Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 545

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Chapter 545: 545

This time, when the two of them walked forward, Zhou Wen raised Truth Listener’s powers to the limit as he constantly scanned his surroundings .

After walking for a while, Zhou Wen discovered a strange spot . Beneath a mud wall was a place where Truth Listener couldn’t hear . It was as though something had isolated it, preventing him from hearing anything .

The direction the duo were heading in happened to line up with this area .

When Zhou Wen looked, he saw that there was a hole beneath the mud wall . It was similar to the hole just now, but this hole was clearly different . Even Truth Listener couldn’t tell what was going on inside .

Zhou Wen gave Wang Lu a look before looking in the direction of the hole . Wang Lu looked at the hole, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong with it . She only felt that the hole looked very similar to the one from before .

“Could this hole be the legendary Gold Burial Ground? Why don’t we try using something first?” Zhou Wen deliberately said loudly to Wang Lu .

Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that there was something wrong with the Gold Burial Ground . Not only was it able to move, but it had also swallowed Li Yu’s Companion Egg . The thing it had replicated was an ear stud with very low practical value . No matter how he thought about it, there was something amiss .

“What if the thing that’s placed inside ends up disappearing like that person’s Companion Egg?” Wang Lu said cooperatively .

“It’s fine . Let’s give it a try first . I remember you have a Mythical Companion Egg on you, right? Try using an unimportant Companion Egg or something first . If there’s no problem, put the Mythical Companion Egg inside,” Zhou Wen said to Wang Lu while winking .

“Is that so? Alright then . ” Wang Lu touched her pocket knowingly . She took out something and placed it in the hole .

Zhou Wen kept observing the hole . After Wang Lu placed the item inside, a strange energy fluctuation immediately appeared in the hole . Unfortunately, Zhou Wen could only sense the energy fluctuation and couldn’t hear what was happening inside .

However, as long as he could sense something unusual in the hole, he could lock onto it . He wasn’t afraid that it would escape . Zhou Wen refused to believe that it was faster than his saber .

After a while, the energy fluctuations in the cave gradually came to a stop . As for the hole, there was still a force that screened his powers . Zhou Wen still couldn’t hear what was happening inside .

He gave Wang Lu a look before she squatted down . As she reached out to reach into the hole, she said, “I wonder if this is the Gold Burial Ground . It should be done, right?”

As she spoke, Wang Lu had already taken out the item from the cave . Zhou Wen had seen what she had previously placed inside . It was a very small saber .

Now, Wang Lu took out two sabers .

“Wow, one saber has turned into two . Is this really the Gold Burial Ground?” Zhou Wen extended his hand to take the small saber . The saber looked somewhat strange . The blade was like a piece of pandan leaf, and the scabbard was the same . It was probably made of Essence Gold . From the looks of it, it seemed pretty good .

Zhou Wen pulled the tiny saber out of its sheath, and Wang Lu also unsheathed the tiny saber in her hand . The two sabers had a cold, oppressive glint, making one’s hair stand on end . They looked identical .

Zhou Wen knew at a glance that it was a good saber, and it wasn’t an ordinary one .

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“That’s right . This place is really a Gold Burial Ground . Let’s quickly put a Mythical Companion Egg inside . ” As Wang Lu spoke, she gave Zhou Wen another look before looking at the tiny saber in his hand .

“Alright, quickly put the Mythical Companion Egg in . That way, we can have two Mythical Companion Eggs . When the time comes, I’ll have one, and you can have one…” Zhou Wen said as though he had thought of something . He suddenly changed his words and said, “Let’s think it through . The item that was placed inside the second time disappeared . To be safe, let’s try again . ”

With that said, Zhou Wen placed the tiny saber in his hand into the hole and continued observing the situation inside with Truth Listener .

The strange energy fluctuation in the cave stirred once again, but this time, Zhou Wen clearly felt that the strange energy fluctuation was much weaker . Not only was it weaker, but it was also very unstable .

Gradually, Zhou Wen realized that in the hole where Truth Listener originally couldn’t hear anything, he could vaguely hear some movement . It was as though something was moving inside .

This time, the energy fluctuation clearly lasted longer than before . After a while, the strange power in the cave decreased significantly . Zhou Wen could roughly hear the situation inside .

He realized that there was a tiny beast inside the cave . Zhou Wen couldn’t tell what it was . It looked a little like a squirrel, but it wasn’t exactly the same . It looked much better than a rat . Its body was slender, and its eyes were huge . Its tail was also very large and fluffy .

Is this fellow a ferret? However, a ferret shouldn’t be living in a mud wall . It should be in the forest, right? Could it be a weasel? Zhou Wen had never seen a weasel before, but the more he thought about it, the more likely it was .

At that moment, the tiny beast was holding the small saber with its two glowing paws . Its eyes were wide open like two little light bulbs staring at the empty space in front of it . From its eyes, a strange light shot out . It was like a three-dimensional printer in a science fiction movie . The light actually printed out a small sheathed saber out of nowhere .

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Although Truth Listener couldn’t hear the trajectory of the light beams, it could sense an energy fluctuation shoot out from its eyes before gradually molding the tiny saber in midair .

The portion of the saber’s blade had been completed, but it was still short of the handle . The beast seemed to be lacking in Essence Energy . The ripples that shot out from its eyes were intermittent, as though they would disappear at any moment .

The beast’s fur stood up as it seemed to steel itself . It tried its best to shoot out rays of light from its eyes . Finally, it finished the last portion of the saber handle .


The small saber fell to the ground together with the small saber in its claws . The two small sabers were identical, with no visible difference .

However, the beast was so tired that it sprawled in the hole with its limbs spread out . It stuck out its tiny tongue and panted . It looked like it had consumed a lot of energy .

“It should be done, right?” Zhou Wen muttered to himself before reaching into the cave .

The beast immediately got up and dragged its tired body to the back of the cave .

Zhou Wen reached in and took out the two sabers . He even unsheathed them and compared them . Indeed, they were identical . It didn’t look any different .

“It’s really identical . Quickly take out the Mythical Companion Egg and put it in . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he noticed the beast’s eyes lighting up . Even its ears pricked up as it wore an excited and expectant look .

“Isn’t the Companion Egg with you?” Wang Lu retorted .

“No way . I thought it was you . Didn’t you bring it?” Zhou Wen feigned surprise .

“No, I thought you brought it . What do we do now?” Wang Lu asked .

“Then let’s try it next time,” Zhou Wen said as he turned to leave . Wang Lu followed him .

The beast in the hole was stunned for a full second before it suddenly screamed and crawled out of the hole .

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