Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 550

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Chapter 550: 550

Chapter 550 Golden Hoop

The golden hoop in the tiny monster’s hand suddenly flung out . It quickly spun and flew towards Li Xuan, who was closest to it .

Li Xuan didn’t dare be careless . He produced his carapace again and slashed at it with his saber .


The saber struck the golden hoop, tipping the front of the golden hoop downwards . However, the backside flipped over and wrapped around Li Xuan’s neck .

This happened so suddenly . In addition to the force from Li Xuan’s strike, the golden hoop’s spin accelerated, preventing Li Xuan from having the time to react . The moment the golden hoop touched his neck, it suddenly contracted, wrapped around his neck, and instantly shrank .

The little monster didn’t sit idle . It flew towards Gu Dian on the other side . Its speed was unbelievably fast, even faster than the three-headed, six-armed monster .

Gu Dian released his strength and threw a punch at the tiny monster . The tiny monster’s claws collided with his fist, and the hook-like claws immediately left several scratch wounds on Gu Dian’s hand .

Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan had already unsheathed their sabers and slashed at the tiny monster . Ming Xiu’s sword slashed out as well .

The tiny monster’s legs kicked at Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu respectively . Its calf was short, so it couldn’t reach them . However, the golden hoop on its ankle flew out and expanded in size as it flew towards Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu .

Having seen what happened to Li Xuan, Ming Xiu and Feng Qiuyan didn’t dare to forcefully slash the golden hoop as they retreated .

The tiny monster’s claws met Zhou Wen’s Bamboo Blade . With a clang, the Bamboo Blade slashed at the tiny monster’s wrist and collided with the golden hoop . The tiny monster was sent tumbling backward as Zhou Wen took a few steps back .

How can this fellow’s strength be so powerful? Zhou Wen was alarmed . In terms of pure strength, without the enhancement of his Essence Energy Skill, the tiny monster’s strength was stronger than his .

Zhou Wen had 40 Strength . Apart from the Epic creatures like Truth Listener and Banana Fairy, who were stronger than him, he had never seen an Epic creature being able to defeat him in terms of Strength . At most, it was a draw .

If the tiny monster did not have a Life Providence or Life Soul that boosted its Strength, it implied something scary .

Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu avoided the golden hoop, but the golden hoop seemed to have a life of its own . It spun in the air and charged at them, forcing the two of them to have no choice but to constantly dodge .

Li Xuan’s neck was bound as the golden hoop tightened . The carapace on his neck showed strangle marks as the golden hoop continued shrinking . If this continued, the carapace would be crushed and his neck would be severed .

He used his saber to slash at the golden hoop, but it was useless . No matter how hard he pulled, he couldn’t stop the golden hoop from tightening . If it wasn’t for Li Xuan’s carapace’s firmness and his body’s toughness, anyone else would have been strangled by the golden hoop .

Gu Dian swung his fist at the tiny monster again and pincered it with Zhou Wen .

The tiny monster’s figure rapidly flashed as it swiped its claws . The two golden hoops on its wrist flew out and wrapped themselves around Gu Dian and Zhou Wen .

Gu Dian quickly retreated . He looked tall and big, but he wasn’t clumsy at all . He was extremely fast .

Zhou Wen’s saber slashed at the golden hoop . The golden hoop flipped over and was about to land on Zhou Wen’s head .

Zhou Wen dodged using Ghost Steps, escaping the fate of being latched on by the golden hoop . At the same time, he brandished his saber and slashed at the tiny monster . It reached out to remove the golden hoop around its neck and attacked Zhou Wen’s saber .

Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal was extremely fast . The tiny monster shouldn’t have been able to withstand it, but when Zhou Wen’s saber slashed down, he suddenly felt a huge suction force just as it was about to hit the monster’s neck . The Bamboo Blade involuntarily shifted its trajectory and slammed into the golden hoop .

The golden hoop was like a super magnet that firmly sucked the Bamboo Blade . Zhou Wen tried his best to pull the saber back, but his strength wasn’t as great as the tiny monster’s . The tiny monster screamed as it pulled the golden hoop . Zhou Wen couldn’t stabilize his body as he moved with it .

As for the other golden hoop, it was already spinning in the air to latch onto his head . Zhou Wen had no choice but to give up on dodging with the Bamboo Blade . At the same time, he took out the Orchid Blade and threw it out as a flying knife .

The Orchid Blade transformed into a cold beam of light as it attacked the tiny monster’s abdomen . However, just as it was about to stab into the tiny monster’s abdomen, it was sucked away by the golden hoop, preventing it from harming the tiny monster’s body .

Feng Qiuyan was already at the Epic stage and his movement techniques were fast enough . He could still dodge the golden hoop’s attacks, but Gu Dian and Ming Xiu had yet to advance to the Epic stage . It was proving difficult for them to dodge .

Ming Xiu dodged twice before he was at his wit’s end . He could only swing his sword at the golden hoop, but then, his sword was suddenly sucked by the hoop . He could only do a flip to avoid being latched onto by the golden hoop .

Gu Dian gripped the golden hoop as it tried to tighten around his body . However, as he resisted using his tight grip, the golden hoop sent his body flying around in the cave . Gu Dian was injured from crashing into the walls .

Li Xuan desperately tugged at the golden hoop around his neck . His carapace had been shattered and the golden hoop had sunken in . He looked like he was about to suffocate .

Zhou Wen didn’t have time to think . All he wanted to do was kill the tiny monster as soon as possible, or they would be in danger .

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He summoned the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, and with a roar, it slapped the tiny monster .

The speed of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was far faster than that of the tiny monster . Unable to dodge the attack, it raised its golden hoop to meet the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s palm .


The tiny monster was slammed into the rocky ground along with the golden hoop .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon raised its claws, only to see the tiny monster jump out once again . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s claw was actually unable to smack it to death .

What’s this fellow’s background? Zhou Wen was alarmed as the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon spewed out a mouthful of Dragon Breath Holy Flames .

Under the surge of the Dragon Breath Holy Flames, the tiny monster spun the golden hoop in its hand, absorbing the Holy Flames into the golden hoop . The golden hoop seemed to be a spatial gate . After being sucked in, the dragon breath disappeared without a trace .

Zhou Wen was even more alarmed . He guessed that the tiny monster was likely a Mythical creature . However, its level might not have reached the Mythical stage yet . It was probably similar to Truth Listener and Banana Fairy .

That’s not right . Its situation is more like Demonic Neonate . The six golden hoops are somewhat similar to Demonic Neonate’s ancient sword . What is this fellow? Zhou Wen thought to himself, but he didn’t stop attacking . He summoned the Overlord Sword and slashed his sword beam at the tiny monster .

He didn’t dare to directly slash the golden hoop with his sword again, afraid that the sword would be sucked away .

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As the tiny monster dodged the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s attack, it used the golden hoop to devour the sword beam that Zhou Wen slashed out .

However, its stats were still too low . It was slapped by the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, causing its golden body to crack and golden blood to flow out .

The tiny monster screamed again and again, but it was unable to withstand the power of the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . The golden hoop could only absorb attacks that were in energy form, but it was ineffective against physical attacks .

Although it had the effect of sucking weapons, it wasn’t very effective against the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s claws . With a swipe of its claws, the tiny monster’s body cracked and it immediately died .

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