Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 556

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Chapter 556: 556

Zhou Wen left the shop with a crystalline jade-type Companion Egg in his bag .

This Companion Egg was an Epic jade terracotta . It had dropped from an ancient tomb dimensional zone . There were more clay terracotta and bronze terracotta . Jade terracotta was a rare breed .

This type of terracotta had armor as their companion forms . Because jade terracotta was rare, it was much more expensive .

Zhou Wen used his phone to look at the stats of the jade terracotta Companion Egg . It was pretty good and could be considered quite a top-notch Epic stage .

Spirit-Protecting Jade Terracotta: Epic

Life Providence: Unaging Undying

Life Soul: Guardian Spirit .

Strength: 39

Speed: 28

Constitution: 40

Essence Energy: 40

Talent Skill: Clear Jade Shield .

Companion Form: Armor

Apart from speed, the Spirit-Protecting Jade Terracotta was top-notch at the Epic stage . However, Zhou Wen only wanted its companion form . Speed didn’t matter .

He had used his phone to match with the Sun Beast . The Spirit-Protecting Jade Terracotta had a compatibility of 91% with the Sun Beast, which was much higher than the Stone Armor .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen couldn’t wait to hatch the Spirit-Protecting Jade Terracotta . Then, he placed it in the same panel with the Sun Beast .

I hope there will be a good outcome . Zhou Wen had spent all his money to buy the Spirit-Protecting Jade Terracotta .

Although he had a lot of Essence Crystals, he could not cash them out . Naturally, he couldn’t use them for direct payment .

Would fusing the armor and mirror together have a perfect ending—a mirror-surfaced armor—like Zhou Wen’s imagination? Zhou Wen didn’t have any confidence . However, he had no choice but to give it a try .

Seeing the two pets emit a resplendent glow and gradually fuse into one, Zhou Wen’s heart leaped to his throat .

The fusion easily succeeded, but success wasn’t the main point . It was very difficult to fail with 91% compatibility . Whether it could become what Zhou Wen needed was the crux .

After a while, Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss . Why didn’t the light dissipate? On careful look, it had already been successfully fused . However, the new pet emitted a resplendent glow like the sun, preventing Zhou Wen from seeing it clearly .

After taking a closer look, he realized that the new pet was like a crystal and was emitting a dazzling light . It was still in the form of the jade terracotta .

Please let it be armor… Armor… He was delighted and quickly checked the information about his new pet .

Jade Crystal Spirit: Epic

Life Providence: Unaging Undying

Life Soul: Guardian Spirit .

Strength: 40

Speed: 31

Constitution: 40

Essence Energy: 40

Talent Skill: Jade Crystal Light Shield .

Companion Form: Armor

Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he hurriedly summoned the Jade Crystal Spirit in companion form . Soon, a crystal armor appeared around him, enveloping his entire body .

Zhou Wen looked at himself in the mirror and nearly jumped up in excitement . The armor on his body was like a crystalline mirror, clearly reflecting everything around him . At a glance, he imagined that his body had vanished .

Zhou Wen felt as though he had eaten the Fruit of Life . All his pores effused with pleasure . He had never had such a smooth, successful fusion of pets . To Zhou Wen, it was a miracle .

He could not wait to enter the game and go to the temple in the Jade Crystal Spirit armor . He wanted to see if such armor could block the Bright Torch Vision World .

Just like before, Zhou Wen flew behind Torch Dragon and stabbed the Golden Battle God Halberd into its back . Amidst the pain, rows of eyes appeared on both sides of its body . Each eye had the Bright Torch Vision World ability .

Almost instantly, the dragon wings on Zhou Wen’s back and the Golden Battle God Halberd in his hand vanished . They reflected in Torch Dragon’s eyes, but the blood-colored avatar in the Jade Crystal Spirit armor was fine .

It really works! Zhou Wen felt relieved . He knew that he could finally kill Torch Dragon .

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As expected, Torch Dragon’s enraged state did not last for long . In just a minute, other than its pair of snake eyes, the rest of its eyes closed .

However, that minute felt like a century to Zhou Wen .

Without the speed augmentation of the dragon wings, Zhou Wen found it a struggle to dodge using only Transcendent Flying Immortal . He was nearly killed a few times .

Thankfully, with Slaughterer’s infinite Essence Energy supporting him, Zhou Wen maintained his Transcendent Flying Immortal state . At the same time, he used Ghost Steps . Under the high pressure, he fused the two Essence Energy Skills and constantly shuttled through the pillars in the palace . He managed to survive until finally, the eyes on Torch Dragon’s body closed .

After Torch Dragon closed its eyes, its aura weakened greatly . It was as if it had been drained of all energy .

However, without the Golden Battle God Halberd, Zhou Wen couldn’t kill it . In the end, he was still killed by Torch Dragon .

Zhou Wen didn’t feel depressed about the death . He was calm . He knew that he could finally go to the ruins to kill Torch Dragon .

He dripped another drop of blood to revive and entered the game dungeon . Now, Zhou Wen was especially calm because he knew that Torch Dragon was no longer his obstacle .

He came in front of Torch Dragon once again . The instant the Golden Battle God Halberd stabbed Torch Dragon, Zhou Wen unsummoned it and the dragon wings and rapidly retreated .

As expected, Torch Dragon’s eyes opened all across its body like before .

Zhou Wen kept using his movement technique to circle around the metal columns . Torch Dragon, who was covered in eyes, chased after him desperately like a lantern .

Seconds passed . After barely holding on for a minute, the eyes on Torch Dragon completely shut . Its body seemed to shrivel as its massive body seemed to shrink .

Now… it’s my turn… Zhou Wen summoned the dragon wings and Golden Battle God Halberd again as his eyes burned .

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After working hard for so long, he had finally overcome this seemingly impossible mountain .

As though sensing the change in Zhou Wen’s aura, Torch Dragon shrank back in fear .

“It’s too late to be afraid now . ” Zhou Wen flapped the dragon wings on his back and instantly appeared beside Torch Dragon . The Golden Divine Light at the tip of the Golden Battle God Halberd tore through the poison fog around Torch Dragon and stabbed at its body .

Blood splattered as the Golden Divine Light tore through Torch Dragon’s scales and flesh .

Amidst a sharp cry, Torch Dragon spewed out poisonous smoke as black beams shot out from the scales on its body . However, it was already at the end of its rope . Its might was much weaker than before, making it impossible for him to injure Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen’s figure flashed as the Golden Battle God Halberd constantly tore apart Torch Dragon’s flesh . The palace was filled with dragon blood .

The powerful Torch Dragon finally collapsed at Zhou Wen’s feet . When the gigantic body collapsed, the entire palace seemed to tremble .

Looking at Torch Dragon’s corpse in the pool of blood, Zhou Wen felt an indescribable sense of joy .


As Torch Dragon’s corpse slowly disappeared, a black crystal dropped .

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