Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 546

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Chapter 546: 546

Chapter 546 Revenge

The beast transformed into a stream of light as it screamed and charged at Zhou Wen . Unfortunately, it had expended too much Essence Energy . Zhou Wen circulated the Demonic Astral Wheel with one hand and a powerful suction force sucked the beast into his palm . No matter how hard the beast struggled, it couldn’t escape .

Zhou Wen didn’t attack it directly because he felt that the beast was likely to be proficient in underground escaping abilities . If it escaped underground, it would be difficult to capture it .

Now that it had rushed out and left the ground, it was naturally the best outcome for him .

“Forget it . Let it go . It hasn’t harmed anyone . It has only cheated people of things,” said Wang Lu .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and felt that killing the beast wouldn’t have a high chance of dropping a Companion Egg . After all, he had already obtained two tiny sabers . It didn’t matter if he let it go .

The power of the Demonic Astral Wheel in Zhou Wen’s hand dissipated, and after landing on the ground, the beast immediately vanished .

It really knows how to use Earth Escape . Zhou Wen was somewhat envious . Earth Escape was extremely practical . It was even more practical than flying . Unfortunately, it wasn’t produced in many places . If he wanted to learn it, he had to depend on luck . He couldn’t buy it even if he had the money .

“That little beast almost died from exhaustion in order to replicate those two sabers . Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so easily caught by me . What saber is this?” Zhou Wen returned the two tiny sabers to Wang Lu .

“You already have a Bamboo Blade, yet you don’t recognize the Orchid Blade of the Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, and Chrysanthemum Blades?” Wang Lu looked at Zhou Wen in surprise .

“You’re telling me that this tiny saber is the Orchid Blade of the Four Gentlemen Blades?” Zhou Wen immediately knew that he had underestimated the little beast .

Initially, he thought that it was just an ordinary Essence Gold saber . It was not surprising that the little beast could replicate it . However, he didn’t expect it to be the Orchid Blade of the Four Gentlemen Blades .

Zhou Wen had the Bamboo Blade, so he knew that the Four Gentlemen Blades were extraordinary . Their toughness was comparable to a Mythical creature’s body, and they were extremely rare Essence Gold weapons .

Outside the game, Zhou Wen used Bamboo Blade more than the Overlord Sword because although Overlord Sword’s sword beam was powerful, the sword’s blade was too weak . It was very likely to snap when colliding with powerful forces .

As for Bamboo Blade, it didn’t have any problems in this aspect . Even in a battle with Mythical creatures, it had never been damaged . Just this point alone was enough to prove the value of the Four Gentlemen Blades .

The quality of the Orchid Blade was likely to be the same as the Bamboo Blade; however, it was a little small . Yet, that little beast had actually been able to duplicate the Orchid Blade . This ability was really a little abnormal .

However, Zhou Wen had heard that the Four Gentlemen Blades would bring ill fate to their owners . Now, the Orchid Blade had turned into three . He didn’t know if Wang Lu’s luck could block the ominous fate brought by three Orchid Blades .

“Two Orchid Blades were replicated . Each of us can have one . ” Wang Lu handed one of the Orchid Blades to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen shook his head and said, “I don’t have your luck . I’ve been unlucky enough recently . How am I supposed to survive if I hold the Orchid Blade? You should keep it yourself . ”

However, Wang Lu stuffed the Orchid Blade into Zhou Wen’s hand . “Take a closer look . Although the replica looks similar to the real one, there are still some differences . This replica Orchid Blade definitely doesn’t have the ominous problems that plague the real Orchid Blade . ”

Zhou Wen picked up the Orchid Blade in his hand and compared it with the real Orchid Blade that Wang Lu had mentioned . However, in terms of external superficialities, it didn’t seem any different .

Zhou Wen tested the sharpness and toughness of the replica and realized that it was very similar to the real Four Gentlemen Blades . He couldn’t tell what was different .

Seeing Zhou Wen look at her suspiciously, Wang Lu said with a smile, “Don’t worry about using it . I can sense that there’s no ominous power in the replica . ”

Since Wang Lu was so certain, Zhou Wen accepted the replica Orchid Blade . Although it was fake, it likely wasn’t inferior to the real deal as a weapon . Furthermore, it wouldn’t be detrimental to its owner like the real one .

The secret of the Gold Burial Ground had been cracked . There was no point in staying here any longer . Zhou Wen and Wang Lu headed for the exit of the underground Ancient City .

After walking for a while, Zhou Wen realized that the little beast had poked its head out from a hole in the distance and was looking at them .

They were walking ahead; yet, the fella continued following them without giving up . It was clearly waiting for an opportunity to take revenge .

Since the little beast wasn’t very aggressive and it hadn’t harmed other students, Zhou Wen ignored it and thought that it wouldn’t be able to keep up after they exited the dimensional zone .

However, he never expected that after leaving the underground Ancient City, the little beast would continue following him . After leaving the dimensional zone, Zhou Wen’s Truth Listener ability discovered that it had been traveling underground all this time . It had actually followed them onto campus .

This fellow can actually break out of the seal? Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . After all, there weren’t many break-out creatures nowadays .

Zhou Wen remained unperturbed as he pretended that he didn’t notice it . He secretly sent a message to Wang Lu on his phone, telling her to be careful .

When they separated in front of their dorms, Wang Lu made a face at Zhou Wen and sent him a message . “It’s best you be careful . I believe it will definitely seek you out . ”

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Zhou Wen thought that it made sense . With Wang Lu’s luck, even if the little beast wanted to seek revenge, it would definitely come to him instead of Wang Lu .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen realized that the little beast had indeed followed him in . It furtively hid in his building furtively, but it didn’t dare attack Zhou Wen .

From the looks of it, it knew how powerful Zhou Wen was . It didn’t dare risk its life to fight Zhou Wen . All it did was secretly exact revenge on him .

As it knew how to escape through the earth, it would be difficult to attack it again if he failed to take it down with a single strike . Zhou Wen pretended not to see it and waited for it to leave the ground before attacking .

He got onto bed and gamed on his phone . He also slowly drank the herbal tea that he had brewed . Although his body was in a good condition recently and hadn’t lost much blood, he still needed to maintain his health . He had to be prepared . What if he bled heavily in the future?

As Zhou Wen grinded the dungeons, he waited for the little beast to reveal itself . However, the little beast was very careful . It hid in a wall corner, behind the closet, and various spots . It peeked its head out from time to time without daring to come over .

When Zhou Wen saw that it didn’t dare come over while he gamed, he locked his phone and pretended to be asleep .

The little beast was just too careful . It only began to quietly crawl over and hide under Zhou Wen’s bed after he faked sleep .

Zhou Wen originally believed that the little beast would attack him at once . Once it left the ground, he would grab it .

However, to his surprise, the little beast suddenly changed its target and when it reached the bottom of Zhou Wen’s bed, it pounced at something underneath .

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Zhou Wen listened carefully . The little beast had pounced on an iron lump and hugged it with its paws . It opened its mouth and bit it, producing creaking sounds .

Only then did Zhou Wen recall that he had obtained a treasure map from Earth Temple and had dug it up . However, Zhou Wen’s treasure map had led him to a dimensional doll . He didn’t know what kind of plant-type dimensional creature it was .

Later, he had saved the baby . The baby had given him a metal lump that resembled a walnut . Zhou Wen studied it for a long time but failed to figure out what it was . He had thrown it under the bed .

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