Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 548

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Chapter 548: 548

Li Xuan directly used his Life Soul . His body was tightly wrapped by the black carapace, and his eyes had turned red . He looked different from his usual demeanor and looked sinister .

Li Xuan’s speed was very fast, leaving behind afterimages as he rushed in front of the monster . His body swayed left and right as he dodged the monster’s hoop attacks . He held an Epic Companion Beast saber in his hand and slashed at the monster’s body, but it was blocked by a hoop .

The monster was indeed very powerful . The six hoops delivered strange attacks, preventing Li Xuan’s saber from touching him . All he could do was constantly shift his position .

Li Xuan’s moves and movement techniques were exquisite . They looked extremely beautiful . It could be said to be a textbook example, without any flaws .

However, Zhou Wen felt that this wasn’t Li Xuan . The Li Xuan he knew wasn’t someone who pursued perfection .

If he hadn’t seen Li Xuan rush forward, Zhou Wen would have believed that the person inside the carapace was Li Mobai .

Is it really good to have such a change? Zhou Wen frowned slightly . If a person’s goal was something he didn’t like, Zhou Wen doubted he could go far .

“Li Xuan’s moves are very powerful . I can’t find any flaws, but I have a nagging feeling that something’s amiss,” Feng Qiuyan said as he watched Li Xuan battle the monster .

Ming Xiu nodded and said, “I also find it a little strange . It’s very strong, but it also feels a little odd . I remember seeing Li Xuan fight in the past . His style isn’t like that, right?”

“Coach, what do you think?” Feng Qiuyan asked Zhou Wen .

“Not everyone knows the path to take when they are born . They have to slowly experiment . Some people quickly find their own paths, but some people can walk their entire lives only to end up meandering down the wrong path . In fact, I don’t know which path is right or which path is wrong . Li Xuan’s path ultimately needs to be taken by him . I believe that no matter how difficult it is, he will definitely be able to continue down the path,” Zhou Wen said .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Li Xuan’s saber constantly clashed with the monster’s golden hoop, but Li Xuan kept retreating . The monster’s strength and speed were above his . His saber was unable to penetrate the golden bangle’s defenses . Instead, he was forced to constantly retreat .

After watching for a while, Zhou Wen roughly understood that the monster had Epic levels of Strength and Constitution . Its body was extremely strong, and with its immense strength, even with Zhou Wen’s Constitution, he would probably only be able to tie with him .

Li Xuan’s family had plenty of resources, so he had a large number of stat crystals to use . He hadn’t advanced to the Epic stage for long, but his various stats were almost maxed out . However, he couldn’t see his stats . Zhou Wen estimated that his basic stats were about 40 points . Even if it wasn’t, it was probably around 38 or 39 .

Logically speaking, Li Xuan cultivated in the Invincible Connate Divine Art, so he shouldn’t have been at a disadvantage in terms of Constitution and Strength . However, he was overly focused on perfection in his moves, causing him to be constantly thrown back by the monster .

“I’m quite aware of its abilities . Let’s go,” Gu Dian said .

“Wait a little longer . I want to watch a little longer . ” Zhou Wen stopped them and watched Li Xuan continue fighting .

Gu Dian didn’t ask why . Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu also stopped as they continued watching the battle .

“Old Zhou, it’s about time . Hurry up and attack,” Li Xuan shouted at Zhou Wen as he retreated .

“You shouldn’t need our help with such a weak dimensional creature, right?” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

“Bullsh*t . If I didn’t need you, would I have called you here?” Li Xuan cursed .

Zhou Wen said with a grin, “Didn’t you call us here to show us how amazing you are when slaying monsters? I understand . ”

“Understand my ass . Hurry up and attack . I can’t hold on any longer . ” Li Xuan was already forced to a corner of the cave . There was no way out .

“Are you lying to me again?” Zhou Wen stood firmly outside the cave, refusing to enter .

With Zhou Wen not moving, Feng Qiuyan, Ming Xiu, and Gu Dian didn’t move either . Li Xuan had been forced to the point of having no time to bicker with Zhou Wen .


There was no room for retreat . Li Xuan, who was leaning against the stone wall, had his arm struck by the monster’s golden hoop . The carapace on his body cracked, and his bones seemed to fracture from the impact . His left arm immediately drooped down .

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Thankfully, Li Xuan’s movement technique was good enough, or the strike would have smashed on his head .

“Old Zhou, stop fooling around . Are you trying to kill me?” Li Xuan rolled to the side in a sorry state as he yelled .

“I’m not fooling around . The Li Xuan I know doesn’t need help when killing such a dimensional creature, right?” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

Li Xuan fell silent as he constantly changed his movement techniques . He brandished his saber with his other hand to circle around the monster, but he couldn’t put up a fight even with two hands . Now, it was even worse after he had one arm injured . The situation was becoming more and more harrowing .

“Coach, will it be dangerous?” Ming Xiu asked worriedly .

“It’s fine . He still has energy left . ” Zhou Wen knew Li Xuan too well .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what Life Soul Li Xuan had, but his Life Providence meant that he wouldn’t be killed so easily . Or rather, he wasn’t using his best strengths .

He was escaping from his past self . He wanted to become as mature and steady as Li Mobai so that he could use his exquisite techniques and schemes to defeat his opponent .

His talent was indeed very good, and his technique was also perfect . However, his personality was not compatible with his technique . This made his technique look powerful, but it lacked the decisiveness .

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Crack! Crack!

More and more spots on Li Xuan’s carapace cracked as his injuries worsened .

“Coach, are you sure things will be fine? I think Li Xuan is about to die . Let’s go,” Feng Qiuyan said .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen saw that Li Xuan was still planning on winning using techniques . He knew that if this carried on, he might really die . He nodded and prepared to rush in .

“Stop right there . No one is to enter,” Li Xuan suddenly said .

Zhou Wen and company stopped as they watched Li Xuan battle the three-headed, six-armed monster . He was still persisting with perfecting his techniques, but his injuries were rapidly recovering .

The broken carapace on his body was repaired automatically in just a moment, and the repair speed accelerated . Towards the end, the golden hoops sent him flying upon impact, but in the next second, he stood up again, and the broken carapace was restored to its original state in the blink of an eye .

His recovery ability is much stronger than when he was at the Legendary stage! Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be surprised . Such a recovery ability virtually meant an undying body . Unless he was hit by a fatal blow, it was nearly impossible to kill him .

Gradually, Zhou Wen felt that Li Xuan’s aura was a little different . His moves were still pursuing perfection, but they were becoming more and more sinister .

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