Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 552

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Chapter 552: 552

Why didn’t I encounter such a dimensional creature despite going to Dragon Gate Grotto so many times in-game? After Zhou Wen returned, he entered the game’s Southernmost Cave to take a look . However, there were only a few Warriors and Stone Beasts . There was no such monster .

Not only wasn’t the tiny golden monster seen, but the three-headed, six-armed fellow was also missing .

Truth Listener was put away by Zhou Wen . The process of advancing from an Epic to a Mythical stage was rather lengthy . Tyrant Behemoth had yet to complete its evolution, so Truth Listener probably would take quite some time . He wouldn’t be able to use it anytime soon .

Without Truth Listener’s ability, it was equivalent to having a cheat that gave him an omniscient view turned off . It made Zhou Wen feel a little unaccustomed .

I was a little too reliant on Truth Listener previously . I should take this period of time to recover . The only thing Zhou Wen was worried about was that Truth Listener had yet to complete its evolution . He needed this to happen before he went to Zhuolu otherwise he would be at a disadvantage .

When the Golden Battle God Halberd respawned, Zhou Wen stormed into the Metalwork Temple again . With the Fire Furnace Queen and Six-Winged Guardian Dragon, there was basically no need for Zhou Wen to take action .

However, Zhou Wen still attempted to control the blood-colored avatar to fight . He switched his Essence Energy Art to the Small Perfection of Wisdom and sensed the changes that Small Perfection of Wisdom and Eight Perfections Wisdom Life Providence brought to his body .

Without Truth Listener, the Eight Perfections Wisdom Life Providence could make Zhou Wen’s six senses extremely sharp . Apart from his hearing being much weaker than Truth Listener’s, his other senses were much stronger .

Zhou Wen’s nose was even better than a trained police hound . He could distinguish many scents that he couldn’t identify before, and his taste buds had become extremely sensitive . When he ate, he used to only know flavors like sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy . After he activated Eight Perfections Wisdom, he could easily distinguish something .

The only bad thing was that back when he drank the seaweed egg soup from the canteen, he felt that it was fresh and delicious .

However, ever since Zhou Wen drank the seaweed egg soup with Eight Perfections Wisdom activated, he never drank it again .

From the soup, he actually detected the flavor of a fly . His sense of taste was just so sensitive . Zhou Wen felt that as long as he trained, it would be easy for him to tell the year of production for alcohol .

Of course, Zhou Wen wasn’t that bored . He didn’t have the time to dabble in those things either . All he did was constantly practice using the Eight Perfections Wisdom .

Gradually, Zhou Wen sensed the benefits of Eight Perfections Wisdom . With his sharp senses, he could discover many things that he usually couldn’t .

His hearing ability aside, his eyes could see further and more clearly . It was like a telescope that allowed him to see the enemy for any preemptive strikes while his sense of smell allowed him to tell the dangers of different poisonous fog .

Some gaseous poisons could not be seen with the naked eye, so this was when his sense of smell became very important .

However, other than that, the Eight Perfections Wisdom didn’t have any other uses . Compared to the other Life Providences, it was a little too simple . Without any outstanding abilities, it only strengthened Zhou Wen’s basic abilities .

As Zhou Wen practiced, he grinded . When Demonic Neonate slashed at the Golden Battle God Halberd once again, there was a clang as a golden metal egg fell out .

“An Sheng is really accurate about the one-third probability . It dropped at the first expected value . ” Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he hurriedly checked the Companion Egg’s stats .

Golden Battle God Halberd: Mythical

Life Providence: Godly Weapon

Life Soul: Golden Divine Light

Wheel of Destiny: Benevolence of the Battle God

Strength: 80

Speed: 72

Constitution: 79

Essence Energy: 68

Talent Skill: Battle God’s Radiance, Unstoppable

Companion Form: Golden Trident .

The Golden Trident’s stats were rather good—much better than the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon before it was strengthened . However, what puzzled Zhou Wen was why its Wheel of Destiny was called Benevolence of the Battle God .

Could it be that it’s not an offensive miracle like Six-Winged? It can’t be . This is a weapon-type Companion Beast . How can it not be an offensive-type miracle? Zhou Wen hurriedly looked at the Benevolence of the Battle God’s introduction .

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Benevolence of the Battle God: Benevolence on the battlefield is to end the enemy’s life and reduce the enemy’s pain . This is the pity of God .

When Zhou Wen saw this note, he immediately felt relieved . It looked like an attack-type miracle .

The golden trident only had two skills . There were certainly several skills missing, but these two skills were very useful .

Battle God’s Radiance was the skill that had instantly killed Zhou Wen . The golden trident glowed brightly as it attacked indiscriminately within a certain range . It was a large AOE attack Essence Energy Skill that was similar to Banana Fairy’s Grand Yin Wind . It consumed a lot of Essence Energy .

Unstoppable was a passive Essence Energy Skill that was similar to Ever-Victorious . Its effects were stronger, and it was exactly what Zhou Wen needed .

Life Providence, Life Soul, and so on needed Zhou Wen’s testing before he knew the specific effects .

He switched back to the Slaughterer Life Soul and used his infinite Essence Energy to hatch the Golden Battle God Halberd .

When Zhou Wen held the golden trident in his hand, he knew that the opportunity to kill Torch Dragon had finally arrived .

He took the golden trident to grind Medusa to test its power .

After entering the Medusa temple, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon restrained Medusa . The tip of the golden trident aimed at Medusa’s heart with Golden Divine Light .

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This strike pierced through Medusa’s heart and killed the terrifying existence that had once nearly taken Zhou Wen’s life .

Zhou Wen could tell that the golden glow at the tip of the golden trident was likely its Life Soul, Golden Divine Light, but he didn’t see the effects of the Wheel of Destiny .

Could it be that Medusa is too weak and doesn’t need the Benevolence of the Battle God? With this in mind, Zhou Wen made the golden trident use its miracle to kill some monsters .

However, Zhou Wen only saw it pierce through the monster’s body and kill it without seeing it deliver any powerful move .

How strange . What kind of miracle is the Benevolence of the Battle God? Why doesn’t it seem to have any effect? Zhou Wen still remembered how gorgeous and dazzling Holy Angel’s Redemption was when John used the miracle . The golden trident was just too disappointing .

Despite such thoughts, Zhou Wen was still very satisfied . The golden trident fulfilled his greatest requirement . It was an excellent weapon that should be able to penetrate Torch Dragon’s body .

Unfortunately, Medusa didn’t drop a Companion Egg . All she dropped was a Speed Crystal . It was useless for Zhou Wen as he couldn’t bring it out .

After familiarizing himself with the Golden Battle God Halberd’s abilities and characteristics to the point of using it skillfully, Zhou Wen couldn’t wait to take it, along with Six-Winged, to the Zhuolu ruins .

With the Golden Battle God Halberd and Six-Winged, the Aoyin stone statue that was guarding the door wasn’t able to stand up to them at all . It was instantly killed by the Golden Battle God Halberd . Its ability to devour was useless against the Golden Battle God Halberd .

Soon, Zhou Wen entered the temple .

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