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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 551

Published at 23rd of October 2020 03:00:06 AM

Chapter 551: 551

As soon as the tiny monster died, the golden hoop seemed to lose its life . One by one, they returned to their original size and fell to the ground with tinkling sounds .

“Six-Winged Guardian Dragon… So that’s Coach’s Companion Beast…” Ming Xiu recognized the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon at a glance . In fact, everyone recognized the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . After all, it was the first Companion Beast on the ranking .

“As expected of Coach . He already has a Mythical pet so quickly . ” However, Feng Qiuyan felt that it was only natural .

“I’m lucky . I got lucky during a battle between two Mythical creatures . ” Zhou Wen was telling the truth . Then, he looked at Li Xuan and asked, “Are you alright?”

The carapace on Li Xuan’s neck had completely shattered . A purple mark lined his neck, and his bones had almost snapped . If he had been any later, his Life Providence probably wouldn’t have been able to save his life . With his head lopped off, no matter how strong his recovery abilities were, it was unlikely he could regrow it .

“I’m fine . I don’t know what weapon that golden hoop is . It was terrifying . ” Li Xuan touched his neck and gritted his teeth in pain .

Fortunately, he had powerful recovery abilities . Without the restrictions of the golden hoop, he recovered in moments . There were no signs of injury .

However, this also gave Li Xuan a wake-up call . Although his body and Life Soul were very strong, it didn’t make him truly invincible . Against special attacks, it was useless no matter how strong his body and Life Soul’s self-healing abilities were .

Zhou Wen picked up the Orchid Blade, Bamboo Blade, and a golden hoop . Now that the golden hoop no longer had any magnetic force, the Orchid Blade and Bamboo Blade automatically separated from it . When Zhou Wen touched the golden hoop, there wasn’t any magnetic force .

“Look,” Ming Xiu said, pointing at the tiny monster’s corpse .

They looked across and saw that the tiny monster’s golden body was rapidly melting, quickly turning into a pool of golden liquid . It looked like a pool of blood, but the color was different .

Within that liquid was a crystal .

Zhou Wen and company were somewhat surprised . Reality wasn’t a game where corpses vanished . Typically, after a dimensional creature died, it rotted quickly, but it wouldn’t be that fast . Typically, it would take at least two to three days to decompose .

What was even more strange was that the six golden hoops didn’t disintegrate together . Logically speaking, the golden hoops were part of the dimensional creature . Once a dimensional creature died, the golden hoops should have disintegrated . However, the six golden hoops remained intact . They were still as hard as before .

Zhou Wen extended his hand and sucked the golden dimensional crystal into his palm . He wiped away the golden liquid on it before throwing it at Li Xuan .

They were originally here to help Li Xuan, so they naturally had to give any spoils to him .

Li Xuan didn’t stand on ceremony as he caught the crystal and put it away with a grin .

“Do you want these golden hoops?” Zhou Wen pointed at the other golden hoops on the ground and asked .

“Objects on a monster would usually disintegrate . What’s the use of having them? They can’t be used as weapons,” Ming Xiu said .

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“These golden hoops seem a little special . Perhaps they won’t disintegrate . ” Zhou Wen tried injecting his Essence Energy into a golden hoop, but there was no reaction .

Ming Xiu shook his head and said, “Regardless of whether they disintegrate, I don’t use such ring-type weapons . They’re useless for me . ”

Feng Qiuyan and Gu Dian also shook their heads, indicating their lack of interest in them . Zhou Wen didn’t stand on ceremony . He picked up the golden hoops and planned on studying them and figuring out what they were .

This thing was actually so powerful in the hands of an Epic creature . If it didn’t disintegrate and disappear, he could study how it could be used . What if it could be used?

After this trip, Li Xuan returned to his former self . He felt a lot more relaxed, unlike the mentally burdened person he was before .

However, he didn’t reduce the amount of training he did . He only changed the training method . In the past, he had been training his skills crazily . Now, he was also practicing his skills . However, he would often challenge stronger dimensional creatures, allowing his carapace to be injured before healing so as to constantly improve .

Zhou Wen returned to his dorm and studied the hoops for a while, but no matter what kind of Essence Energy he injected, the golden hoops didn’t react .

Could it be that humans really can’t use a dimensional creature’s weapon? Zhou Wen had no choice but to place the golden hoops on the table to see if they would disintegrate over time .

Some dimensional creatures disintegrated relatively slowly . Perhaps the hoops would take several days to disintegrate and disappear .

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In the chaos space, the tiny beast was still gnawing on the metal walnut with all its might . However, it had not achieved much . There were still shallow teeth marks, and it did not seem to have made much progress .

He released Banana Fairy, Truth Listener, Doctor Darkness, and Demonic Neonate to give them a breather . They had some self-awareness . Usually, if he didn’t release them for a long time, they would become a little irritable, especially Demonic Neonate and Banana Fairy . If it wasn’t necessary, they hated being in tattoo form .

Banana Fairy leaned on Zhou Wen’s shoulder as she curiously watched him game . She was eager to try .

Demonic Neonate stood in a dark corner with the ancient sword in her arms . If one didn’t pay attention, one wouldn’t be able to sense her existence at all .

Doctor Darkness stood there in a daze . It was unknown what he was thinking about .

Previously, when Truth Listener came out, it liked to jump around in the house . This time, it was abnormally quiet . Zhou Wen didn’t hear its voice .

After a while, Zhou Wen was suddenly blinded by a shimmering golden light in the room . He turned his head and saw the six golden hoops on the table . For some reason, they emitted a golden glow and automatically floated up .

The six golden hoops spun . A strange power surged within them as they became smaller and smaller with every spin .

At first, they were still the size of a necklace or bracelet . But later on, they reduced to the size of a ring; yet, continued shrinking .

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Just as Zhou Wen was feeling alarmed and puzzled, he saw the six golden hoops land and fly towards the table .

Only then did Zhou Wen realize that Truth Listener was standing on the table . After the six golden hoops landed, they flew towards Truth Listener’s body .

The six miniature golden hoops were caught onto Truth Listener’s six ears . They looked like six earrings, suiting it in quite a surprising manner .

After the six golden hoops latched on, Truth Listener’s body immediately emitted a golden glow . Wisps of golden light were like silk as they gradually enveloped its body . Soon, it transformed into a golden cocoon .

Is it evolving? Zhou Wen was surprised and delighted . He had never expected the golden hoops to allow Truth Listener to evolve . This was truly a pleasant surprise .

After Truth Listener’s evolution, it would definitely be able to evolve to the Mythical stage . When that happened, Zhou Wen would have another super fighter .

I wonder who will be stronger after the evolution—Truth Listener or Tyrant Behemoth? Zhou Wen was delighted . He had not realized that he would be able to evolve Truth Listener from fighting a monster .

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