Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 544

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Chapter 544: 544

“Let me do it . ” Zhou Wen squatted down and reached his hand into the hole .

The hole was along a mud wall . It was probably dug out by something like a rat . As there weren’t any powerful dimensional creatures here, Zhou Wen didn’t activate Truth Listener . The hole wasn’t deep either . Zhou Wen extended his hand and touched it . Soon, he touched something . When he touched it, he realized that it was indeed Wang Lu’s ear stud .

However, what was strange was that Wang Lu had dropped one ear stud, but Zhou Wen touched two identical ear studs .

Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . He looked at Wang Lu’s other ear stud and couldn’t help but ask, “How many ear studs did you drop?”

“One,” Wang Lu replied .

“Why are there two ear studs here? Could it be…” Zhou Wen looked at the hole . He couldn’t believe that it was the legendary Gold Burial Ground .

Wang Lu took the two ear studs and carefully looked at them . Soon, she said with certainty, “These two ear studs are identical . Even the spots I accidentally scratched are identical . From the looks of it, we have really found the legendary Gold Burial Ground . Quick, take something and give it a try . ”

Zhou Wen was somewhat hesitant . Wang Lu’s luck was good enough to discover the Gold Burial Ground, but his luck wasn’t that good . Furthermore, he felt that the Gold Burial Ground was somewhat odd .

“It isn’t easy to find a Gold Burial Ground . Don’t you want to give it a try?” Wang Lu asked Zhou Wen .

Before Zhou Wen could answer, he saw a figure rush over . He was originally searching for the Gold Burial Ground nearby . Upon hearing Zhou Wen and Wang Lu’s conversation, he rushed over . Without waiting for Zhou Wen and Wang Lu to react, he stuffed a Companion Egg into the hole .

“Hey, aren’t you being a little impolite?” Zhou Wen said with a frown .

“You have to share the good stuff with everyone . We’re all schoolmates after all . Why be so petty? At most, you can use it later . ” The person raised his head as he spoke .

“It’s you?” Zhou Wen exchanged looks with the person and immediately recognized him .

This person’s name was Li Yu . Previously, Zhou Wen had set up a stall to sell Companion Eggs at the school’s trading market . Back then, there were two students who had set up stalls beside him . One was Huang Ji and the other was Li Yu .

Back then, Zhou Wen had a tiny conflict with Li Yu because of Gu Dian . Li Yu had suffered a little, but he never expected to meet him again today .

“So it’s you, Zhou Wen . You caused me so much pain last time . Let me use the Gold Burial Ground this time and we’re even . ” Li Yu grinned and asked, “How long will it take for this Gold Burial Ground to take effect?”

Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered to argue with him, so he replied, “The ear stud fell moments ago . There were two once I tried taking it out . ”

“Legend has it that we have to bury it for one night . I was just wondering how long it would take for us to pass the time . It turns out that it can be done so soon,” Li Yu said as he reached his hand into the hole .

After touching it a few times, Li Yu’s expression changed . His squatting body suddenly turned into a kneeling position . His face was almost pressed to the side of the hole . Most of his arm was stretched in as he groped about .

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“Where… where’s my Companion Egg?” Li Yu’s expression was not not a happy one . He searched the hole several times but failed to find anything .

“There’s nothing?” Zhou Wen activated Truth Listener and listened to the hole .

The hole wasn’t too deep to begin with, so he could hear everything clearly .

It was a small hole about forty centimeters deep . There were no forks or Companion Eggs inside .

“Impossible? I just put it in there . It can’t be wrong . Why is it gone?” Li Yu reached in again and groped about anxiously . However, there was nothing inside . He could not touch it .

Zhou Wen also found it odd . He had seen Li Yu put the Companion Egg in with his own eyes . Why was it gone?

“Are you deliberately messing with me? That Companion Egg was from the company and not mine . Stop fooling around and return it to me . I know I was wrong . I’ll compensate you, alright?” Li Yu was anxious . Unable to find it, he stood up to bow to Zhou Wen and Wang Lu .

“Don’t spout nonsense . We didn’t take your Companion Egg . You were the one who insisted on putting it in . Who can you blame?” Wang Lu curled her lips and said .

Li Yu was speechless . He also knew that Zhou Wen and Wang Lu’s statuses weren’t ordinary, so he didn’t dare cause trouble with them .

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“Wang Lu, give me an ear stud . ” Zhou Wen extended his hand in front of Wang Lu .

Wang Lu handed him an ear stud . Zhou Wen threw the ear stud into the hole and used Truth Listener to listen . However, there was no reaction . It was just an ordinary hole .

He reached in and touched . There was only one ear stud .

“It’s indeed a little strange,” Zhou Wen said with a frown as he looked at the ear stud in his hand .

“This hole clearly replicated my ear studs just now . Why did it suddenly fail? It’s very strange,” Wang Lu added .

Zhou Wen shook his head slightly . “That’s not what I’m talking about . The reason this news spread is because someone discovered the Gold Burial Ground . In other words, that person used the Gold Burial Ground and knew its effects before he could spread the news . However, if it’s really effective, he should be constantly burying things inside . How can he spread such important news?”

“What you said makes sense . Since he spread the news, it must be that Gold Burial Ground is already useless . Or rather, there’s something wrong with that Gold Burial Ground…” Li Yu also came to a realization . He pounded his chest and stamped his feet, regretting that he hadn’t thought of this in advance . He even took the company’s Epic Companion Egg and stuffed it in . He was truly blinded by wealth .

“My ear studs were clearly replicated, and his Companion Eggs disappeared . Doesn’t that mean that the Gold Burial Ground exists? Furthermore, it’s indeed effective . However, there’s a problem with it?” Wang Lu said as she looked at the hole .

“Is there any way to retrieve my Companion Egg?” Li Yu asked Wang Lu as though he was grasping at straws .

“I don’t know . Try again . ” Wang Lu shook her head .

Li Yu could not be bothered anymore . He knelt beside the cave and placed some of his trinkets inside . After a while, he took them out . However, it was useless . They were not replicated, neither had they disappeared .

This was within Zhou Wen’s expectations . It was an ordinary hole . He had been listening for a long time . There was nothing around the hole, nor were there any energy fluctuations .

“Wang Lu, can you search again?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Lu .

“Yes, but this will be the last time for today . Give me your shoe,” said Wang Lu .

“Can’t you use something else?” Zhou Wen had to take off his shoe and give it to Wang Lu .

“No . ” Wang Lu took the shoe and threw it into the air .

The shoe landed, but this time, it pointed in a different direction, not in the direction of the hole .

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