Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: 547

The tiny beast originally wanted to launch a sneak attack on Zhou Wen, but after discovering the item that resembled a metal walnut, it gave up . It sprawled on the metal walnut and gnawed at it .

Zhou Wen saw that its teeth were already creating sparks from gnawing on the metal, but it couldn’t tear the outer shell of the metal walnut apart .

This fellow definitely knows something valuable when it sees it . Could it be that the metal walnut is really something good? After studying it for a period of time, Zhou Wen still couldn’t figure out what the metal walnut was . He thought it was a special metal and planned on finding an opportunity to melt it into a saber or something .

But now, looking at how the little beast wanted to eat the metal walnut, Zhou Wen felt that the walnut wasn’t just as simple as a piece of metal .

The tiny beast was good at replicating, and it had definitely seen a lot of treasures . Moreover, it knew how to hide underground . What kind of metal could it not find underground? It definitely didn’t want to eat the metal on the metal walnut’s surface . It was very likely that there was something inside the metal walnut which had made it forget about revenge .

With its cautious personality, it actually dared to cause such a commotion under Zhou Wen’s bed . Clearly, the item in the metal walnut was extremely attractive to it, making it lose its rationality .

Zhou Wen turned over and got off the bed . He lifted the bedsheets and looked inside . He saw that the tiny beast was still chewing on the metal walnut . It was as though it had been possessed . It didn’t even seem to notice that Zhou Wen was looking at it as it continued gnawing .

Zhou Wen reached out and picked it up .

However, the tiny beast’s four paws had the metal walnut in a firm grip . No matter how hard Zhou Wen pulled, it wouldn’t budge . When he pulled out the metal walnut, the tiny beast came out with it, its paws still on the walnut .

From the looks of it, what’s inside this metal walnut is no trifling matter . Zhou Wen released his hand . The tiny beast didn’t run, instead, it sprawled on the metal walnut and continued gnawing .

This fellow sure is greedy . Zhou Wen shook his head . Humans die for wealth, birds die for food . This little beast had sacrificed its life for a metal walnut . Its intelligence was truly worrying .

Since the tiny beast couldn’t bite through it, Zhou Wen ignored it and let it slowly gnaw at it while he carefully studied the metal walnut .

Truth Listener’s powers couldn’t hear what was inside the metal walnut . It seemed to be solid metal at its core . Doctor Darkness’s Light of Penetration couldn’t penetrate the metal either .

Zhou Wen didn’t sense any special energy fluctuations from the metal walnut . This left him puzzled . He didn’t know what could be inside such a metal lump .

He attempted to slash with Overlord Sword, but the sword beam that possessed Ever-Victorious only left a white mark on the metal walnut .

After a while, Zhou Wen realized that the tiny beast had actually produced a shallow bite mark on the metal walnut . At this speed, he didn’t know when it would be able to bite through it .

The tiny beast forgot about running as it greedily nibbled on it . Zhou Wen thought for a moment and placed the metal walnut and the little beast into the chaos space .

In the chaos space, the tiny beast continued nibbling on the metal walnut as if it was possessed .

Before the Golden Battle God Halberd respawned, Zhou Wen took out a Buddhist scripture and pondered as he read it . Could the Eight Perfections correspond to the Eight Consciousnesses?

Six hundred volumes of the Great Perfection of Wisdom Sutra are condensed into the Diamond Sutra . The Diamond Sutra is also condensed into the Heart Sutra . It can be said that the Heart Sutra is the essence of the Great Perfection of Wisdom . And its true meaning lies in the Eighth Consciousnesses . It’s also known as Tathagatagarbha Thought, and it’s also known as Ālayavijñāna . However, this is the concept and essence of the Great Perfection of Wisdom Sutra . The Small Perfection of Wisdom I cultivate seems somewhat different . Zhou Wen thought for a moment and felt that something was amiss . He then looked at the other information .

He failed to figure out anything new even when the Golden Battle God Halberd respawned . He went to grind the Golden Battle God Halberd and Medusa, but they only dropped stat crystals after expending all his efforts . It made Zhou Wen suspect that the Orchid Blade replica had affected the light that shone on him from providence .

Ah Sheng said that there’s a one-third chance . It should drop next time, right? Although Zhou Wen was anxious, he didn’t have any good ideas . All he could do was wait for tomorrow .

After grinding the rare dimensional creatures again, he was quite lucky this time . Another Three-Eyed Vajra Malla Companion Egg dropped . Zhou Wen hatched it and kept it for future fusions .

After finishing his set of grinding, Zhou Wen began studying his Life Providence, Eight Perfections Wisdom, again . Only by condensing a Life Soul could he learn the Golden Battle God Halberd’s skill .

“Zhou Wen, are you busy? Do you have time to come with me to Dragon Gate Grotto?” Li Xuan suddenly came to Zhou Wen .

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Li Xuan had been cultivating diligently recently and seldom came out . For him to take the initiative to look for Zhou Wen was definitely something .

“Yes,” Zhou Wen agreed .

The two of them arranged to meet in front of Dragon Gate Grotto . When Zhou Wen arrived, he realized that apart from Li Xuan, Feng Qiuyan and Gu Dian from the Xuanwen Club were present as well as Ming Xiu .

“Now that Zhou Wen is here, I’ll make things clear first before we enter . ” Li Xuan recounted what had happened .

Li Xuan had been cultivating diligently recently . He had gone to many dimensional zones to hone his combat abilities . He had discovered a strange dimensional creature in Dragon Gate Grotto’s Southernmost Cave . He had never seen it before .

While battling the dimensional creature, Li Xuan had nearly been killed . Thankfully, he had escaped .

The reason he had called them over was to let them take a look and see if there was a chance of killing that dimensional creature .

According to Li Xuan’s description, the dimensional creature was somewhat different from the other dimensional creatures in Dragon Gate Grotto . The Dragon Gate Grotto’s ordinary dimensional creatures were Warriors, Vajra Mallas, Fairies, and Stone Beasts .

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However, that dimensional creature looked as ugly and terrifying as a devil .

After arriving outside the southernmost Cave, Li Xuan said to Zhou Wen and company, “You aren’t familiar with that dimensional creature . Don’t attack first . I’ll fight it first . Watch by the side . It’s best if you can think of a way to counter it . It won’t be too late to attack then . ”

Zhou Wen, Feng Qiuyan, Gu Dian, and Ming Xiu nodded in agreement . The five of them entered the Southernmost Cave together .

There were some Warriors in the Southernmost Cave, but they were not as strong as the Vajra Mallas of the Myriad Buddha Cave . The five of them easily stormed their way in . When they arrived at a stone cave, they saw a three-headed, six-armed monster that looked like black iron rush out of the cave .

Zhou Wen looked at the three heads of the dimensional creature . Each face looked more terrifying than the other . All of them looked like evil ghosts . The only difference was that the head in the middle had a single horn while the other two had either two or three horns .

In each of his six hands was a hoop . The hoops were as thick as an infant’s arm and were shimmering with golden light . They looked like they were made of gold and there were many mysterious patterns engraved on them .

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