Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 543

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Chapter 543: 543

“Since you’ve already come out, why don’t you buy the food yourself?” Zhou Wen handed over the food he had bought from the cafeteria to Wang Lu .

“That’s how I roll, isn’t I?” Wang Lu took the food and sat in a flower bed to eat .

Zhou Wen sat down by the side and began munching on his roujiamo—meat sandwiched in bread .

“Zhou Wen, what plans do you have after graduation? With your relationship with the An family, you should be able to directly enter the Sunset army, right?” Wang Lu asked Zhou Wen as she ate her bread .

“No, I plan on returning to my hometown . ” Zhou Wen had never planned on entering the Sunset army .

Zhou Wen really planned on returning to his hometown after graduation . He had seen quite a number of dungeons . He had even cleared two of the West District’s dungeons .

However, dimensional zones like the Ancient Sovereign City were very rare . The strongest creature in the Ancient Sovereign City was only at the Legendary stage . It looked like a very weak dimensional zone .

However, things like stone sabers that could be seen in-game, but untouchable and very rare in dimensional zones . Chess Mountain also had a similar jade box, but everyone knew how terrifying Chess Mountain was .

Zhou Wen felt that Ancient Sovereign City wasn’t that simple . Therefore, he wanted to return to Guide City after graduation .

“Your hometown is Guide City, right? There aren’t any overly famous dimensional zones there, so there aren’t many opportunities for development . ” Wang Lu paused for a moment before she said jokingly, “Why don’t you consider going to the capital after graduation? That way, you can also repay your debts . ”

Wang Lu came from the capital’s Wang family which was not the same Wang family in Luoyang .

“It’s still early . Let’s talk about it when the time comes . ” Zhou Wen felt that graduation was still a long way off . Perhaps, the restrictions of the dimensional zone would fail before he graduated . He wouldn’t be at liberty to decide when that happened . All he could do was take things one step at a time .

“Then if you have nowhere to go in the future, remember to look for me in the capital . Our Wang family welcomes talented people very much . Besides, as an old schoolmate of mine, I can still take care of you,” Wang Lu said with a smile .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen nodded .

Not far away, a few students were resting on the grass .

“Did you hear that someone found a Gold Burial Ground in the Dungeon?”

“What’s Gold Burial Ground?”

“You don’t even know what Gold Burial Ground is? It’s those you hear of in legends where a piece of gold is buried . After some time, this kind of Gold Burial Ground turns one piece of gold into two pieces of gold . ”

“It must be fake . Only ignoramuses would believe such a ridiculous thing . ”

“Don’t you doubt me . I don’t know if Gold Burial Grounds existed in the past, but after the dimensional storms, someone really discovered one . Furthermore, it’s been validated . The Gold Burial Ground does have magical powers . This person is famous in the Federation . ”

“Who is it?”

“It’s the Xia family’s hero . ”

“Are you serious? Why haven’t I heard of it before? Are you making it up?”

“What do you mean I made it up? There really was such a thing . There was more than one hero present at that time . However, that place was discovered by the Xia family’s hero . Besides, only he believed in the legend of Gold Burial Grounds . Hence, he was the only one who managed to find it . ”

“What did he bury?”

“He buried a sword and dug out two swords . Can you guess which two swords they are? You must have heard of the names of those two swords . ”

“No way? Could it be the famous Twin Dragon Swords of the Xia family?”

“Not bad . What the Xia family hero buried in the Gold Burial Ground back then was a Dragon Blood Sword Companion Egg . When he dug it out the next day, there were two Dragon Blood Sword Companion Eggs…”

The students were having a good time chatting, pumped as though all of that had happened .

“Senior, you were talking about the Gold Burial Ground being found in the Dungeon? Where is it?” Wang Lu eavesdropped for a while before running over to ask for information .

“If someone asks, I definitely won’t tell them . However, you’re so pretty there’s no harm telling you . That place is in the underground Ancient City that we often go to . However, it’s useless for you to go there now . I heard that the Gold Burial Ground only allows one thing to be buried once . It’s useless if you bury more . According to the senior who discovered the Gold Burial Ground, he accidentally dropped a dimensional crystal when he killed a dimensional creature . When he dug up again, he found two identical dimensional crystals…” The senior was very talkative and explained everything clearly .

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“Thank you, Senior . ” Wang Lu thanked him .

“Junior, don’t be in such a hurry to leave . Do you want me to take you there?” the senior said warmly when he saw Wang Lu’s beauty .

“There’s no need, Senior . Thank you . ” As Wang Lu spoke, she had already returned to the flower bed .

“You don’t have anything else to do this afternoon, right? Let’s go and take a look together . Perhaps there’s really a Gold Burial Ground,” Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen .

“Didn’t they say that the Gold Burial Ground can only be used once? Then what’s the use of going there?” Zhou Wen asked .

“To take a look . It’s just a legend that Gold Burial Ground only allows one burial . Perhaps it can be used again?” Wang Lu pulled Zhou Wen towards the underground Ancient City .

The underground ancient city mentioned by the students was actually the Ancient City dimensional zone which was in the uppermost layer . Although there were many dimensional creatures there, most of them were at the Mortal stage . The strongest was at the Legendary stage . Therefore, ordinary students would usually go there to learn how to hunt dimensional creatures . This meant it was very popular .

However, the dimensional creatures there didn’t produce anything particularly good . Therefore, students with some strength wouldn’t choose to stay there for long .

When Wang Lu and Zhou Wen arrived at the underground Ancient City, they realized that there were many students here . They were all searching for something in the dilapidated Ancient City . They must have heard the legend of the Gold Burial Ground, so they had come here to try their luck .

“There are so many people searching for the Gold Burial Ground . Even if there really is one, it’s already been occupied by countless people . Let’s head back . ” Zhou Wen was still thinking about how he could condense his Life Soul with the Small Perfection of Wisdom, so he really didn’t wish to waste time on such an iffy matter .

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“That’s not necessarily the case . How do you know there’s no chance if you don’t give it a try?” Wang Lu sized up Zhou Wen and said after looking at his feet, “Give me your shoes . ”

“What for?” Zhou Wen looked at her in puzzlement .

“Take off your right shoe and give it to me . You will know in a while,” urged Wang Lu .

Zhou Wen took off his right shoe and gave it to her . Wang Lu picked it up and made a prayer-like action before throwing it into the sky .

After the shoe landed, Wang Lu pointed in the direction of the shoe and said, “Let’s look over there . ”

“Will this really work?” Zhou Wen put on his shoes and followed Wang Lu forward .

“Let’s give it a try . Perhaps it will work . ” Wang Lu said .

The two of them walked all the way into Ancient City . It was really in ruins . Many of the walls were made of clay bricks . After the passage of time, they were pockmarked and covered in dust . No matter how one looked at it, it did not look like an ancient city but more like a village .

As they walked, one of Wang Lu’s ear studs dropped . After falling to the ground, it bounced into a fist-sized hole .

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