Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 554

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Chapter 554: 554

The one-third probably of what An Sheng said was correct . However, that was the global drop rate across different Mythical creatures . They had never killed the same Mythical creatures consecutively .

In reality, killing a Mythical creature might result in a Mythical creature of the same type taking a long time to come through the dimensional rift . It could take a year or decades . There wasn’t much chance of killing the same Mythical creature .

Some families were rather lucky . They spent very little time researching a Mythical creature . After killing it, they would have Mythical creatures of the same type appear every year for years .

Even after killing many Mythical creatures, the chances of a Companion Egg dropping remained very low . Only when one was extremely lucky would a second Companion Egg of the same type drop .

This was something that only a family with a deep heritage could do . The An family had only just risen to prominence a few years ago . They had killed Mythical creatures, but up till now, they had not seen any Mythical creatures of the same type .

In reality, they hadn’t killed many Mythical creatures . How could they have a lot of experience?

Over time, the An family might have a Mythical Companion Egg of the same type, but the drop rate would probably be less than a third .

This also involved the problem of uniqueness . Mythical Companion Beasts like the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon might produce Companion Beasts of the same type, but for creatures like Banana Fairy and Truth Listener, they were unique . It was impossible to have a completely identical Banana Fairy or Truth Listener appear .

Zhou Wen still didn’t know if the Golden Battle God Halberd and Medusa were unique Mythical Companion Beasts . He could only confirm it after a long time of grinding .

At that moment, Zhou Wen didn’t really care about this problem . He was still studying the First Order of Chaos . Legend had it that it was the Essence Energy Art of the Greek mythology’s Chaos .

Chaos was probably equivalent to the egg that was split apart by Pangu in East District myth . It represented a chaotic world where Yin and Yang had yet to be separated . The Dao Sutra also studied nature .

Although there were some differences between the two, it could be used for reference . It wasn’t difficult for him to understand the profundity of the First Order of Chaos . In just two days, Zhou Wen had a breakthrough .

The Essence Energy in his body circulated continuously, gradually transforming into a strange power that merged with his body and mind .

He couldn’t see the power, but he could sense that it was a Life Providence that Zhou Wen had plenty of experience condensing .

After successfully condensing a Life Providence, Zhou Wen checked his stats . After switching to the First Order of Chaos, there was indeed an additional Life Providence .

Life Providence: Chaos Body

Zhou Wen gave it a try . This Chaos Body was very similar to his Dao Body . It was also extremely effective at recovering Essence Energy . It also strengthened his body, making it similar to his Dao Body .

Zhou Wen tried to use his Chaos Body to inject Essence Energy into the Invisibility Cloak . The Invisibility Cloak vibrated even more intensely, as though it was about to break out of its shell .

But after a long vibration, it still did not come out .

Zhou Wen didn’t manage to get the Invisibility Cloak out after all his hard work . He knew that he was still lacking something . He probably needed to wait for the First Order of Chaos to condense a Life Soul before he could hatch it .

It won’t be that easy to condense a Life Soul . These Essence Energy Arts are simulated by the Lost Immortal Sutra, not something I really mastered . Previously, those Life Souls were condensed by absorbing a special attribute . To condense a Life Soul for the First Order of Chaos, I’m afraid I have to do something similar, right?

Zhou Wen secretly calculated in his heart . Previously, the Dao Body absorbed the Taboo attribute and condensed a Life Soul . And the Taboo attribute was because I absorbed the blood of the creature inside the Ant Nest cocoon . Could it be that I can help the First Order of Chaos condense a Life Soul if I obtain another drop of blood?

Due to the similarities between the First Order of Chaos and the Dao Sutra, Zhou Wen felt that it was likely easier for the First Order of Chaos to condense a Life Soul than Small Perfection of Wisdom . After all, he had had similar experiences .

What he lacked now was a drop of blood . This was because Zhou Wen didn’t have the physique needed to cultivate the First Order of Chaos . It was purely simulated by the Lost Immortal Sutra . To condense a Life Soul, he needed a foundation .

Having figured this out, Zhou Wen opened the Ant Nest dungeon and went to Ant City .

He hadn’t gone to Ant Nest for days . Now, he suddenly felt like he was in a dream . It was as if he had just obtained the mysterious phone and the time he had come to grind ants was just yesterday .

However, the ants here were completely unable to harm him . Any Companion Beast beside Zhou Wen could finish them off .

The Fire Furnace Queen threw down a ball of molten flames, burning large swaths of ants to death . The notifications of him killing dimensional creatures flooded the screen .

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To Zhou Wen, the Golden Flying Ant was something he could kill easily . Six-Winged smacked it to death with a single swipe of its claw, akin to squashing an ant .

Apart from this white cocoon, I’ve seen two . One is protected by a white dragon while the other is protected by the chick’s mother . They are extremely terrifying Mythical creatures . In comparison, the guardian, Golden Flying Ant, is highly lacking in qualifications . Seeing nothing drop from the Golden Flying Ant, Zhou Wen flew straight for the white cocoon .

He summoned the Golden Battle God Halberd . He held the trident in both hands while the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon stood in front to protect him .

The last time Zhou Wen came, he had been killed instantly by the creature inside the white cocoon . Although his strength had improved greatly and he had two authentic Mythical Companion Beasts, he still felt that he was probably no match for the creature inside the cocoon .

Attack! Zhou Wen gripped his trident tightly as he stared intently at the white cocoon .

Upon hearing the command, the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon’s wings transformed into streams of light and slashed at the white cocoon like six blades .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was still quite powerful . Its dragon wings sliced open the white cocoon, revealing the creature that was curled up inside .

Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate at all . At the instant the white cocoon was torn open, the golden trident stabbed at the creature . He used all his strength . This strike was his fastest attack to date .

Although Zhou Wen felt that he wasn’t a match for the creature inside the cocoon, it wasn’t difficult to get a drop of blood . After all, he had succeeded before when he was weaker than he was now .

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Moreover, he had previously used the golden trident and coupled it with Lost Country’s teleportation to kill Medusa from behind with one strike . This proved the powerful destructive power of the golden trident .

Zhou Wen thought that if the creature inside the cocoon didn’t defend in time, he might be able to luck out and kill her .

I wonder what will drop if she dies? A thought flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind . It was only an instant .

The Golden Divine Light at the tip of the golden trident was about to stab the creature inside the cocoon, the creature didn’t even raise her head to look at the blood-colored avatar .

Zhou Wen’s heart raced . Just as he thought he was about to succeed, the golden trident suddenly stopped . It moved from extreme motion to extreme stillness . It only took an instant .

A snow-white hand grabbed onto the golden trident’s edge . The incomparably sharp edge was unable to slice through the fair and slender fingers .

The creature in the cocoon finally raised its head . It turned its head and looked at the blood-colored avatar with its demonic eyes .

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