with Strength-measuring devices and other useful tools .

A new beginning . Seems pretty good .  After Zhou Wen surveyed the entire building, he planned on buying some necessities first .

Although the building was furnished, it didn’t come with blankets or other personal belongings . It still required Zhou Wen to buy them himself .

Previously, Li Xuan had taken him to the entrance of Four Seasons Garden . However, attempting to walk out himself, he realized how ridiculously huge Sunset College was . Although it wasn’t big to the point of getting lost, Zhou Wen still took several detours due to the inaccurate navigation on his phone .

Furthermore, he wasn’t aware of where he could buy daily necessities on campus .

As he walked, he found himself in an increasingly remote and isolated area . Just as he was about to ask around for directions, he realized that he was surrounded by old, dilapidated buildings—likely old teaching buildings that had been abandoned .

How is the GPS tracking so ridiculously wrong? Zhou Wen looked at the map on his phone in exasperation .

Just as he was about to turn back, he heard voices from a bend ahead .

I should ask for directions .  Zhou Wen took a few steps forward, planning to ask the talking person about the location of the on-campus supermarket .

“Little Mei, you have to be good . Work hard in the future . ” Zhou Wen heard a man’s voice around the bend and found it somewhat familiar . However, he wasn’t able to immediately put the voice to a face .

As he was thinking, Zhou Wen turned the corner and saw in the corner of a dilapidated building nearby, a towering figure . He had his hands raised high, raising a petite and adorable kitten . His eyes wore a warm look as he suffused a smile . However, that face still looked as ferocious as a devil despite smiling . It left anyone who laid their eyes on him afraid .

Gu Dian? Zhou Wen was momentarily left rooted to the ground . He couldn’t put Gu Dian with this man who was warmly smiling and raising a kitten high up .

Likewise, Gu Dian noticed Zhou Wen . When his eyes locked with Zhou Wen with him raising the kitten, the atmosphere between them immediately became odd .