Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 555

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Chapter 555: 555

Chapter 555 The Terrifying Guardian

Zhou Wen’s heart skipped a beat as he sensed something amiss . He subconsciously switched to the Inverse Ancient Emperor and used the Demon Dragon True Body . The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon roared and spewed out dragon breath .


The blood-colored avatar and Six-Winged felt as though they had been struck by lightning . The blood-colored avatar’s hands involuntarily released the Golden Battle God Halberd as his body flew backward . Like a cannonball, they slammed into the mountain wall, producing a large and small hole .

Zhou Wen felt that the blood-colored avatar was seriously injured, but thankfully, it wasn’t dead . This time, it wasn’t instantly killed by the creature inside the cocoon . Just as he was about to leave the cave, he saw a golden beam flash in front of him . The Golden Battle God Halberd flew over and nailed the blood-colored avatar’s body . It penetrated its chest and the game screen instantly turned black .

This fellow is a little too strong . The six-winged seraphim should be much weaker than her, right? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed . He only wanted to get a drop of blood, but he still ended up being killed .

However, Zhou Wen realized something . His encounter with her this time was clearly different from before . Her body seemed to have grown quite a bit .

When he first came, the creature in the cocoon was still sleeping . She only woke up after he had injured her .

This time, it was obvious that she had completely woken up . Her body had also developed more perfectly . Every time he saw her, she was somewhat different . This was clearly different from the other dimensional creatures in-game .

According to The Thearch, the creatures in the cocoons should be the guardians of the various species . Then, can I drip my blood on the cocoon like John? If I can obtain her approval, will she become my guardian? It looks like she’s clearly much stronger than the six-winged seraphim . This thought flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind .

However, it was only for an instant . He had many secrets . He definitely could not let an intelligent being who could betray him follow him around 24/7 .

Since I can’t do it by force, I’ll have to sneak an attack . Zhou Wen entered Ant City again, but he had learned his lesson this time . He didn’t directly face the creature inside the cocoon .

First, he used the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon as bait . The blood-colored avatar and Demonic Neonate hid in the ant honey pool, silently waiting for an opportunity .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon blasted open the white cocoon . The creature inside the cocoon only took a glance at it before it was sent flying .

From the perspective of the third party, it was even more shocking . The powerful Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was already considered a top-notch Mythical creature, yet its huge body was actually blasted away by her gaze .

Zhou Wen and Demonic Neonate didn’t sit idle . The blood-colored avatar held the Golden Battle God Halberd and instantly teleported behind the creature inside the cocoon . The tip of the Golden Battle God Halberd was about to touch her back . As long as Zhou Wen thrust it a little further forward, the Golden Divine Light could stab through her skin and cause a drop of blood to drip out .

However, just as Zhou Wen teleported out, he saw the creature turn her head to look at him .


Zhou Wen’s body flew out like a cannonball . Soon, the game screen turned black again .

Is the guardian really only at the Mythical stage? Apart from The Thearch whose strength is unknown, she’s many times stronger than any Mythical creature I’ve ever seen . Zhou Wen felt that this fellow wasn’t as simple as a Mythical creature .

The Six-Winged Guardian Dragon was considered a top-notch Mythical creature . Although it did not have any offensive miracle, it should not have been so easily killed by someone of the same level .

Zhou Wen suspected that the guardian could break through the limits of the Mythical stage . If not, it meant that her skills, Life Soul, and other aspects were already heaven-defying .

After dying twice, Zhou Wen didn’t head to Ant City again .

“Thearch, how can the guardian you mentioned last time be contracted?” Zhou Wen sent a probing message to The Thearch .

However, The Thearch didn’t reply . He didn’t know what she was doing . He hadn’t seen her appear recently .

Before Zhou Wen headed to Ant City again, he needed to think of a perfect solution . Making blind attempts was pointless .

I wonder if the crystal mirror transformed from a Sun Beast can reflect her gaze . Zhou Wen thought as he grinded .


Suddenly, a strange sound entered Zhou Wen’s ears . He turned his head and saw a Companion Egg drop beside the Six-Winged Guardian Dragon . It was a Sun Beast Companion Egg .

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Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly went over to pick up the Companion Egg . After hatching it, he had another Sun Beast Companion Beast . Their stats were about the same .

Unfortunately, the crystal mirror was too small . Even with two crystal mirrors, they couldn’t completely block Zhou Wen’s body .

There are two crystal mirrors . I can try fusion . Zhou Wen decided to give it a try . If he could produce a full-body mirror armor, his entire body would be equivalent to a mirror . Torch Dragon’s Bright Torch Vision World would naturally be useless to him .

However, the crystal mirror’s compatibility with armor beasts was too low . With a fusion compatibility of about 40%, failure was easy .

Typically, armor is made of metal while the crystal mirror is crystal . Could this be the reason why the compatibility is relatively low? Zhou Wen thought for a moment before heading to the Curse Demon Palace and grinding out a Stone Armor Companion Beast .

He placed them together, and indeed, the compatibility was much higher, reaching 61 .

Indeed, this is the case . However, the skills and Life Providence of this Stone Armor are lacking . Most importantly, this isn’t a full-body armor . There’s no way to cover my whole body . Zhou Wen searched online and discovered that there were quite a number of jade-type Companion Beasts that could become full-body armor .

After looking through a lot of information, Zhou Wen decided to buy a jade armor-type Companion Beast to fuse .

He still had a large number of Essence Crystals . It wasn’t difficult to buy an Epic Companion Egg . Zhou Wen decided to head to the Companion Egg shop . Whatever Companion Eggs were online might also be on sale at the local Companion Egg shops . However, Zhou Wen didn’t go to Qin Xiyuan’s shop . He had a nagging feeling that there was something wrong with Qin Xiyuan . If he could avoid him, he would rather not interact with him .

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Zhou Wen remembered that his classmate, Luo Xuan, owned a Companion Beast shop . Therefore, he contacted Luo Xuan and asked him about jade armor-type beasts .

Luo Xuan said that his shop should have one, but he still needed to take a look at the specific ones before he could tell him in detail . He told Zhou Wen to visit his shop .

When Zhou Wen arrived at Luo Xuan’s pet shop, Luo Xuan rushed back .

“Jade armor-type Companion Beasts are considered quite common . Compared to metal and wood armor, the price of the jade armor is relatively cheap, but not by much . After all, you want an Epic Companion Egg . ” Luo Xuan personally led Zhou Wen to his store to see the jade-type Companion Beast .

“Is there jade armor that can wrap the entire body? It’s best if there’s no gap at all . ” Zhou Wen asked as he looked around .

“It’s really not easy to find . Jade armor is heavy to begin with . If it’s full-body armor, it’s inconvenient for movement . ” Luo Xuan thought for a moment before saying, “However, we do have an Epic Companion Egg like that in our shop, but in terms of price, it might be more expensive than the typical Epic Companion Egg . ”

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