Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 553

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Chapter 553: 553

Without Truth Listener, Zhou Wen was at a small disadvantage . However, with the augmentation of Six-Winged’s flying speed and the Transcendent Flying Immortal’s movement techniques, Zhou Wen still found an opportunity .

The Golden Battle God’s halberd stabbed into Torch Dragon’s scales with a glimmer of divine light . Even with such a sharp divine weapon, Zhou Wen still felt a great resistance when tearing apart the scales . It was like a blunt knife slicing through flesh . Although he could stab in, it didn’t feel clean .

Torch Dragon let out a sharp cry after being injured . The scales on its body stood up diagonally as it raised its head to strike backward .

Seeing that the Golden Battle God Halberd failed to stab it to death, Zhou Wen wanted to take the opportunity to strike again, but in the next second, he saw two rows of lanterns-like eyes appear on both sides of Torch Dragon’s body, from head to tail .

Then, that was it . The blood-colored avatar was directly sucked into the Bright Torch Vision World’s world, and the game instantly turned black .

Zhou Wen held his phone and lost interest in entering the game again .

Torch Dragon’s entire body was filled with eyes . Unless Zhou Wen’s entire body was covered in mirrors, there was no way he could hide from the activation of the Bright Torch Vision World .

Although the move that covered its body with eyes was only used at the final moment by Torch Dragon, and it was very likely to be greatly limited, no matter how many restrictions it had, as long as it could be used once, Zhou Wen would be doomed . There was no chance of survival .

Suddenly, an idea lit up in Zhou Wen’s mind .

It’s impossible for me to be covered in mirrors . Then, can I turn my armor into a mirror? Zhou Wen thought of this possibility .

The crystal mirror formed by the Sun Beast couldn’t cover his entire body, but if he combined the crystal mirror with another armor-type Companion Beast, would it turn into a mirror-like armor that reflected light?

Although the possibility was very small, he had to give it a try . Otherwise, he would have to find a bigger mirror to completely block his body . If not, it would be impossible for him to dodge Torch Dragon’s final eruption of the Bright Torch Vision World .

However, Zhou Wen only had one Sun Beast on him . The drop rate was pitifully low . After grinding for so long, Zhou Wen had only had one drop .

Zhou Wen did a study and realized that the Sun Beast and Zhou Wen’s armor-type Companion Beasts didn’t have high compatibility . They didn’t even reach 40%, so the success rate definitely wasn’t good .

Even if he succeeded, the outcome might not become a mirror armor as Zhou Wen wanted . Who knew what would happen after the two Companion Beasts combined?

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and planned on asking if there was any mirror-like Companion Beast armor . That would save him all the trouble .

Zhou Wen sent a message to Li Xuan, but Li Xuan didn’t know where to find such armor .

After asking An Sheng again, An Sheng thought for a while, but he also didn’t think that there would be such an armor . According to him, the armor that was closest to the armor that Zhou Wen mentioned should be an armor made of Ice Nightmares .

However, according to what he knew, Ice Nightmares were Mythical Companion Beasts . Only North District had one, and it belonged to Lance’s family .

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However, the armor formed by the Ice Nightmare could not be said to be a complete mirror . It was like a smooth ice surface that could reflect light to a certain extent, but it was not as clear as a real mirror .

So at the end of the day, it’s still impossible? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed .

“Young Master Wen, I’ll be away soon . If there’s anything you need, you can call this number . ” An Sheng sent a number to Zhou Wen .

“Where are you going?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Didn’t I obtain that Mythical Companion Egg before? However, because I don’t have enough Essence Energy, incubating a Mythical Companion Egg will put my life in danger . Therefore, I can only use some special means . I plan on going to a dimensional zone with rich Essence Energy . Then, I’ll use some special methods to successfully hatch the Mythical Companion Egg . If I’m fast, I’ll be back in a month . If I’m slow, it’ll probably take two to three months,” An Sheng said .

Zhou Wen thought and said, “Ah Sheng, I want to go to Zhuolu in the near future . ”

“When?” An Sheng didn’t ask why . He knew that Zhou Wen would give it a try after having the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon .

“I haven’t decided on the time yet . I still need to make some preparations . I’ll contact you when I’m ready . It’ll probably take some time . ” Zhou Wen wasn’t sure when he would be able to resolve the problem of the mirror armor .

However, even without the mirror armor, Zhou Wen had to make a trip as soon as possible . He couldn’t wait any longer .

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No matter how optimistic he was, the former principal probably didn’t have any hope of survival . Now, Zhou Wen only wanted to go in and take a look, or he wouldn’t be able to feel at ease .

If he really couldn’t obtain the mirror armor, Zhou Wen planned on taking a huge mirror made of tempered glass in . He could place the mirror in the chaos space and use it to block Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World when it used it .

This move could only be used in reality . Furthermore, it hadn’t been verified . He didn’t know if an ordinary mirror could block Bright Torch Vision World . Unless it was absolutely necessary, Zhou Wen didn’t want to employ this step .

“Alright, I’ll hatch the Mythical pet as soon as possible and rush back . ” An Sheng went offline after replying to this message .

Zhou Wen knew that An Sheng’s trip was definitely very dangerous . It wasn’t difficult for Zhou Wen to hatch Companion Beasts that were of a higher level, but to ordinary people, it was a grave matter .

Zhou Wen could only pray that An Sheng would return safely . It was impossible for him to stop him from hatching the Mythical pet .

After entering the temple again, Zhou Wen once again stabbed Torch Dragon with the golden trident . Just like last time, Torch Dragon’s body had countless eyes appear as it used Bright Torch Vision World .

At that instant, Zhou Wen switched to Lost Country and used teleportation to change his location . He wanted to see if he could dodge the Bright Torch Vision World, but it was all in vain . After he appeared from his teleportation, he was directly killed by the Bright Torch Vision World .

From the looks of it, other than finding a sufficiently large mirror, the only way is to do it through pet fusion . Zhou Wen really couldn’t think of any other solution .

However, he only had one Sun Beast . Zhou Wen didn’t immediately fuse with it . Instead, he continued grinding the Music Temple to see if he could get another Sun Beast .

At the same time, Zhou Wen began researching the First Order of Chaos . He wanted to see if he could condense a Life Providence using it .

If the First Order of Chaos could condense a Life Providence, it might allow the Invisibility Cloak Companion Egg to hatch again . With the Invisibility Cloak, it might be able to crack the Bright Torch Vision World .

The First Order of Chaos was somewhat similar to the other Essence Energy Art that Zhou Wen had cultivated—Dao Sutra . Zhou Wen cross-checked them and quickly gained insights into the First Order of Chaos .

However, there were still some differences between the two . After studying it for two to three days, Zhou Wen gained insight into many profound mysteries . He vaguely felt that the First Order of Chaos was undergoing some strange changes, as though it was about to condense a Life Providence .

In the past two or three days, Zhou Wen had farmed Medusa and the Golden Trident a few more times, but nothing good dropped . Medusa dropped a skill crystal that Zhou Wen couldn’t absorb .

Is the one-third drop rate An Sheng mentioned true? Zhou Wen was extremely puzzled .

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