Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: 549

“Coach, did you notice that Li Xuan’s bizarre armor seems a little strange?” Feng Qiuyan said as he stared at the carapace on Li Xuan .

“It’s indeed a little strange . ” Zhou Wen had long discovered it .

Every time Li Xuan’s carapace was shattered and restored, it would become even more resilient . The monster caused less damage when smashing into his self-healing carapace .

Furthermore, this ability seemed to have no upper limit . It could be shattered repeatedly . Every self-recovery made it stronger . After a few consecutive rounds of self-recovery, the monster’s golden hoop could only cause him minimal damage .

Why is Li Xuan learning from Li Mobai? His Life Providence and Life Soul mean he’s born to be beaten up and injured . How can he become stronger without being beaten up? It’s a waste to learn from Li Mobai! Zhou Wen thought .

Li Xuan was clearly the first person to realize that there was something wrong with his Life Soul . This was because his Life Soul had been condensed under Li Mobai’s pressure . He had even absorbed Li Mobai’s Evil King Gu . Even he himself knew little about his Life Soul . He even believed Li Mobai’s words—his Life Soul was a failed Life Soul .

Indeed, his Life Soul was different from Li Mobai’s expectations, it did not have the Evil King Gu as its primary core; it only absorbed a portion of the Evil King Gu’s characteristics and formed its own Life Soul .

His Life Soul had parts of the Evil King Gu’s characteristics, but they were not completely the same .

Previously, Li Xuan blamed himself . He felt that he needed to mature as soon as possible and become the pillar of support for his family like Li Mobai . Therefore, he deliberately trained himself, hoping to be stronger than Li Mobai .

He wanted to surpass Li Mobai in all aspects, but in the end, he walked a path that was not suitable for him at all . He had been training his skills all this time, trying his best to avoid getting injured . Unbeknownst to him, his Life Soul only became stronger after being injured . He had taken a long detour for nothing .

It was only today that he discovered the secrets of his Life Soul after being injured continuously . He could not help but feel overjoyed .

“To seek victory in defeat, to rebuild a kingdom that belongs to you from ruins . Such strength is similar to a phoenix’s nirvana . It’s a very powerful Life Soul,” Feng Qiuyan said seriously .

Anyone who fought Li Xuan would be under immense pressure . If they couldn’t kill him in one fell swoop, he would become stronger the more they fought . In the end, the opponent might be the one to die .

Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan and felt that his Life Soul wasn’t just becoming strong from every shattering . Zhou Wen vaguely felt that every time the carapace shattered and healed, it would gain an additional sinister power .

The feeling was very strange . Zhou Wen couldn’t tell what it was, but he kept feeling that something was amiss .

Finally, Zhou Wen knew what was amiss . Li Xuan punched out and he realized that his punch was somewhat similar to a monster’s attack . The way he used it was very similar to the three-headed, six-armed monster .

However, if Zhou Wen didn’t remember wrongly, this move was likely the monster’s Essence Energy Skill . It wasn’t something that could be learned just from watching . One had to know the way to circulate Essence Energy .

Li Xuan definitely didn’t know such an Essence Energy Skill in the past . Now that he had used it, there was only one possibility—he had actually learned the three-headed, six-armed monster’s Essence Energy Skill while battling it .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but recall something . Li Mobai once said that his Life Soul was called Evil King Gu, a Life Soul formed from cultivating a secret Essence Energy Art from the South District .

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Zhou Wen had once heard of some legends . South District’s Gu techniques placed many different kinds of poisonous worms and insects in a jar . They constantly hunted each other out of hunger, and the last poisonous worm to survive was a Gu . Not only was this Gu the strongest poisonous object, but it also possessed the ability to hunt and devour other poisonous worms .

Li Xuan’s Life Soul wasn’t only becoming stronger as it shattered, but it could also learn the enemy’s Essence Energy Skill in battle . It was very similar to the legends of Gu .

How much power has Li Xuan’s Life Soul inherited from Li Mobai’s Evil King Gu? Zhou Wen thought to himself .

Li Xuan had already gained the upper hand . When the golden hoops struck him, there were no longer any cracks on the armor . All it could do was make Li Xuan retreat half a step .

Li Xuan no longer dodged the monster’s golden hoops . While they smashed on his body, his saber slashed at the monster’s body . The battle between the man and monster felt like a battle between two monsters .

Li Xuan was struck by the golden hoops and his injuries rapidly healed . As for the monster’s body, it couldn’t heal from the saber slashes . In this constant battle, the monster that was originally terrifying looked weaker and weaker . It even felt like it was trembling .

Ming Xiu watched with a complicated expression . He wondered if death was the only option if he couldn’t kill Li Xuan with his strike .

Feng Qiuyan frowned as he pondered . If he were to fight Li Xuan, how could he win? After thinking for a long time, there was only one solution . He had to kill him before he became stronger .


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Li Xuan’s strength had clearly increased by a lot . After countless slashes, he cut off one of the monster’s heads .

The monster seemed to be a little afraid as it turned around and ran, not daring to fight Li Xuan again .

“Trying to run after hitting me so many times? It’s too late!” Li Xuan refused to give up . With a flash, he chased after the monster like a phantom .

The monster was truly afraid . It didn’t dare turn back to fight Li Xuan . After Li Xuan caught up with it, it took him a few slashes to slice off the remaining two heads .

Seeing the monster collapse at Li Xuan’s feet, Zhou Wen walked over and asked Li Xuan, “Are you alright?”

He had a nagging feeling that Li Xuan’s Life Soul was a little too strange . It gave off a sinister feeling perhaps of the absorption of the Evil King Gu’s characteristics .

Li Xuan dispelled his Life Soul and revealed his body . He sighed softly and said, “From the looks of it, I won’t be able to be a gentleman like Li Mobai in this lifetime . After all, I’m just a foppish guy who doesn’t care about his life . ”

“It’s good being foppish . ” Zhou Wen laughed . Since Li Xuan could say that, it meant that he was really fine .

“Sigh, so I can be very strong just by casually practicing . I didn’t need to be so serious,” Li Xuan continued sighing .

“That’s a little overboard…” Zhou Wen was rendered speechless .

Just as Li Xuan was about to say something, the three-headed, six-armed monster’s body suddenly moved . It gave Zhou Wen and company a fright as they stared warily at the monster’s corpse . They saw a bright glow in its chest, as though a blob of golden magma was churning .


The corpse suddenly exploded, and a golden object emerged from the corpse .

They took a careful look and realized that it was another dimensional creature . It was different from the three-headed, six-armed monster . It was very normal with only one head and a pair of arms .

However, its appearance was even more terrifying than the three-headed, six-armed monster . Its entire body seemed to be made of gold, and its body did not seem human . It had two horns on its head, and there was a row of bone spurs on its spine . Its fingers were like golden hooks . Standing at half the height of a person, its body was burning with golden light .

With a wave of its hand, the six golden hoops that landed on the ground automatically flew over and covered its limbs and neck . The remaining golden hoop landed in its hand .

The golden hoops shrank automatically and became the size of a bracelet and a choker . Only the golden hoop in its hand remained the same size .

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