Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 540

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Chapter 540: 540

Chapter 540 Jinxes Master

Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General: Epic

Life Providence: Fierce

Life Soul: Tiger Soul Runes

Strength: 39

Speed: 39

Constitution: 40

Essence Energy: 40

Talent Skill: Tempered Steel Cauldron, Rampage, Armor Breaker Spear, Jinxes Master

Companion Form: None

These stats… It’s almost a top Epic creature… Zhou Wen looked at the stats and his expression changed .

It had to be said that this guy’s attributes were really too good . If he ignored the Jinxes Master skill, its attributes were quite impressive too .

An Epic Armor Breaker Spear was a powerful offensive skill . There was no need to mention Rampage . It was a type of charging Dominance Body .

As for Tempered Steel Cauldron, originally it was not of much use to the Steel Cauldron Fiend as although it was a fire-elemental skill, it could not harm anyone . Instead, it burned flames within the Steel Cauldron Fiend’s body . Under the burning of the flames, its steel armor became harder and harder . It was a skill used to tank .

However, this skill was somewhat different on the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General . While he was charging, he could use Tempered Steel Cauldron . It would make the fiend armor on the Tiger Soul General become harder . With Rampage’s effects as a Dominance Body and the Armor Breaker Spear ability, as well as the Tiger Soul Runes to augment him, there were probably not many opponents at the same level who could block the Runic-Armored Tiger Soul General’s charge .

However, the Jinxes Master Skill was a sore sight . Zhou Wen took the Runic-Armored Tiger Soul General to the Metalwork Temple, hoping to see how powerful his combat abilities were .

Seeing the few Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior loitering in the distance, Zhou Wen ordered the Runic-Armored Tiger Soul General to charge over .

With a command, it roared as the bluish-white flames on its body burned . The lava patterns on the black heavy armor also turned into a strange orange-white color . Like a devil, he charged at the Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors .


With the augmentation of the powerful Essence Energy Skill, the Runic-Armored Tiger Soul General sent the few Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors flying . The spear struck a Runic Heavy-Armored Warrior and penetrated his chest with the bone spear . He slammed into a metal wall and was lifted up by the Tiger Soul General before shattering into pieces in midair .

Then, Zhou Wen saw a shocking scene . They were both at the Epic stage, and they were mainly defense-type beasts . However, the Runic-Armored Tiger Soul General charged forward as though it had entered an invincible state . It killed the Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors one by one . It was like a mighty being that had descended into the mortal world .

What was even more terrifying was that the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General’s Essence Energy seemed to be endless . The fire within the Tempered Steel Cauldron kept burning . It made the heavy armor on the Demonized General and Demonized Tiger stronger and stronger . Even the Tiger Soul Runes on them glowed brighter and brighter, becoming stronger as the battle progressed .

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Zhou Wen made him charge the entire way as the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General swept through the area . He wasn’t afraid of being ganked by many Epic creatures . Instead, he became more and more ferocious as he charged back and trampled on the dimensional creatures . It was as though he had entered an invincible state .

Even though all of them were at the Epic stage, a single charge was enough to smash through the Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors’ armor, killing them on the spot .

A Fire Furnace Queen appeared and threw out the fire from a furnace, turning the hall into a sea of flames .

However, the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General showed no fear . He rode on the tiger and charged into the sea of flames . The demonic runes and flames flickered on its body as he stabbed the Fire Furnace Queen to death with one strike .

Ferocious… Too ferocious… Zhou Wen was dumbfounded . It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this fellow was the strongest Epic pet . Zhou Wen had never seen such a ferocious Epic creature before .

Even the Mutated Demonized General that combined three skills was much weaker than the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General .

However, as the dimensional creatures were killed, the flames on the Tempered Steel Cauldron gradually dimmed . His aura and strength seemed to weaken as he slowly returned to a normal standard .

Zhou Wen found it strange . After trying a few times, he realized that this fellow was a war machine . He needed to constantly fight and kill in order to have unlimited Essence Energy . The more he killed, the stronger his various abilities became, especially with the augmentation of the Tempered Steel Cauldron .

Due to its limited Essence Energy, the Steel Cauldron Fiend could only last for a short period of time when using Tempered Steel Cauldron . However, the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General could use it perpetually, making his heavy armor harder and harder . The Tiger Soul Runes on the heavy armor also became stronger .

Zhou Wen studied it for a while and roughly understood that the combination of his Life Providence, Life Soul, and skills was perfect . It allowed him to become stronger the more he killed . Each one of the three was necessary .

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This is indeed a good pet, but why hasn’t the Jinxes Master been removed after so many fusions? Zhou Wen was somewhat conflicted .

The pet was good, but Zhou Wen was still afraid about Jinxes Master rearing its head .

The Ghost King’s lesson remained fresh in his mind . He did not want to be screwed by the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General at a critical moment . By then, it would be too late to cry .

However, Zhou Wen couldn’t bear to destroy such a powerful Companion Beast .

After some thought, Zhou Wen decided to fuse it again . However, this time, he didn’t deliberately choose low-success Companion Beasts . Instead, he chose a Companion Egg with a high success rate and wanted to see if he could eliminate the Jinxes Master skill .

If it could be eliminated, he would never find Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General redundant .

However, if he couldn’t eliminate it, Zhou Wen would rather destroy him than keep him by his side .

What kind of pet should I use to fuse with it? Zhou Wen wasn’t so rash this time as he carefully chose .

There were a total of six Epic Companion Eggs with a compatibility score above 60 with the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General . Throwing aside those with inferior skills and Life Providences, Zhou Wen was left with three rather satisfactory ones .

After some consideration, Zhou Wen finally chose a Companion Egg that dropped from Curse Demon Palace .

Epic Petrification Beasts had attributes that were more inclined towards their Constitution and Strength . Their Speed was relatively poor, and their Life Providences and Life Souls were relatively ordinary . The only benefit was that they possessed an Essence Energy Skill that was very compatible with the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General .

This Essence Energy Skill known as the Magic Stone Curse wasn’t considered powerful on the Petrification Beast . The Magic Stone Curse wasn’t a curse on the enemy, but on oneself .

After using the Magic Stone Curse, one’s skin and bones would become as hard as a rock, which would strengthen one’s defense .

Besides that, the Magic Stone Curse had another effect . Once it was used, other people would be affected by the Magic Stone Curse attacking the Petrification Beast’s body . Their bodies would also show signs of petrification .

However, unlike the petrification of the Petrification Beast, the bodies of others would become stiff and their movements would also become slower . It was even possible that they would become stone statues just like Medusa’s Eyes of Petrification .

Of course, the effect of the Magic Stone Curse was far inferior to the Eyes of Petrification . One would suffer complete petrification only if one was injured by the Magic Stone Curse numerous times . Furthermore, the petrification effect was not permanent . There was a time limit .

Zhou Wen believed that if the Magic Stone Curse could replace the Jinxes Master skill, the four-skilled Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General would be invincible . Not only would he become stronger as he fought, but he could even reflect attacks and produce curse effects .

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